The Japanese earthquake was huge, but the earth upheaval will be much bigger. And there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.

The great earthquake - Comment on 2011 March 24

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2011 March 24
The sea quake before the east coast of Japan and the following tsunami were a shock seen pure scientifically. Seismologists had not reckoned with such strong quake in this region. With a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale it was the strongest quake of Japanese historical time. According to information of the power station operating authority the tsunami broke there with a height of 14 metre, so that the embankments designed for 5.70 metre hardly stopped it. Read more:

The great earthquake plays a part on this website and is part of the event, which will happen in the times of the end, and in that part, which is called here earth upheaval and which precedes the next part, which is called chaos and which triggers this chaos.

Today I read information, which brings details about the great earthquake in Japan, which happened two weeks ago, and I want to use this information here now to compare the earthquake in Japan with the coming earthquake and therefore bring first some excerpts from what I read today and after that will make some comments to it and add information as well as links to the coming great earthquake.

First therefore excerpts of what I read today:


The great quake of Tohoku

Preliminary reconstruction of the event

The sea quake before the east coast of Japan and the following tsunami were also pure scientifically seen a shock. Seismologists had not reckoned with such strong quake in this region.

On 11th of March at 14 hours 46 Japanese time the moment had arrived. In 24 kilometres depth, 370 kilometres north east of Tokyo, the primer for “the great Tohoku quake” happened. With a magnitude of 9.0 on the Richter scale it was the strongest quake of Japanese historical time; among the worldwide registered quakes it takes fourth place.

The corresponding section of the island Honshu moved thereby by about 4 metres towards east. The seabed was raised by 5 to 7 metres; in a countermove the dry land subsided by up to one metre. To imitate these forces of nature, several millions of atom bombs would have to go off.

Japan is prepared for earthquakes and tsunamis like no other country on earth. For warning the different speeds of earthquake waves are used and their far higher speed to a tsunami. The P-wave, a compression wave, runs with 7 kilometre per second, while the S-wave, a shear wave, only reaches 4 kilometre per second. But the P-wave transports less energy; above all the later arriving S-wave has a destructive effect. That is why certain disastrous results of a quake can be avoided when due to the first signals of the P-wave trains are automatically stopped, bridges closed and nuclear reactors shut down.

Thanks to these precautions and thanks to earthquake resistant type of construction the damage of the quake remained relatively small – also in the nuclear plants. A maximum ground acceleration of 0.5 g was measured in Fukushima (g = earth acceleration); it was only slightly above the design value of 0.45 g. The tsunami however had disastrous results, which is supposed to have reached locally a height of up to 23 metre.

A tsunami has much more force than normal waves generated by wind, where water rollers essentially rotate on the spot. It hits the coast as a powerful water flood and deeply penetrates into the country. Now the tsunami warning system got a chance. After only 3 minutes the Japanese Meteorological Agency sent the alarm to the endangered coastal areas. Via attuned channels the news ran to the radio and TV stations, to public places like police and to private cell phones; after 4 to 5 minutes it was spread among the population.

The nearest coastal stretch, 130 kilometre away from the quake epicentre, the tsunami reached already after 15 minutes. There people had therefore just 10 minutes to escape. Nevertheless many still succeeded because due to repeated alarm exercises they knew where to escape. Where higher ground is not within reach, there buildings are erected as “rescue islands”, which stand on stilts so that the water flood of the tsunami can flood through underneath them. According to the opinion of several German geoscientists, who know the conditions in Japan, without the elaborate warning system significant more than the estimated 20 000 death would have occurred, which are now to be lamented.

The coastal towns are protected by dykes and moles, but they were not designed for a tsunami of this magnitude. Everywhere they were flooded, so also the wedge shaped protruding mole, which was to protect the power station complex Fukushima. According to information of the power station operating authority the tsunami broke there with a height of 14 metre, so that the embankments designed for 5.70 metre hardly stopped it. The water flood overflowed the emergency diesel and put them out of order. With it the cooling failed, and the accident took its course.


So that were excerpts of the information I read today.

First to the “The sea quake before the east coast of Japan and the following tsunami were also pure scientifically seen a shock”. Here once again it is seen how scientists, who are of course knowers or are to be knowers, are actually exactly not such. Not only “pure scientifically” should great earthquakes not shock scientist, because all over the universe all the time collisions happen, which trigger great quakes, but especially also in spiritually respect they are non-knowers, ignorant, because the knowledge, which is known as prophecies for decades, they not only do not know, but also would not acknowledge it, if they would be familiarized with it. So they live in a fictitious world and are even not aware of their own knowledge, the one of astronomy, or repress it, because it does not agree with their religion, materialism.

