Egypt leaders found ‘off’ switch for internet.

The control of the internet - Comment on 2011 February 17 (2)

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2011 February 17 (2)
The freedom of the internet depends completely on governments. When they want this freedom then it exists, and when they do not want this freedom then they have sufficient means to limit it or to switch it off completely. Read more:

Today I read about the communication systems in Egypt and how they worked and especially how they did not work recently, and bring now some excerpts from it and will afterwards make some comments:


Egypt’s autocrats exploited internet’s weaknesses

A blackout during protests has mesmerized technical experts and raised concerns about other governments.

Egypt leaders found ‘off’ switch for internet

… the mobilizing power of the Internet was one of the Egyptian opposition’s most potent weapons. … the government’s ferocious counterattack, a dark achievement that many had thought impossible in the age of global connectedness. In a span of minutes just after midnight on Jan. 28, a technologically advanced, densely wired country with more than 20 million people online was essentially severed from the global Internet.

The blackout was lifted after just five days, and it did not save President Hosni Mubarak. But it has mesmerized the worldwide technical community and raised concerns that with unrest coursing through the Middle East, other autocratic governments - many of them already known to interfere with and filter specific Web sites and e-mails - may also possess what is essentially a kill switch for the Internet.

Because the Internet’s legendary robustness and ability to route around blockages are part of its basic design, even the world’s most renowned network and telecommunications engineers have been perplexed that the Mubarak government succeeded in pulling the maneuver off.

But now, as Egyptian engineers begin to assess fragmentary evidence and their own knowledge of the Egyptian Internet’s construction, they are beginning to understand what, in effect, hit them. Interviews with many of those engineers, as well as an examination of data collected around the world during the blackout, indicate that the government exploited a devastating combination of vulnerabilities in the national infrastructure.

For all the Internet’s vaunted connectivity, the Egyptian government commanded powerful instruments of control: it owns the pipelines that carry information across the country and out into the world.

Internet experts say similar arrangements are more common in authoritarian countries than is generally recognized.

Concerns over the potential for a government shutdown are particularly high in North African countries, most of which rely on a just a small number of fiber-optic lines for most of their international Internet traffic.

The attack in Egypt relied on a double knockout, the engineers say. As in many authoritarian countries, Egypt’s Internet must connect to the outside world through a tiny number of international portals that are tightly in the grip of the government. In a lightning strike, technicians first cut off nearly all international traffic through those portals.

In theory, the domestic Internet should have survived that strike. But the cutoff also revealed how dependent Egypt’s internal networks are on moment-to-moment information from systems that exist only outside the country - including e-mail servers at companies like Google, Microsoft and Yahoo; data centers in the United States; and the Internet directories called domain name servers, which can be physically located anywhere from Australia to Germany.

The government’s attack left Egypt not only cut off from the outside world, but also with its internal systems in a sort of comatose state: servers, cables and fiber-optic lines were largely up and running, but too confused or crippled to carry information save a dribble of local e-mail traffic and domestic Web sites whose Internet circuitry somehow remained accessible.

… a focal point of the attack was … the crucial Internet exchange that serves as the connection point for fiber-optic links provided by five major network companies that provide the bulk of the Internet connectivity going into and out of the country.

… the actual physical and logical connections to the rest of the world are few, and they are licensed by the government and they are tightly controlled …

One of the government’s strongest levers is Telecom Egypt, a state-owned company that engineers say owns virtually all the country’s fiber-optic cables; other Internet service providers are forced to lease bandwidth on those cables in order to do business.

The strength of the Internet is that it has no single point of failure, in contrast to more centralized networks like the traditional telephone network. The routing of each data packet is handled by a web of computers known as routers, so that in principle each packet might take a different route. The complete message or document is then reassembled at the receiving end.

Yet despite this decentralized design, the reality is that most traffic passes through vast centralized exchanges - potential choke points that allow many nations to monitor, filter or in dire cases completely stop the flow of Internet data.

China, for example, has built an elaborate national filtering system known as the Golden Shield Project, and in 2009 it shut down cellphone and Internet service amid unrest in the Muslim region of Xinjiang. Nepal’s government briefly disconnected from the Internet in the face of civil unrest in 2005, and so did Myanmar’s government in 2007.

But until Jan. 28 in Egypt, no country had revealed that control of those choke points could allow the government to shut down the Internet almost entirely.

There has been intense debate both inside and outside Egypt on whether the cutoff at 26 Ramses Street was accomplished by surgically tampering with the software mechanism that defines how networks at the core of the Internet communicate with one another, or by a blunt approach: simply cutting off the power to the router computers that connect Egypt to the outside world.

But either way, the international portals were shut, and the domestic system reeled from the blow.

… noticed that the government had begun blocking individual sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Over the next five days, the government furiously went about extinguishing nearly all of the Internet links to the outside world that had survived the first assault …

Individual Internet service providers were also called on the carpet and ordered to shut down, as they are required to do by their licensing agreements if the government so decrees.

