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The supernatural way to keep warm - Comment on 2011 January 5

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2011 January 5
“Do you think this rain would wet you and make your limbs freeze when you would be completely near me in your heart?!” Read more:

On the 28th of December 2010 we had the entry A comparison of the Flood with the Rapture, and it was about the story of Mahal, the brother of Noah, and why he was not taken along in the Ark. And on the 1st January 2011 I again dealt with Noah’s Flood, Why Noah’s Flood was not worldwide, and there it was about the question whether the Noahic Flood was global or only regional: Was the Genesis Flood actually worldwide? The universality of the deluge?

While dealing with the Flood I came across a sentence of God, which shows us how we can keep warm; and today it is about this information.

First I bring something from Jakob Lorber’s The Household of God, and in there this sentence of God about keeping warm is included:


    But Mahal clung to the Lord; but he lead him forthwith out of the grotto up to the Ark.

    Having arrived at the Ark, Mahal asked the Lord for the death of the body as he no longer may bear to feel the powerful rain pouring out over his weak body and to be in a fever of all his fibres through the great cold.
    But the Lord said: »Mahal, how may you complain about the rain and about the cold in such of my extraordinary nearness?! Is it not me, who gives the Cherub his embers, the Seraph his brightness, and all suns fire, light and warmth out of me?!
    Do you think this rain would wet you and make your limbs freeze when you would be completely near me in your heart?!
    Oh, in no way! I tell you: Each drop, which falls there on your head, would therefore be a refreshment for you as it is for the tired and now half dead earth, over which exactly this flood must come so that it does not die and end under the misdeed of men!
    This flooding will again heal and cure the wounds of the earth, and they will again recover and will recuperate and will again serve men and animals as home!
    But therefore it is also to be the case with you! Also over you a flood must come first through the great activity of your love and the remorse emerging from that; it will heal and warm you to eternal life out of me in your spirit!
    As your love, so your spirit! When your love is alive in me, then also your spirit will be alive out of me; and that is the true warmth, which can never have a cold through all coldness, which death has scattered in all infinity through the power of the lie in him! «
    Here Mahal was enflamed and said out of the newly kindled glow of his heart: »O you over-holy father full of the highest of all love! How endless good must you really be in your nature that you can concern yourself with me, a trifling sinner, so lovingly as if you would not have any other being in the whole of infinity!
    O how inconceivably I now regret that I ever could have misjudged you so very much and wanted to most ungratefully quarrel with you, you holy, eternal love, like a loose boy with his equals! - O father, you holy, eternal love, is it still perhaps possible that you forgive me such sacrilege?«
    Here the Lord touched Mahal with a finger, and at the moment the mortal body sank in dust and ash; but the transfigured spirit of Mahal stood as a shining Seraph next to the Lord and praised and glorified with immortal lips the eternal love of the father, which still in judgement is of the same endless fullness as in peace in the eternal order.


We just read the following sentence:

“Do you think this rain would wet you and make your limbs freeze when you would be completely near me in your heart?!”

In all our considerations we make here on this website it is about the end of this redemption period. That is the outer occasion. But the real issue what it is all about is our inner state, the spiritual aspect of our life. And that is why we always come back to the real important thing, and that is our relationship with God.

It is about the permanently recurring turning towards God – to again and again redirect our thoughts towards our father.

The more we are successful with this the more we will advance spiritually, and this will also have an effect in practical life, it will have an effect in the material questions and problems.

And when we practise this and make advances in this then those who observe us will perceive incidents, which also can prompt them to turn towards God and perhaps even then also lead such a way of life. And especially during the times of the end during chaos, after the earth upheaval, and then during the religious war, things like for example the ability to keep warm will really be important.

On the 28th if January 2010 I had the entry God will feed us supernaturally and there it was about the problem of the end-times that we will not be able to buy or sell, and that we then are still fed. And the occasion for the entry was a passage from Bertha Dudde’s work, B.D. NR. 7954, with the title God’s protection during the religious war:

"But do not forget that I am Lord over life and death, over heaven and earth - and that I certainly have means and ways to lead mine out of earthly trouble, even if there seems to be no way out. And whatever is denied you earthly - I will feed and water you in a wonderful way, because also that lies in my power, I who after all have created heaven and earth, who have given all laws after my will. And so I also can repeal laws and feed you supernaturally."

God can feed us supernaturally. And he can also keep us warm supernaturally.

And then shortly after that I again had an entry to the same subject, and in fact an example how God fed a young man supernaturally as he did not get anything to eat for five days, God Fed a Man Supernaturally , and that was on the 22nd of February 2010.

