Daily new sex scandals in church establishments, boarding schools, monasteries, parishes, become known.

Catholic Church - One year abuse scandal - Comment on 2011 January 28

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2011 January 28
So the whore Babylon gets abolished, and the word whore has something to do with sexual immorality and so has the abuse scandal and both is spiritual immorality and unfaithfulness against God. Revelation 17:5: And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. Read more:

Today a year ago, on the 28th of January 2010, the abuse scandal started.

The start was like this:

“On the 20th of January 2010 the Jesuit Klaus Mertes (56), rector of the respected Berlin Canisius College, reports in a letter to about 600 former students “with deep shock and shame” about “systematic and for years” sexual encroachments of Padres. As the first paper the Berlin Morgenpost quotes eight days later from the letter. A federal wide debate about abuse of children and youth has been given a push. Daily new sex scandals in church establishments, boarding schools, monasteries, parishes, become known.”

“Daily new sex scandals in church establishments, boarding schools, monasteries, parishes, become known” reflects therefore the impression of the media people that this scandal has not slackened in intensity for one year, and therefore is a confirmation that this scandal is the spectacle, which is named in the prophecies by Bertha Dudde. And this again is a confirmation that Bertha Dudde is a true prophet.

Here something from the just mentioned article dated 28th of January 2010:

Canisius College. Teachers Abused Berlin Students for Years. At the Berlin Canisius college, an elite high school run by the Jesuits, for years students have been sexually abused by at least two teachers. After victims made contact with the school, headmaster father Klaus Mertes turned to further former students with a letter - in total 600. Many former school-leavers of the Catholic school are active today in leading positions in economy, politics and society.

I want to use this anniversary of the abuse scandal to show a solution to the victims, which is the only true one, and for this purpose bring an excerpt from a webpage, which deals with this only true solution.

The true solution is forgiveness and more on this will be dealt with on this webpage later. But forgiveness does not exclude to undertake practical steps and that are for example to put an end to an abuser’s activities and report him to the police and to put an end to an abusing organisation. And to put an end to such an abusing organization should not exist in trying to reform it, but to abolish it. That is what it is all about. That is exactly why we are dealing here with this matter because this prophecy from Bertha Dudde exists that God staged this spectacle to put an end to this organization. And in that it is not only about the Catholic Church but about the whole of orthodoxy because this it is which from the very beginning has killed the body of the Lord or wanted to kill it and kills it again and again wherever it, the true church, appears. And the prophecy by Bertha Dudde is just one, another one is Revelation, where it is also about the abolition of the whore Babylon.

Bertha Duddes prophecies are
4760: Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle
5004: A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).
8391: Again and again error is to be corrected.
8456: Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?

Read them, it is always good to read them again. It helps us to remain aware of what this spectacle is all about. And also what the whole of orthodoxy really is, and how it is a tool that offers a religious bogus world to people, which main purpose it is to keep people away from God.

So there can be only one way for us, and that is to have an effect in the same direction in which God works: to put an end to the whore Babylon.

So the Biblical principle is to abolish the whore Babylon – in the case of an organization, and in the case of an individual person it is about delivering such an one, in accordance with 1 Corinthians 5:5, unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.

You can find details about this on the webpage Separate .

So the whore Babylon gets abolished, and the word whore has something to do with sexual immorality and so has the abuse scandal and both is spiritual immorality and unfaithfulness against God. Revelation 17:5: And upon her forehead was a name written, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth.

But now to the true solution to the problem of having been abused.

You can also reach this place of this webpage directly. Go to: psychiatrists .

But I recommend to not just reading there this excerpt, but the whole webpage.

Here comes the excerpt:


It is the same with a professor of medicine who is rather more interested to demonstrate to his students and to the scientific fraternity an interesting case than to get healing into that person. Specifically psychiatrists seem to prolong treatments where it is only necessary to bring the patient so far to forgive another person, a certain event, or to simply to forgive himself. Or such a professional healer should cast out an evil spirit and tell him to leave. Or tell the sufferer to take control of his life himself and stop speaking darkness into his life and instead start creating abundance.

