Today is the 1st of April 2011 and 120 years ago, on the 1st of April 1891, Bertha Dudde was born.

120 Years Bertha Dudde - Comment on 2011 April 1

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2011 April 1
Bertha Dudde was born 120 years ago and her life and her work seem to gain daily in importance. Read more:

Today is the 1st of April 2011 and 120 years ago, on the 1st of April 1891, Bertha Dudde was born. For 28 years Bertha Dudde wrote down messages from God, and that was from 1937 to 1965, the year of her death. The first dictation was on the 15th of June 1937, it is not extant, and the last dictation was on 23rd of August 1965, 26 days before her death on the 18th of September 1965. The last dictation had the number B.D. NR. 9030 and therefore she wrote down more than 9000 messages and many of these are extant today and are available on the Internet. The time of her work comprises about 10000 days and therefore she wrote down about one message per day and that over a period of 28 years.

I want to give here the beginning of one of these messages:


Tests. Strength of resistance. Living or dying for the Lord.

25. June 1938. B.D. NR. 0483.

See, my child, for that the Lord’s tests are with the children of the earth, whether they withstand and remain active according to his will despite resistance and apparent difficulties or immediately stand away despondently from their project and so do not comply with the will of the Lord. Every resistance has the advantage to prompt a child of God to fight, and who fights for the Lord, his strength of resistance has to be tested that it also can withstand the temptations. That is why so many teachings reach you (singular) with which you (singular) are to strengthen your (singular) faith first, and you (singular) do have to wrestle yourself for this strong faith. For if you are inactive also a strong faith will decrease and become weaker, whereas a faith which has been hard-won will not so easily sway. An always easy receiving would certainly make you (singular) confident but with the storms which God’s fighters experience you (singular) could easily come to harm with your (singular) faith – that is why I have to stimulate it always more and let you (singular) fight for it until nothing can make this faith sway, and then you (singular) will mature for your (singular) mission. Therefore suffer and fight and have faith in me – you (singular) have to know always and permanently how carefully I yet look after the ones who are mine although they also feel my nearness less. I have to keep to myself to be sought and desired because the lethargy of spirit can destroy everything what my love has erected. But fighting keeps awake and alert – and my fighters are to be like this.


We just read “although they also feel my nearness less.” At another place of her work it is explained why spiritual nearness of God and spiritual supply of strength is hardly felt bodily, because otherwise we would turn to these things for sensory reasons and the whole purpose of life is just to turn away from sensory things and to turn again to our original, spiritual, activity and to become again gods, beings we were before the fall.

The spiritual turning towards God is the actual theme of the work of Bertha Dudde. There are important other subjects, like for example the prophecies, and especially those about the return of the Lord, but also these have the main purpose of making us to again unite with God.

The just quoted text starts with the words, “See, my child,” and is therefore more a message for Bertha Dudde herself and less a message for other readers of her work. And these personal messages are relatively frequent at the start of her writing activity and then decrease and can hardly be found in the main part of all the dictations. So such encouraging words towards Bertha Dudde herself seem therefore also to have been successful and her work altogether gives the impression that she not only received highly important truths, and wrote them down and distributed them, but that she applied these truths in her own life and that they influenced her life and that she therefore changed her life in such a way that it became similar to that of her Lord.

And immediately after the word, “See, my child,” recommendations for an active life follow and all these recommendations for life are that what stretches over the whole work of Bertha Dudde and makes it therefore so valuable for the reader. And all the other subjects dealt with in her work are actually there to extend the main matter of concern and to make it more understandable.

Another important subject is the showing of the falsity of outer religion and the striving to replace the real inner union with God through externals, and with it keeping people away from God. Exactly the fact that Bertha Dudde’s work again and again repeats this subject is a sign of its genuineness and also a sign that it is not just a product of religious people who are spiritually basically just simple-minded.

I want to bring here such a message:


Purification of the teaching of Christ

9. June 1938. B.D. NR. 0456.

From all sides beings ready to help turn towards you, which want to make your assignment easier, so that you do not get tired of your spiritual work. So all beings unite to one work, which is not yet fully visible to you in its size. A work is your duty, which stretches over a wide zone, both in space as well as also in time. The essence of this work is a thorough purification of the teaching, which is now preached on earth as the teaching of Christ. Again and again reforms have been given – and each was based upon the will to remove any abuses and to just teach truth. But man is always intent on creating an as much as possible complicated teaching – this was so already in old times and is also today still the same. The actual meaning of the teaching of Christ is veiled and attaches importance to outer acts and things, which just weaken the value of the teaching, but can never contribute in establishing the simplest and childlike relationship to the heavenly father, but which is first of all necessity. In like manner the followers of such complicated teaching will soon themselves no longer be able to differentiate how much more divine yet a teaching is in all simplicity, but always just direct their attention to the fulfilment of duties, which have an outward effect. Because for himself, on his own initiative, man does the least – the effect on fellow man is always a great reason of what he does. And still in the teaching of Christ everything should quite exactly be avoided what takes effect purely outwardly. Every man has to be busy with himself and want to bring this own I only always to the father in heaven – but exclude the world completely to be united with the divine creator, and then always forming his life in the midst of the world according to the will of the father – in lively love activity. This teaching is so simple and so easily feasible with good will, but men often aggravate themselves the way up. Everyone has to seek the union with God in the heart and that at any time. But where a schematizing of spiritual work is striven for – where one intends this work outwardly by the hour and that also often not in the endeavour to serve God, but to just fulfil ones duty – there the blessing is hardly to be expected, which the Lord promises the ones who are his, who love him and serve him. So the desire for spiritual food only always there moves where one strives for the true union with God – and to these the Lord announces his will – that this teaching represented among men is purified and arises anew in such a way as the Lord himself has announced it on earth to the ones who are his. The teaching of Jesus Christ always and eternally remains the same but men add or change on their own initiative – and such a changed teaching has to be purified according to the will of the Lord. So that men can find themselves in him and deep inwardly accept and follow what helps them to eternal happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 0456.


