Has the first year of the seven years of the end time already been completed?

The beginning of the end time and its first year - Comment on 2011 April 10

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2011 April 10
Did the time of the end begin one year ago – on the 10th of April 2010 – when the Polish president became the victim of an air crash? Read more:

Today, on the 10th of April 2011, it is now one year ago that something happened which agrees with a prophecy which says: “When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end.”

A year ago, on the 10th of April 2010, information reached the world about the passing away of an earthly ruler and this earthly ruler was the president of Poland, Less Kaczynski, and the information that reached the world was that he had died in an air crash near the Russian city Smolensk.

The prophecy does not actually say that the ruler had died, it only says that information will reach us about it, and so the possibility exists that he did not really die, but that only information about his death would reach us and this speculation, that this ruler did not really die, was then later also expressed in certain media and reports could be read where these doubts were expressed.

The relevant prophecy is B.D. NR. 4493 – Passing Away of an Earthly Ruler. Change.

On this website this just mentioned prophecy was, for the first time, mentioned before the 10th of April 2010. And that was more than a year earlier
2009 Mar 5 - How will the actual beginning of the end time be recognizable?

This event was discussed a second time before the 10th of April 2010
2010 Jan 18 – The beginning of the end;
there I speculated that the actual death might have occurred earlier or much earlier than the announcement and at that time it did not occur to me that it, the actual death, might possibly also occur after the announcement, that the man could still be alive at the time of the announcement, and that he could actually still be alive many years later.

Now the second sentence of prophecy 4493 reads: "Then the world will become a source of fire, the flames will flare up, unrestrained the hate will rage, and mankind will be seized by dread."

Now my first impression then was that “the world will become a source of fire” is a direct result of the information reaching us about the passing away of an earthly ruler but the prophecy does not really say that. So the two events could have very little to do with each other, they might just follow each other chronologically.

Also the space of time between the two events is not given, so one does not know how long it will take for the source of fire to start, we only know that it will be after it. So when the first event happens 2010 then the following event could be 2011.

So the question then would be: Has the world, after this information about the passing of an earthly ruler, really become a source of fire?

We men tend to often ignore happenings that occur in the life of others and just carry on with our life and only get really disturbed when things happen in our own life. So terrible events somewhere else might be interesting news but do not cause us to take too much notice and the prophecies have a lot to say about this tendency of ours.

So it could be that the world has become a source of fire and we are not really aware of it, simply because the fire, or all the fires, is somewhere else.

On this website there are the following entries that indicate that the year 2010 was something like an exception regarding the amount of disasters:
2010 Sep 29 – Münchener Rück laments many natural disasters and
2010 Dec 31 – The year of disasters - "This is the end of the world" and
2011 Jan 4 – Major disasters drain insurers and
2011 Mar 30 – Cost of disasters rises threefold.

And the way this year, 2011, started, gives the impression that it might be worse:
2011 Mar 31 – Cost of disasters in Japan.

In my entry
2010 Dec 18 – World fire – natural disaster,
the fact was discussed that it is quite difficult to recognize the start of the struggle between nations. The prophecy discussed there can also be accessed directly:
B.D. NR. 9025 – World fire – natural disaster. Decision.
It says there that only a small impulse is needed to trigger a catastrophe, which can first be regarded as pure worldly.

So there is the possibility that the world has already become this source of fire mentioned in the prophecy and that also the struggle between nations has already started and that could be the struggle between the people of Muslim countries and their governments which then became a struggle between nations when other nations intervened in order to help people fight a dictator.

Now what I have called the struggle between nations is my translation of the German word Völkerringen into English and this my translation might not be the right way to translate this German word. A better translation might be a wrestling of peoples and not so much a wrestling between different peoples but rather a wrestling of peoples against their oppressors and these oppressors might not be foreign powers but their own dictators, despots, autocrats, absolute monarchs.

So here we again have an example that a prophesy might only then be properly understood when the forecast event happens and when one can compare what has been predicted with the facts that then occur.

When the past year 2010 showed an escalation of natural disasters then the next year, our present year 2011, seems to be even worse just looking at the first few months of 2011.

Just looking at the disasters that struck the southern parts of the eastern hemisphere at the beginning of this year in Australia and New Zealand, where there were flooding and storms and earthquakes and then the disaster of the huge earthquake in the northern part of the eastern hemisphere, in Japan, seem to be enough to show that natural disasters still seem to be on the increase.

On the 28th of July 2010 I reviewed the situation regarding the death of the Polish president,
2010 Jul 28 (2) – The beginning of the end is the death of an earthly ruler
and on the 17th of August 2010 I again made a review and that was when I came to the conclusion that the time of the death and the time of the announcement of the death could be a negative time, that means that the announcement of the death was made before the death occurred, so that the ruler died later or is still alive,
2010 Aug 17 – When do the 7 years begin?
and on the 1st of September 2010, when I again reviewed this subject, I came to the conclusion that the death of the ruler, or its announcement, does not necessarily trigger the following turmoil, that these two events might not be related to each other:
2010 Sep 1 – The beginning of the end was the 10th of April 2010.

Looking back on the past year we can assume the 10th of April 2010 can still be the beginning of the end, the beginning of this 7 year period that is forecast.

This could then also mean that the actual end, the return of the Lord together with the rapture and the day of judgement would be in 7 years after that date and that would be in the year 2016.

Considering the present situation we would then be now in the first section of the time of the end and that would be the struggle between nations or perhaps rather the wrestling of nations.