It is a terrible thing when a therapist wants to get a person's physical and mental health restored by causing his client to go back to a deep-seated negative experience in order to experience this revolting thing again. He tries to change the person's state by putting him into a very painful state where he experiences his helplessness again and not his strength. Instead of getting this person away from a state of defeat he lets him repeat it and therefore makes it easier for him to encounter it again in the future. The more often we have an experience the more it is likely that we will adopt it again.

Instead of empowering the person he gets put into a state where he is weak and where he is the victim.

We are talking here about the mind. All sicknesses are of the mind. The only thing that really needs healing is the mind. All sickness is basically the lack of forgiveness. And to recognize this and accept this is therefore essential for healing. The therapist must be aware of this. He must point out that the patient has the choice not to forgive or to forgive. A change of view is required. It must be realized that a change of mind is required, that healing is of the mind. He simply must teach forgiveness. The patient must learn this. Forgiveness is all that need be taught him. Here is the battle that takes place in the mind - and in the world. The biblical term is: the renewing of the mind. To be unaware that it is forgiveness that is needed is the big obstacle. The world fights this awareness to the full; the world has lined up all its forces against this awareness because this awareness of forgiveness is the remembering of God. So it is a matter of decision, of choice. All sickness is mental sickness. The solution lies in the mental realm. Only a change of mind can effect healing. Therapy is correction - a correction of the activities of the mind. All healing must come from the mind. It is the mind that is the source of illness. The therapist must recognize the mind as the source of disease. So illness is actually insanity, because all illness is mental illness. So the healer must bring the patient to change his mind, get rid of his insanity. There is no need for the psychotherapist to have many appointments with the patient, to have long analyses and tiring and extensive discussion and to chase a historical event. The truth is simple. Change from unforgivingness to forgiveness. He has to forgive - also himself. It is the source of all healing. Forgiveness is the process of psychotherapy. The patient must stop to refuse to forgive and get rid of all feelings of guilt. He has to change his tune. He has to sort out all and recognize all forms that unforgivingness takes. He might not recognize it as such. Unforgiveness takes many forms.

Typically the therapist will try to dig up forgotten material and bring it back to consciousness in the suffering person. He might make use of hypnosis to bring back certain memories because he thinks that the problem is this lack of knowing and remembering. If the patient would remember his painful experiences and not suppress them, if he would accept them, then relief would be the result and the experiences could be integrated by understanding them. But the key problem is unforgivingness and if the healer does not help the patient to become a forgiving person, to forgive in this special case and also generally, then the problem is not solved. The patient will carry on with his life and will also in future situations not know that he has to walk in forgiveness. Only a life were forgiving is a permanent feature can be a successful life and when this forgiving attitude is established then all past experiences are dealt with automatically.

So stop dredging up deep emotional wounds or other problems and concentrate on forgiving. Just start a life, your own or that of others, where forgiveness is permanent.

The past is changeable. If a psychotherapist does not believe this then it is simply a thing of not being aware of scientific progress. Quantum physics shows it and experiments are there to proof it. We can change the past. Not only can present action alter the future, it can also alter the past. Such changes happen on subconscious level all the time. As our beliefs and attitudes and approaches and outlooks change, we recreate the past; as we generally adopt a forgiving attitude, we change our attitude of the past. We are creators and re-creators. So don't worry about the past, do something in the Now. Now is the time. The need for psychiatric treatment exist exactly because the person has not changed his attitude. His past still exists and has not been changed.

When we become spiritually awake, and stop running from God and start running to God, then we are actually freeing ourselves from the past. We become new creatures - new creatures in Christ. Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new (2 Corinthians 5:17). What counts is a new creation (Galatians 6:15). As we go ahead we free ourselves from the past. Our walking the Way undoes our past errors. We have hit the undo button. We have changed our past.

So when you have got a problem then do not go to a psychotherapist, go to Jesus, and become a new creation and your past will have become as new as you have become.