Immediately at the beginning of this message there is talk about beings, which look after us from the hereafter and this hereafter, the spiritual kingdom, with the two departments of the kingdom of light and that of darkness, is also again and again explained in Bertha Dudde’s work and it is described there how comprehensive it is, and her following statement makes this clear:

“Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter.”

This statement is included in The Silver Cord . This silver cord is exactly the connecting link between our body and our soul and when it is loosed, when it breaks, then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it. (Ecclesiastes 12:6-7).

There it says (B.D. NR. 8648):

“When you are told the soul of man enters the spiritual kingdom then you do not really understand all what is to be understood under the later: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all celestial bodies hold spiritual in the most different degrees of development, where truly every soul can continue its course of development when it does not remain so stubborn in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in creation-less spaces.”

When everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter, then everything outside of life on earth is different and comprises other states of consciousness and other natural laws. There may be laws of nature on other celestial bodies, which are also valid here with us, but there may also be a lot of things, which are completely different than here.

But this just quoted passage lets us also know that all celestial bodies are inhabited and when we do not detect this being inhabited then it is a matter that the circumstances there are exactly the hereafter. Our deceased are also in the hereafter, may be in the kingdom of light or in the kingdom of darkness, but we cannot perceive them with our bodily senses, exactly because they are in the hereafter. And there it makes no difference whether they are close to us as earthbound spirits or whether they now continue their spiritual life on a faraway celestial body.

So Bertha Dudde’s work gives a lot of insight into the spiritual kingdom and with it also into the world of science at the same time, which is exactly only then understandable when one does not exclude the spiritual side of life.

All this information that can be found there lets us understand the world better, the physical as well as the spiritual. But its main purpose is to bring us closer to God by us learning to understand his creation. And for that also an understanding of the past helps, why the material world was created, and that is again a further area of the dictations, which Bertha Dudde received. Acquire some insight into this, Creation, and take a look back into our past.

This website especially deals with the look towards the future, with the countdown to the return of the Lord, and the occasion for this was what happened on the 4th of November 2008, therefore a prophecy from Bertha Dudde, which became true: 2008 Nov 7 – Antichrist has appeared .

This whole website deals with this and with many other prophecies, which have as its contents the end of this redemption period, and the reason why these prophecies about the time of the end are dealt with in detail is because the end time seems to have started. And the whole existence of this website is based on this fact. The appearance of Antichrist was exactly the cause why this website came into being. The prophecies from Bertha Dudde which refer to the end times are only a part of her work and also only a part of the prophetic part of her work and should therefore also be seen as such, but the fact that the personality of the Antichrist has appeared makes this part of her work, in this our present time, especially important. It is exactly Bertha Dudde’s description of this personality the key to the understanding of this man and therefore of this time in which we live. Only he who is familiar with this description of Antichrist will be able to recognize Antichrist. To whom this description remains unknown he will hardly be able to recognize the present situation and he will because of this very easily become a follower of this man.

But there are also prophecies by Bertha Dudde which, as already said, do not refer to the end times and also some of them have already become true.

One of the first prophecies of Bertha Dudde which has already become true is the one from 1938 about the end of the Third Reich, which fulfilled itself therefore already 7 years later and which predicted an event, which is now already more than 65 years since: 2011 Jan 22 – Organized care.

Another event which has already become true is the prediction that it will be tried to divert celestial bodies which could threaten earth and this website has already several times dealt with this and a summarizing entry about this appeared one week ago, 2011 Mar 24 – The great earthquake and when you get busy with it, you will be right in the middle of present events.

One event that has already become true, or rather that is busy becoming true, is the spectacle, the scandal about the abuse of children and youth through Catholic priests. This scandal now exists already for more than a year, 2011 Jan 28 – Catholic Church – One year abuse scandal, and seems to concentrate now on the criminal behaviour of the superiors of the priests, who put paedophile priests on children and so endanger the welfare of children: 2011 Feb 22 – USA: Catholic Church endangers children by putting two known paedophiles in post where they had contact with youngsters and
2011 Mar 5 – Italian court sentences priest to 15 years for abusing boys .

Bertha Dudde was born 120 years ago and her life and her work seem to gain daily in importance. The very things which have been collected on this website in the past two years are an insistent proof of the truth of her statements and in this connection especially the prophecies regarding the end are crucial, but what is of far greater importance are her teachings regarding a life pleasing to God, with all the hundredfold details, which are contained therein and which give a person, who really makes an effort to follow this way, infinite many indications. These teachings are the real treasure and everyone who is of good will and has raised this treasure for himself will also see this the same way. And this recognition, this recognizing of the value of the teachings which are contained in the work of Bertha Dudde, is a still much greater proof of the genuineness of her work. And that is a proof which everyone can only produce for himself.


To make it easier to find the above mentioned links I repeat them here:
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2008 Nov 7 – Antichrist has appeared
2011 Jan 22 – Organized care
2011 Mar 24 – The great earthquake
2011 Jan 28 – Catholic Church – One year abuse scandal
2011 Feb 22 – USA: Catholic Church endangers children by putting two known paedophiles in post where they had contact with youngsters
2011 Mar 5 – Italian court sentences priest to 15 years for abusing boys


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