Every little leaf, every flower, every blade of grass everything what gladdens the heart of man in nature, is only a visible sign, which points to the divine creator.

Beauty of nature - Comment on 2011 January 31

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2011 January 31
So the heavenly father lays to all of you the sense for beauty into the heart the more you cultivate this by learning to consider everything around you spiritually, the easier you will be able to grasp that the feeling for beauty also triggers the feeling of happiness in you. Read more:

Today I read a message from Bertha Dudde about the beauty of nature and it was so nice, that I bring it here.

But what also caused me to deal with this message is the mentioning of these beings who have something to do with the coming into being of the universe with all its details and who are also managing all the celestial bodies and all the wonders on them. These beings are all around us and are just one group of beings, which have something to do with earth and are therefore attached to earth in some way. We should also be aware of this situation that we are not alone on this earth, that there are plenty of others there as well and that just our limited state of consciousness prevents us of seeing them.

And we should also be aware that all the other celestial bodies have similar situations, only that they are all worlds of their own with their own laws of nature and their own states of consciousness for those beings, which are there with the purpose of maturing and growing and coming back to God.

There is a message by Bertha Dudde that states that earthly means exactly that: earthly. And that means that it applies to earth only and not to other celestial bodies. So when we go to another celestial body then life there is for us supernatural and therefore cannot be perceived by our outer senses and we also could not live there. When we would go there, we would arrive there with our state of consciousness; we would not perceive that state of consciousness the beings living there have and would therefore not hear and see them. We could for example take our atmosphere with us by surrounding ourselves with it but we then would depend on the supply from earth of this atmosphere. If I go to the other side of the world and live there, then I would take with me certain things I am used to and am using all the time, but the longer I stay there, the less I need these things I brought with me and would obtain them from this new location. But this I could not do on another celestial body. There I would continue to depend on the supply of necessities from the celestial body I came from, the celestial body called Earth. So my life there would not be natural; it would be unnatural: supernatural. The beings there would not be able to perceive me and for them I would be supernaturally and they might be able to perceive me, when, for a moment, their inner senses are opened and this would be the same when for a man on earth the inner senses allow him to see a supernatural being, like a ghost.

Now it is very unlikely that we will go to another celestial body, at least not at the time we are still in our earthly body. But we all will go to another realm and that is the spiritual realm and that will be when we depart from this earthly kingdom. And there, on the other side, we will feel as if we are on the Moon; we will feel some sand under our feet and not much more, and we will feel to be in a terrible state, all alone and everything is dark, and this will be the case when we have not prepared ourselves for this trip and have not brought with us the things we need there. All the things we need here, on earth, we have to leave behind and we cannot take them with us and they also would not help us there. There we need completely other things and that is mainly spiritual knowledge and spiritual light so that we can see something there on the other side.

If I here on earth have not gathered any knowledge and experience how to make contact with the spiritual realm, with God and all the spirits of light, have never communed with them, then I will be completely helpless there and even when a spirit of light might approach me and tries to help me, I will not recognize this being as a light being, but will reject it and accuse it of being the devil and therefore remain in darkness.

If I have never experienced how to receive from God, if I have never prayed for something, let us say for some insight or for some healing, then this experience is lacking here and also there, and to gain this experience will be much more difficult there than it is here.

Here I still have my physical body and I can get up and go to the bookshelf and take the Bible and read it but over there I have nothing, not one physical aid is at my disposal and all the spiritual aids available there I do not know how to handle. So I am completely lost without any spiritual experience.

So it is imperative that I prepare myself here during this short trial period on earth for the very long time there on the other side. The Bible again and again tells us to not live by sight, live by the things our physical senses tell us, but live by faith, by thinking and meditating about the life that follows this trial period, and this living by sight is very much supported by the man-made churches and they talk about all kinds of things but not about the really important issues. The important issues they might touch only in passing and treat them as something mystical and unexplainable but never explain them and get into details.

