Path through life. Changed outer form.

All matter is life in itself - Comment on 2011 April 11 (2)

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2011 April 11 (2)
But without the outer form its state, the state of the spiritual substance, is constant, while the being does not come to activity until it is in the form. Read more:

Today I read something fundamental about the world of matter, that all matter is life in itself.

And that again is a confirmation that everything, also the world of matter, is spiritual. Matter is therefore spiritual in a special form. It is spiritual that has gone away from God and that for the purpose of being again led back to God, has been taken captive and is now formed back into its original being – a divine being.

And all matter is not only spiritual, all matter is also spiritual that again becomes man, and that also before has been man, or has been that which man was, before he moved away from God, therefore something higher than man.

So all matter around us is matter which once was something what we were, and which again becomes that what we are now, men.

This should let us look at all matter with great respect.

Our present modern opinion to support the environment is based on this fact. We just should never lose sight of the spiritual side of the matter. It is not so much a matter of protecting our environment, but rather to help our environment, the different forms of matter, to serve, to serve the right way, and progress through it spiritually and to have a building up effect, and not a destructive effect.

A further fundamental matter, which is contained in what I read today, and which I will bring in the following, is that this life, which matter is in itself, knows two states.

First of all it is the state in the outer form. In this state, the state in the outer form, the being comes to an activity, an activity which leads to further development.

Otherwise it is the state when the being is not in this outer form. Then, without this outer form, its state is remaining the same; no progress takes therefore place – no activity.

So progress only then happens when the being is in an outer form. So when the being has left its outer form, has died, it therefore soon tries to move into a new outer form to continue its maturation process.

The last state in which the being is before it moves into the last outer form, the outer form of the human body, is a state which is not known to us, as recollection is taken from us. This happens so that our free will is not restricted and so that we remain without the knowledge about our “eternal” past in matter because otherwise we would compulsorily turn to God out of fear to relapse into this unfortunate state. But this return to God is supposed to be a matter of free will. We are to decide, with the help of our intellect and the guidance of our heart and our conscience, out of our own impetus, to pursue the right way.

We have been beings with free will and decided against God, and now we have to also decide, also out of free will, to do the opposite, if we want to finally give up this life in darkness.

We therefore know very little about this state out of form. The state inside of form we can observe everywhere around us: the world of minerals and the world of plants and the world of animals. But little is known about the respective state in between because it is a pure spiritual state. When an animal dies the soul substances leave the body of the animal and out of them a soul results, probably together with the soul substances of other animals, which then moves into the body of a higher being, and in the end into that of a man.

In the reports which Jakob Lorber wrote down is a report where Jesus let his listeners see such an event in the spiritual realm and also described it and explained it with an example.

Already more is known about that state into which the human soul then passes over after the leaving of the human body; it then should no longer return to a material form when human life is successfully finished, but return to God.

When human life was now not successful, then the soul can also find back to God in the hereafter, but this way is a difficult way, because the soul has no aids, which it had on earth. There it had a body and could use it to turn the right way. But over there, without spiritual knowledge, spiritual progress is very arduous.

And when there is no progress there on the other side, then it can happen towards the end of a redemption period, at the dissolving of that part of the spiritual kingdom, which is the dark part, that such a soul is then again generated into matter of the earth. And that is what it is all about at all the events of the time of the end, that God wants to protect us from this, and all the extraordinary events before and during the end are to bring men to make a decision which is to prevent this being fed into matter.

And the last judgement is the worst case, is the case in which the soul just does not get round to be able to leave the body and to enter the other kingdom, but there the soul is, together with the body, directly again fed into matter.

In this case, the case which takes place directly after the rapture of the saints, on the actual day of the end, the soul of the being which cannot take part in the rapture, does not turn into this state without an outer form, but directly again into a state with outer form, a state in matter of the new earth. And this change is the actual judgement, damnation, which the soul causes itself.

This feeding again into matter is the worst that can happen to a man, and all our effort, and also that of this website, is to just prevent this.

So now to that which I read today, a dictation, which Bertha Dudde wrote down:


Path through life. Changed outer form.

23. October 1938. B.D. NR. 0636.

Life necessity depends on the everlasting balancing measure. All matter is life in itself, only expressing itself differently; that which animates the form must again have the possibility to progress in a different form. The following form must always be able to replace or give to the being in it, what the previous form has denied it. Consequently no outer form will be alike the preceding one in its composition but a noticeable change is always to be found; because only through this is life as such, the spiritual substance, able to continue development. But without the outer form its state is constant, while the being does not come to activity until it is in the form, which has the final purpose in upward development. And this way the everlasting change of the outer form is explainable. Constantly new life has to be generated, so that constantly an always different activity can be assigned to the beings, because a remaining in always the same form would just bring about a development in a certain direction, but not that state of maturity, which would be necessary for the embodiment as man. So in the last analysis all creations in the universe came into being for the final forming of man, so that the most possible opportunity is offered before to the soul living in him, to achieve the maturity for the embodiment as man. When now the soul of man has to go a certain way before, to acquire all abilities for the existence on earth, then follows from this that a creature does not exist on God’s earth arbitrarily, and that even the smallest creatures have done the spiritual composition of man a favour before; from this it follows how important the infinite small living beings are and how the wise providence of God expresses itself in the smallest creature, that it is always only concerned about escorting every spiritual closer to himself. So it takes so to speak all spiritual in its care and forms it so before that it then can go the way on earth independently and self willingly and makes the full turning to the father spirit possible for it, when it is active in divine order through its own will. Man goes first through unbelievable many stop offs, and the divine creation remains likewise enlivened through innumerable beings in each embodiment, and only the permanent change, the constant coming into being and disappearing, living and dying in nature can ensure a permanent upward development, a maturing of the soul, but never a remaining in always the same form. What is therefore offered to your eyes, that always look at as pre-state of the souls, which still must like you embody themselves on earth, and recognize by this how endless long already your way was before you enliven the last and greatest creation of God – man. Consider that you are now to make use of all your will to use the last time of testing on earth, that the development before, the endless long time since the loosening from God, will be completely appreciated and the last aim, the approaching of the heavenly father, achieved. Then all creation wisdom of the father has fulfilled its purpose and led the spirit out of him back to eternal light. Amen. B.D. NR. 0636.


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