So it is about the quakes, which occur everywhere in the universe, which are triggered because of celestial bodies colliding with other celestial bodies. Our earth is bombarded all the time with such celestial bodies. The small ones do not reach the surface of the earth because they burn up in the atmosphere, but the bigger ones collide with earth and science is aware of this danger for a few years, which especially comes from quite large celestial bodies, and this awareness seems to also grow in the consciousness of the population.

The ignorance, or rather bigotry, of the scientists becomes also clear in the article, which I read today, that it quotes scientists who think that a quake of the magnitude 9 like in Japan is impossible in Central Europe. Today astronomers announce that a large collision of a celestial body with earth is not impossible, such collisions are merely more exceptionally than those with smaller objects. The astronomers announce it, and the seismologists say it does not exist.

So it is about such a collision with the earth upheaval, and the celestial body hitting earth is exactly so large that the earth quake triggered by it is so large that this shaking causes damage on the entire surface of the earth. There where this celestial body hits the earth, the surface of the earth is completely destroyed and the rest of the earth is just damaged by the earthquake occurring everywhere. And this whole matter is a clarion call of God to men to finally turn back from their wrong ways, because in addition this disaster is only an event, which announces a much larger disaster, the complete destruction of the surface of the earth, which will take place shortly afterwards.

I now first bring links to relevant prophecies regarding the celestial body, which will hit earth:
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I want to bring here an excerpt from prophecy B.N. NR. 9000, which explains a detail of the difference between the earthquake in Japan and God’s intervention: “There are only very few who earnestly deal with what is coming, but also these cannot get an idea of the extent of the disaster because it surpasses everything whatever already happened on this earth. And also the individual person cannot imagine it, because men are cut off from all traffic, because no connection exists anymore between the places and also between countries, which are affected by it. There will be stretches, which seem to be completely deserted, where only a few will find themselves to now continue life. Everyone will be seized with terror who does not keep to me and completely trusts me. And then the will can decide. Every man can also find to me, and he will very safely be guided through the chaos. But he can also curse that being who let such happen, and the curse will hit himself.”

One of such differences between the earthquake in Japan and God’s coming intervention will be the following: The result of the earthquake and the following tsunami in Japan was and is the problem with the damaged nuclear power station. A worldwide earthquake will also cause worldwide damage to nuclear power installations and these installations are then for example overheating because of failing cooling, but they are also in many cases abandoned because the people are no longer there to manage them.

The links which now follow are links to webpages of this website, which have especially dealt already with this subject of the collision, God’s intervention:
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In the part „Redemption Period“ of this website is the chapter „Earth Upheaval“ and there one can find further prophecies:
Earth Upheaval.

Make an effort and make a real study out of this webpage; it will be the best one can do these days.

To end this discussion about big earthquakes I will quote something from my entry dated 2010 August 7:

"Do we now have to worry that one day such a gigantic lump falls on our head and causes serious devastation?

It is not impossible. Statisticians claim that the danger to be struck by a meteorite is greater than to be killed in a crash of a plane. When a big meteorite smashes into earth a continental chaos could arise. Whole cities or even whole countries or continents could get destroyed, according to the size of the meteor. The air pressure waves, which it triggers at its fall through the atmosphere, are vast, and through the strong heating fires would be triggered. Comparable with the explosion of atom bombs."

So that is the talk of scientists, in this case of an astronomer, and other scientists, may be a seismologist, says it can't be.

So a scientist like a seismologist might have problems incorporating the science of an astronomer into his thinking and how much more will it be a problem for him incorporating spiritual aspects when he can't even do so with just another field of natural science.

The astronomer says whole continents could get destroyed and the seismologist says not even an earthquake 9 could happen and Nasa says the world is not ending and CERN says the same thing,
2009 Nov 20 – An elaborate calendar system,
and Nasa is fed up with the end of the world theories:
2009 Dec 17 – The Maya calendar.
Men of science make quite some highly unreasonable statements and the majority of people just carry on being blind believers in science.

Scientists, or in this case rather fortune-tellers, say something can't be, and God says no thing is impossibel for him.


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