Data on storage media cannot get erased, exactly like data in the book of life.

The deleting of data - Comment on 2011 February 25

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2011 February 25
Data on a modern storage medium, like an USB stick, cannot get erased, but can only be overwritten, exactly like a conventional hard disc. Read more:

Today I once again read the following sentences in a message with the title “Sun”:

What now brings about this extraordinary brightness? What connections exist with these powers to kindle simultaneously unexpected bodily and spiritual effects and to light an unusual light and to therefore remain inimitably in every way? How do the spiritual currents relate to each other, and which visible or earthly explainable natural power underlies this luminosity? All these are questions which so deeply loom into spiritual knowledge that human intellect is certainly too little if it wanted to answer it itself. Only there where simultaneously pure spiritual knowledge is aimed for, enlightenment about this can be given because only in the effect of these spiritual powers lies the explanation of these wonders of creation.

The whole message can be found at this link: Sun.

How do the spiritual currents relate to each other, and which visible or earthly explainable natural power underlies these?

A visible or earthly explainable natural power is electromagnetism as we have it in the storage of computer data and a spiritual current is the book of life, or Akastric Records, and the storage of information in this book of life may have something to do with electromagnetism or with things like we find in microbiology or with both, and is therefore comparable with earthly explainable natural power and therefore an area where the borders between earthly and spiritual begin to become blurred, where they overlap or where the differences between them become less.

When something is cut in stone or something is engraved in metal, then we can perceive it with our senses and the same applies to what it written and printed on paper. But for data on data carriers we need special machines to be able to read them. It is similar with the reading of TV waves or the listening to radio waves or communication via telephone; it only works when special machines are used for it. All these applications are already in an interim area of earthly and spiritual and there is no true separation of the earthly from the spiritual as everything, all spiritual and all earthly, is based on the spiritual.

Just eight days ago I dealt with the Book of Life in my entry 2011 February 17 (2) – The control of the Internet and there it was about governments probably storing all data passing the internet and through it build something like a primitive book of life.

When dealing with the storage of data one comes across the fact that it is difficult to destroy data. Therefore the storage of data is similar to the book of life; there nothing gets lost, nothing can be kept hidden, and everything will come to light. The question arose for me whether the difficulty to erase data on a hard disk also applies to a flash drive, an USB stick. And yesterday I received the answer to that.

I now quote from an article I read yesterday:


Many SSDs and USB sticks can’t be securely erased

Many solid state disks (SSDs) and other flash storage media like USB sticks or storage cards can’t be securely erased with software. Also after repeated overwriting of the whole media possibly still rests of the original data remain preserved in the storage cells of the NAND flash chips. One typically can’t get at these via the normal interface of the storage media but to that one has to select the individual chips with special electronic.

The (repeated) overwriting of all data, which is considered to be a secure erasing process with conventional magnetic card hard discs, does not work reliably with SSDs: Because of wear levelling no clear relation exists between the physical (flash) storage cells and the sector addresses, which are accessible via the normal (ATA/SATA/USB/SD) interfaces of the respective media. Via these interfaces the erased data are of course no longer accessible after the overwriting, but nevertheless rests can exactly still remain in individual chips. Particularly – differently than with usual hard discs – with SSDs it is hardly possible to erase individual files securely.

As reliable alternative to the destruction of stored data the mechanic destruction of the storage medium is suitable, as it is also applied to normal hard discs.


The above news therefore confirms that also data on a modern storage medium, like an USB stick, cannot get erased, but can only be overwritten, exactly like a conventional hard disc.

Here therefore exists a clear correspondence with the book of life: Entries remain, they can’t be erased.

I had started this webpage mentioning the sun and its illuminating power and what this extraordinary illuminating power brings about. And here again I remembered the classical problem of astrophysics: In order to maintain the high temperature the corona has to be supplied with energy, and the mechanism of this energy supply is exactly the classical problem of astrophysics.

In my entry 2010 September 6 – Nasa plans probe to the sun I had dealt with this probe and also with the spiritual aspects and with my entry 2010 September 25 – The heat of the sun I then brought some information about the sun. Other messages by Bertha Dudde, which deal with the sun, are Sun and Illuminating power of the sun.

The corona of the sun is much hotter than the sun itself and via the messages by Bertha Dudde there is an explanation.

On the other hand the explanations of the scientists make no sense. They simply assume, as it is written by Bertha Dudde, that there are any glowing masses in the central point of the sun:

“Not seldom do assumptions lead to false conclusions, and also science has erred incredibly when it assumes that there are any glowing masses in the central point of the sun.”

Scientists simply say it “must” be like this, any glowing masses must be in the central point of the sun. And this they also assume for all the other stars in the universe.

But it makes a lot more sense that the corona heats the actual sun, and not the actual sun the corona.

When the actual surface of the sun has a temperature of about 6,000 degrees and the corona lying over it has a temperature of up to 2,000,000 degrees, then that is an enormous difference and to then assume that the energy comes from the interior of the sun is the quite strange, especially then when there is an explanation for this for a long time from where the energy comes.

This is one of many indications that many scientists are exactly no knowers, but more religious fanatics, for whom the propagation of their religious opinions is much more important than the spreading of truth.


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