With this young man it was about a Moldavian, Ivan Vasilievich Moiseyev, called Vanya, and who lived from 1952 to 1972 – in the Soviet Union. As a conscript he served in the Soviet army and was persecuted there because he was a Christian and lived an active life as a believer when he was a soldier.

I here bring this report once again:


For five days Vanya went without food and during his fast was vigorously interrogated by day and night. Sometimes he was questioned several times in one night. His unit commander, Lieutenant Colonel V. I. Malsin rebuked the keen young captain in a terse memo, 'Let Moiseyev eat. I don't wish to be blamed if he dies of starvation.'

So Captain Yarmak visited Vanya. 'Have you changed your mind?' he asked. He listened impatiently as the boy told him how hard he had prayed. 'Suddenly I was warmed and felt as full as if I had eaten a large and delicious dinner. It is because of God's rescue that I am not hungry or sick. How can I possibly "change my mind"?'

Major Gidenko, head of the Polit-Ruk at Kerch, intervened. He was determined to succeed with young Moiseyev where his subordinate had failed. The major never had understood the religiozniks in more than thirty years of Army life, and he found it incredible that a young person, properly educated in socialist schools, could take such folklore seriously. His experience of dealing with believers had taught him that success owed more to discipline than political re-education, and he confided to his wife, 'I might as well close down the Polit-Ruk if we had to depend on indoctrination alone.'

When he saw the dangerous religioznik he was taken aback. Moiseyev did not look more than sixteen, a simple homesick village lad. The Major adopted a fatherly attitude. 'Missing your family, eh? Do you write home a lot?' Vanya said he had not had much time because of the interrogations. The Major quizzed him, 'You don't accept the principles of scientific atheism upon which are built our entire Soviet State and the strength of the Army?' The boy answered him steadily, 'I cannot accept what I know to be untrue; everything else I can gladly accept.'

The Major began to see what Yarmak had been up against. Yet he persisted, 'But it is not possible to prove the existence of God. Why, even your own pastors don't talk as you do about knowing God!' He tried a laugh.

The boy's reply dumbfounded him. 'There is no question about knowing him. He is with me now here and on my way over he sent an angel to encourage me.' Was Moiseyev pretending to be mad? Trying to work his discharge?

Major Gidenko had heard enough. He decided to discipline Comrade Private Moiseyev by cold. That would give his angel something to do! It was winter with snow lying thickly and swirled into drifts by the icy winds that shrieked around the base. He ordered Moiseyev to stand after lights-out for five hours in the roadway wearing only summer uniform. For twelve consecutive nights, and sometimes for the whole night, the young soldier was paraded in the sub-zero weather. 'But,' said Vanya, 'I never even felt the cold. If the officers came outside just for ten minutes bundled in great-coats, they would start shivering . . . They would look at me in amazement.'

It was apparent the discipline was ineffective. In fact, Major Gidenko decided the results were far from salutary. The whole base was talking about Moiseyev, and wondering about his God who kept him warm when the temperature was thirty centigrade below zero.

Vanya was luxuriating in his Army bunk as if it were a feather-bed. This night, thankfully, there would be no hours in the snow. He fell asleep before lights-out. Suddenly, he heard the same Voice which had spoken to him on his way to the Major's office, 'Vanya, arise!' He dressed and accompanied his 'angel' through the barracks roof, through time and space to another planet of luminous beauty. Through the 'angel' he communicated with four wondrous 'forms' that in an extraordinary way he recognized as John the Apostle, David, Moses and Daniel. The 'angel' told him they would fly to another planet in high mountains so that Vanya could glimpse the heavenly city, the New Jerusalem.

Reveillé sounded and the barracks grumbled into life with a cacophony of very human noises - banter, groans and curses. Bemused and fully dressed Vanya longed to re-enter his dream. Then a fellow-Moldavian, who slept next to him, put an extraordinary question. 'Vanya, where did you go last night? I woke about 3 a.m. and your bunk was empty!' Timidly, Vanya asked the duty officer if anyone had left the room during the night. 'Certainly not! Do you want to get me arrested?!'


This was Vanya from Moldavia.

The Soviet State no longer exists but “scientific atheism” is still very much alive and growing and during the religious war will become the victorious religion and will then persecute the true believers and they might then be in need to keep warm.

Then there was the report about Yogi Prahlad Jani, The Man who Fasted for 70 Years , the third entry on the 10th of May 2010, there it was again about supernatural feeding.

But the principle is always the same, when we are really turned towards God then he will also be at our side in quite unpleasant and dangerous situations, and as he is the creator and keeper of the world of matter and even of its laws, he can rescue us any time, because for him nothing is impossible.

“Do you think this rain would wet you and make your limbs freeze when you would be completely near me in your heart?!”

We should practise this already now whenever we feel cold and are in need of some warmth: to be completely near God in our heart.


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