Our idea of past, present and future mainly exists because of our consciousness. Our consciousness has to be so focussed on the present moment that there is no capacity left to also include the past and the future. If the capacity of our consciousness could be increased we could be able to also become aware of our past and of our future. Space and time are two quantities that we normally think of being independent of each other and separate from each other. But this is not really so. They belong together and can't be separated from each other. They are a phenomenon that belongs to this our universe. Our will does not belong to this material universe - our physical body does, but not our soul, our mind, our will. The actions of our will are not limited by time and space. Our will is above these. Our will can operate in all realms. And therefore it is possible for us to influence the past. We can change past events. Events that have already happened can be altered.

Space and time belong together. And in this space-time situation we act. And therefore acting also can't be really separated from space and time.

When you hit the undo key then you undo errors of the past because you have undone the separation between you and God.

Events that have happened can be altered because they still exist. An event of the past has not disappeared, it is still there. If a hypnotized person is asked about an event of the past then this person does not just remember this past event but he actually experiences it. The incident is not just brought back into consciousness as a memory of something that is now gone and that has now past, but it is recovered as an experience. The experience is as real as it was when it happened originally. When this incident first took place and when it was reality, so is it now when brought back. The person has the same feelings and emotions as it had then. In some cases there have been even physical consequences to the body of that person. So the past still exists and therefore can be altered. So all past experiences are still there, nicely stored in the subconscious, but our conscious is not focused on them. Our whole I operates in the timeless dimension, but our present ego focuses on the worldly dimension of space and time only. All our past experiences still exist, they exist outside of space and time, and when we go to a dimension where space and time is not anymore relevant, then "we take them with us" because they are still there - they can't disappear. And all the material stuff "we don't take with us" because it does not really exist, it is more like an illusion and has no reality in the new, spiritual dimension. And that is why fools are after material things and after power and influence and after money, and why the wise guys are not interested in them, but they are interested in the stuff they can take with them.

The present Now exists eternally and existed before time and will also exist when time is gone.


But as said before, go and read the whole article: Mind and Body.

And when you have read the article there then also read all the other articles of that website and you will gain more understanding what orthodoxy is all about and what is the nature of churches made by men.

Set yourself a goal to really get into the subject forgiveness and read the book A Course in Miracles.

To observe the spectacle - the scandal in the Catholic Church – gets one to read about individual cases and that again leads to the fact that people still suffer many years after they have been abused, and this is the reason why I bring here the only true solution.

But it also leads to read again and again that these abused children keep this thing for themselves and that their parents remain completely ignorant about what is happening. And this again is very well known to the abusers. It is their protection. And their second protection is that they are protected by their organization, because in it bassically everyone takes part in these crimes and has a high interest to protect the abuser and himself.

The whole scandal now has mainly led the culprits now being more careful. Up to now they hardly worried about it because it was simply not necessary because only in the fewest cases they were discovered.

The best example is the former diocese of the present pope. There records were destroyed, especially those which incriminated the pope, and they paid attention to keep those records, where the culprit had already died, and after everything then was prepared, someone got the job to make an investigation and then the result of the investigation was presented to the public and it was demonstrated how open the church now has become. In the past it was certainly bad, but now it is all over and now the church is good.

Read the report about this; the investigating person has that what happened there quite clearly expressed. Go to my entry of 2010 December 4 (2) “Archdiocese Munich” or click this link: Archdiocese Munich .

In reality nothing has really changed, the abuse is still practised, it is actually one of the main reasons why this organization exist, they have now only become more careful to not let evidence lie around openly.

They made a big spectacle, a press conference, and showed how terrible they had been, and with it now everything is then dealt with and now they can again calmly further pursue their criminal activity.

There certainly were evil priests, but that is now past – that is the impression that was supposed to be given. But in reality nothing has changed; only now they will no longer be careless. And the story of the evil priests which cannot really be controlled by the superiors is also not true because it is exactly the superiors who are fully involved, and that not just with covering-up, but by abusing themselves. The best example is the bishop in Belgium who abused his nephew for years. The cover-up by the superiors happens exactly to protect the own criminal activities.