The Bible has much to say about this and gives examples of, for example, people who get caught up into heaven, who get raptured, who ascend to heaven with their bodies - but this is a subject these money grabbing clergy shy away from and know nothing about. Another example would be the supernatural way of receiving knowledge, of knowing what is said somewhere far away, an experience mentioned several times in the Bible. What about the fact that Jesus materialized his body and dematerialized it again, went through walls? All what Jesus did in the time between his crucifixion and his ascension is not discussed, but rather remains hidden and all these things are exactly the things that concern the spiritual realm and it is there where our thoughts should be but religion is very much interested in us remaining ignorant about these things so that we can go straight to hell.

Go into a so-called Christian bookshop and find something about Jesus changing the state of consciousness of people like on the way to Emmaus or in the upper room or on the day of his ascension and you will not be very successful.

The real issues of Christianity are kept away from Christians so that they remain ignorant and quietly follow Antichrist and his system. The real things they believe is what they watch on TV, what so-called science tells them, and when spiritual writings tell them that all celestial bodies are inhabited, then they of course know better and call this ridiculous.

Make it a habit to let your thoughts go to reality, to the spiritual realm. Turn your thinking towards the spiritual kingdom. Again and again direct the thought of the Now towards God.

The key scripture are the following:

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
2 Corinthians 4:18

We live by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7

So now follows this quite nice message by Bertha Dudde:


Feeling for beauty of nature and purpose of this for men.

3. May 1938. B.D. Nr. 396.

Beings rule you now, which you draw near to you through thoughts, which deal with the coming into being of the universe. These are those beings, to which power is given over everything what surrounds you in nature on earth. These also partly put the feeling into your heart, so that it rises and arouses as soon as nature around you is of special attraction. All of you certainly know the feeling of happiness, which seizes possession of you, and this is at every season, but very especially when everything comes into being afresh and greens and blossoms. The beings, to which all this is subordinated, are connected by a good spirit with the children of the earth. They are always only endeavoured to give news to men about the eternal divinity, and so is every little leaf, every flower, every blade of grass everything what gladdens the heart of man in nature, only a visible sign, which points to the divine creator, to whom all active spirit beings are subject. Where these miracles already pour forth such a blessed power on your emotional life, there every thinking man must come closer to eternity, when he does not, as the state with men has unfortunately got the upper hand considers all these miracles as something that occurs every day and hardly notices it. These again will hardly achieve to get eternal truth explained through the wonders of creation. The obvious signs, with which the creator works all this, will make no impression, and the hearts of men so hardened are in a bad way because they lack the first basic ideas, which only make a deep understanding possible. So the heavenly father lays to all of you the sense for beauty into the heart the more you cultivate this by learning to consider everything around you spiritually, the easier you will be able to grasp that the feeling for beauty also triggers the feeling of happiness in you. But conversely hardly something will be able to be offered to you when you are not able to see some remarkable attraction in such obvious work of the spirit beings. When you go blindly through this beautiful life on earth and are not able to acknowledge the thousand miracles which surround you every day. The spirit beings, which let everything around you come into being, are well-disposed towards you it is their aim as that of all highly developed beings, likewise the wrestling over the souls of darkness, and they apply all the means available to them so that man is prompted to think and could not help thinking a question through the play in nature: - In which connection stands man with all what surrounds him? Once this question is raised then a slow recognizing begins, which is vividly supported by these spirit beings, because also they are very concerned about the care about these men, and they therefore try hard all the time to have an enlightening and cheering effect on man to awaken the feeling of a union with God in them, out of which the light of recognition then ignites and now the existence on earth is used for eternity in such enlightened state. It is the Lords will that the arising of nature each year prompts you to think, that you brood about why and for what purpose the splendour of earth is perhaps shown to man and what finally may be the assignment of man in the middle of this environment. Amen. B.D. NR. 396.


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