The prophecies regarding this struggle between nations are collected on the webpage
Struggle between nations
in that section of this website called Redemption Period.

This wrestling of peoples seems to take place now and it looks as if it mainly happens and will happen in areas of the world in which the reports of the Bible took place and in which the reports of future events occur, which are predicted in the Old and in the New Testament.

So we should keep books like Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation in mind and compare them with world events.

The second and next section would then be the earth upheaval. This event would then certainly remove all uncertainties which exist now about the end times having started.

We now seem to be in a political situation where the world leaders again and again manage to avoid conflicts or manage to put out existing warfare and this again seems to make a major conflict unlikely. But the problem will probably be that the most important of these leaders will undermine, or is already now very busy undermining, these efforts.

Last year leaders in the Middle East complaint about this man not letting them know what his intentions are,
2010 Aug 18 – Confrontation with Iran
and this situation does not seem to have changed. There seem to be two completely different political agendas, the official of the United States and the one of its president. And these two concepts seem to be completely incompatible. Leading members of his administration seem to feel this as well and withdraw from their positions. The minister of defence has decided that already and the foreign minister has followed.

Another entry to this uncertainty is:
2010 Aug 22 (2) – Two years Antichrist.

Also the principle of destruction that this man pays tribute to comes quite clearly to the fore. He acts destructively and other world leaders try to act constructively. A good example is Angela Merkel und the politics of fiscal constraint, where Merkel tries to cut spending and sees the solution to financial problems in also other countries controlling their finances, he seems to see the solution by making more debts and spending more money than is available. It will be interesting to see how this relationship between these two leaders continues. Will also Merkel in the end become a follower of his? Will the opinion of the people, of the voters, also cause her to fall into line with him, or will her voters just vote her out of her office? At the moment she seems to be the most respected leader of the world, of the constructive leaders, but such things can change fast. Already now the voters in Germany do not really seem to realize what kind of leader they have got. The situation is similar to the times when the Federal Republic of Germany had its first leader. Half a century after the rule of this man the German people thought that he was the greatest man Germany ever had, but at the time when he was their leader one could think, reading all criticism about him, that he was not a great leader. And so it is today, that the present German leader is the leader in the world with the highest reputation, seems to be unknown to the Germans.

So what then should we expect to happen next?

The wars that started this year will probably continue, maybe expand and the spectacle about the Catholic Church will probably do the same, maybe it comes to some sort of climax, and then we could expect the astronomers to discover something like Nemesis.

The spectacle will probably continue for quite some time because its purpose is for people to think about their relationship with God and see the difference between a spiritual life with God and a dead carnal life with a man-made church. The prophecies regarding the spectacle are
4760: Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle
5004: A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).
8391: Again and again error is to be corrected.
8456: Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?

On this website I last discussed this subject spectacle - the shaking of this rock - on
2011 Jan 28 – Catholic Church - One year abuse scandal
and the shaking of this rock takes place now and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in and the end of a great city will come, an earth-shattering event, a throne collapses that seemed to be secure.

The astronomical discovery of something like Nemesis will be followed by the
Earth Upheaval
and detailed discussions about this can be found in
2011 Mar 24 – The great earthquake.

Now on the 30th of March 2011 the beginning of the wrestling of peoples was discussed:
2011 Mar 30 (2) – The beginning of the wrestling of peoples
and the conclusion there was that this wrestling started on the 17th of December 2010.

The prophecy says, "Then the world will become a source of fire, the flames will flare up, unrestrained the hate will rage, and mankind will be seized by dread."

Now on the 17th of December 2010 exactly this happened, the world became a source of fire and the flames flared up, the man Mohammed Bouazizi, in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, set himself ablaze, he poured thinners over his body and lit himself aflame. He started the fire and it is still burning.

So we might now be already in this final battle for a couple of months and as the beginning incident happened at that time without the world noticing, so might also the initial period of the war time not be noticed by the world as such.

So what are we really saying? Are we really saying the time of the end started a year ago and we have the first year of it already behind us? Is that the message? The time of which scripture talks so much about is here and we are in the middle of it?

It seems so unreal, especially for those who are not directly involved in catastrophic events. Such people who have suffered disasters in recent times might feel that the end of the world has arrived for them and may be even much worse scenarios might no longer worry them, but the rest of the world does not seem to be worried at all, and that seems to include the great majority of Christians.

Now one might think that this will change, when for example the star is approaching and causing a big threat. And then certainly when this threatening situation becomes reality. But the prophecies say that hardly anyone will change his way and even when Antichrist shows his true coulors and is recognizable as such, he will cause few to change.

But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matthew 24:37-39

The only event that will really shake up people will be the rapture, then they will realize that something completely unusual is going on and they will be shaken to the core, but then it will be too late because the rapture will be more or less directly followed by their end.

So I do not expect much concern of people about all the happenings which are taking place and even the few informed women and men will have problems believing that they really live in the time they live in.

So also when the approaching of this dangerous star becomes known, we still will not really know if we really live in the times of the end. Only the earth upheaval will give us this certainty that all the previous events were interpreted correctly and that the signs of the times were seen as what they were.

So after the earth upheaval we can then with great conviction give out the message that the Lord is returning.

Now it is important to spread the announcement of the earth upheaval as far as possible and also then when this announcement is accepted with unbelief, because when then this announcement becomes true, then quite a few will recall this announcement and this recollection may then start to set something into motion.


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