… at least one provider, Vodafone, expressed extreme reluctance to shut down but was told that if it did not comply, the government would use its own “off” switch via the Telecom Egypt infrastructure - a method that would be much more time-consuming to reverse. Other exchanges, like an important one in Alexandria, may also have been involved.

But then it dawned on him that he had always assumed he could download the necessary software via the Internet and had saved no copy.


First of all the above information gives the impression that the freedom of the internet depends completely on governments. When they want this freedom then it exists, and when they do not want this freedom then they have sufficient means to limit it or to switch it off completely.

For the coming age of Antichrist, to whom the governments will then give sufficient authority, this means that he will have complete power of decree over the internet, and that he will determine which kind of freedom will be given and which exactly not.

This situation will make it possible for him to execute total control over the internet.

But the above information gives also the impression that the knowledge of computer experts is limited and that only governments know how the internet really works. Interesting is also the mentioning that “most traffic passes through vast centralized exchanges - potential choke points that allow many nations to monitor, filter or in dire cases completely stop the flow of Internet data.” So most probably all information gets monitored and stored and when the state wants to investigate a certain individual then all material related to him gets sorted out by a search engine and is available for examination. And when the law of a country does not allow this then the government allows another country to do this for them and in exchange receives from them the needed information. So all discussion and laws about keeping things private, internet and phone and mobile phone, are just empty talk.

We just read, “But then it dawned on him that he had always assumed he could download the necessary software via the Internet and had saved no copy,” and that should remind us that we should download important information and not wait until the internet is no longer working and then realize that it is too late.

So I recommend downloading the works of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde and not waiting until it is too late and a natural disaster has made internet access impossible or governments have blocked the internet.

We also read, “other autocratic governments - many of them already known to interfere with and filter specific Web sites and e-mails,” and that means that individual websites may get attacked and may no longer be available when you want to access them.

In addition there is the possibility that power supply is interrupted and that therefore no electricity is available and even a generator might not work because no fuel for it can be obtained. So a manually operated generator for a notebook computer might be the answer.

Especially in times of distress it is quite helpful to read the word of God and have it available so that it can give strength and be an encouragement. But all these artificial means of obtaining the word of God are just artificial and should be replaced by the direct method and that is direct communication with God.

To build and maintain and have this direct link is the answer. It is a method that is far superior to all man-made methods and works always and is not subject to failures or sabotage or government interference. It is then also no longer necessary to have things like mobile phones because the instruction for the next move will be automatically there when needed.

Now it is important to understand this way of communication. It is a thought process. It is a transferring of thoughts. It is thought transfer. Telepathy. We do it the whole day. All our thinking is telepathy. It is a communication with the spiritual beings around us.

Now these spiritual beings around us are not just guardian angels, spirits of light, they are all kinds of spiritual beings and among them are also those earthbound beings who hang around us and do not advance and try to take part in our life and try to impart their low wishes and desires upon us in order to get us to carry them out.

We might think that our thoughts are our own productions but they are thoughts that come from other beings and it is our job, and actually it is our only job, to decide to reject the wrong kind of thoughts and to accept the right kind. Our good will is tested. It is our actual purpose of existence. Do we want to do good or do we want to carry on running on the wrong path.

"But man is never the author of his thoughts himself - he never has the ability to produce these thoughts himself although he often is convinced of it that everything is his own spiritual product what he has won through intellectual activity" and "Every thought is the expression of a being working for God or his opponent - but never the own product of man" are two quotes from Thought Activity. Go to this link and read the whole message.

Thinking is purely spiritual activity and therefore we are active with spiritual things all the time. It is communication with beings in all locations of the universe. When scientists today try to communicate with extraterrestrial beings then this is the method they should use and it is the only method that will work, everything else is just a complete misunderstanding of life. If scientists try material methods to get into contact with beings not of this earth then they are simply ignorant and do not understand the basics of life and what is even more interesting, is the fact that they are actually doing this spiritual communication business all the time, that all the time they receive thought input and handle it, think, but that they do not know that they do it.

And this non-existence of this knowledge means that they do not have this knowledge and that again means that they are not really scientists, because the word science means knowledge and that is exactly what they do not have.

The subject of scientists and communication with extraterrestrial has been discussed before; see the following links:
Quantum Physics, the Soul and Extraterrestrial Communication
Is the Sun really as science fools us?
Earth-like planet discovered
Life exists in extrem heat, cold, acidic environments and airless, undergound pockets.

We discussed that governments probably store all data that flow through their communication exchanges. Now this method of collecting and storing of data is a quite cruel method and a poor copy of that method of information gathering, which takes place in the spiritual kingdom. There everything is really collected and nothing will remain hidden and that is what the Bible calls the Book of Life and much about this Book of Remembrance is available on the webpage Book of Life.

All the dealings and deceptions of Antichrist which are going on now will be difficult to prove, but this difficulty only applies in a wordly sense, in the spiritual kingdom all this is nicely recorded and nothing will be lost and all evil ways and war-mongering will be revealed.


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