And there are many others:

„Also in September (2004), the former bishop of Springfield, Mass., Thomas L. Dupre, became the first U.S. Catholic bishop to be charged with sexual abuse when he was indicted by a grand jury on child rape charges dating to the 1970s.”

“In recent weeks it has emerged that a Roman Catholic order, the Salesians of Don Bosco, paid about $22,000 to settle an abuse claim against one bishop, Jan ter Schure, who died in 2003. The abuse is said to have taken place in Ugchelen between 1948 and 1953.”

“A Norwegian bishop admitted last week that he resigned 2009 from his office because he had sexually abused an altar boy at the beginning of the 1990s. When Georg Mueller, the bishop of Trontheim in Norway, who was born in Germany, resigned in June 2009, he merely said that he was unsuitable for the work.”

So it is not just the priests, it is the whole hierarchy as the just quoted examples show: Bishops. And that is certainly not the end. There is no reason to assume that cardinals and popes do not belong to them. Not until this fact is accepted it becomes understandable why it is covered-up: All of them belong to it and most of them not just because they cover-up but because they do it themselves. It is simply a privilege of that class, which comes with the job. It is there considered to be a free gift as it is otherwise a company home.

A popular argument from the Catholic side is of course the claim that only a small part of their clergy is guilty. This is a very deliberate distortion of facts because only a small part of their clerics gets unmasked, and the fact that only a small part of such crimes gets unmasked is a sign that a great part of their clerics are criminals.

That is exactly the horrible thing about the whole thing that society has completely failed here, and has not put an end to this organization.

And why does society fail? Because it is not really interested in truth. The word of God is available for millennia. The Bible is by far the most distributed book of the world. But who studies it really and who lives by what he studied?

Now we do not know what the future will bring, but the Catholic Church has basically two choices.

The first choice is to be honest and reveal what is going on and what has been going on.

It is unlikely that the Catholic Church will choose this way; simply because it is fundamentally evil. Its first known representative was Diotrephes, 3 John 9, and he represents evil. Read all about him and about his followers who started and who maintain orthodoxy:
Diotrephes, the Man of Orthodoxy : Diotrephes – the first Catholic.

Their aim has always been, and still is, to kill the true church, the body of Christ, to kill Christ.

Another reason not to go the straight way, is that it would ruin them financially: the money courts will cause the Catholic Church to pay to victims will simply make this church disappear.

The second choice is to carry on the way this scandal has been handled so far and that means carrying on building up this web of lies.

There will be individuals in that church, who will not like this, and they will cause much trouble to this church, but they will have no chance against the organization. An organization is in itself always evil and cannot get reformed.

More and more lies of the Catholic Church will come to light and more and more people will turn away from it and against it and so this organization will find its end as it is prophesied.

Have a look at what it is really all about with an organization:
Organism – Not Organization , and
The Urge to Organize , and
Organized care.

And also inform yourself thoroughly about what these special forms of organization, the denominations, are: The Man-Made Church.

So, let us see what happens.

The constant stream of revelations about the lies of this Catholic Church, as we have seen it this past year, indicates very much that God is at work to accomplish what he has prophesied, and this again indicates that also the rest of that what has been prophesied will come to pass.

Just this week I read that in the Roman Catholic Church in Belgium no congregation escapes sexual abuse of minors by one or several of its members. So when normally one congregation has one priest then one has to assume that a priest who does not sexually abuse is an exception. When people belong to such an evil organization and do not stop that, then one can only assume that they themselves must be evil.


In case you read this article without going to the links you here have again the opportunity to do this: the links come here again, together in one place:
4760: Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle
5004: A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).
8391: Again and again error is to be corrected.
8456: Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?
Mind and Body
Archdiocese Munich
Diotrephes, the Man of Orthodoxy
Organism – Not Organization
The Urge to Organize
Organized care
The Man-Made Church.


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