The wrestling of peoples has already started – last year.

The beginning of the wrestling of peoples - Comment on 2011 March 30 (2)

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2011 March 30 (2)
The beginning of the wrestling of peoples was on Friday, the 17th of December 2010. Read more:

Today I read an article that seems to me describing the beginning of the wrestling of the peoples. This wrestling of the peoples is an event described in the prophecies of Bertha Dudde and is the first event of the end times. On this webpage this event is mainly called the struggle between nations, but the wrestling of the peoples seems to be a better description and this better description transpired after the prophesied event happened because it is not really a fight between different nations but rather, at least at this stage, a fight of people against their oppressors.

But now to the article I read today:

Friday, the 17th of December 2010, is the day the thing started.

The place is Sidi Bouzid, in Tunisia.

The man who started it is Mohammed Bouazizi.

He revolted against the corruption at the fruit market where he was a fruit vendor. He was harassed by a police woman. When Mohammed Bouazizi tried to stop this woman she slapped Mohammed Bouazizi in the face in front of about 50 witnesses. Mohammed Bouazizi was humiliated in front of his friends.

Mohammed Bouazizi told his fellow vendors he would let the world know how unfairly they were being treated, how corrupt the system was.

He would set himself ablaze.

Mohammed Bouazizi positioned himself in front of the municipal building, poured paint thinners over his body and lit himself aflame.

Three weeks after he set himself on fire, Mohammed Bouazizi died in the burns unit.

On the day after the burning, one of Mohammed Bouazizi’s cousins had used his cellphone to record the small crowd gathered in front of Sidi Bouzid’s city hall to protest about how the vendors had been treated.

The video was posted on Facebook.

Within two days, first in towns near Sidi Bouzid, protesters took to the street.

On the first evening after the video hit Facebook, Al-Jazeera picked up the clip and broadcast it repeatedly.

“Bouazizi just gave us the courage to let it out.”

The wrestling of the peoples had started.

Only a small occasion was needed to trigger this wrestling of peoples:
2010 Dec 18 – World fire – natural disaster.

“To trigger this world fire, the struggle between nations, only a small impulse is needed.”

Now the interesting thing about this entry of 2010 December 18, the day I read Bertha Dudde’s prophecy 9025, is of course that it was just one day after the day the prophecy was fulfilled.


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