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Why Noah’s Flood was not worldwide - Comment on 2011 January 1

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2011 January 1
The question whether the Noahic Flood was global or only regional: Was the Genesis Flood actually worldwide? Read more:

Last month I dealt with times and time periods specially of the Old Testament and with it also with Noah’s Flood and in the end compared this event with the event of the rapture, which still lies ahead of us.

Jakob Lorber’s work The Household of God gives us many details of this important event in the history of the earth and I then came across technical and geological reports which I want to bring here partly, because they inform us that this flood was a not a worldwide event.

When for example the flood was a worldwide event then one could assume that all of today’s people have descended from Noah and his family, and that therefore the Table of Nations in Genesis 10 applies to all people living today. But this could also be the case when the flood was not worldwide, but when earth was at that time only inhabited by men who lived in areas which were affected by the flood. When at that time people already lived in areas, which the flood did not reach, then their descendants would be people, who cannot be found in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10.

When at that time people would have lived in those parts of the world, which remained untouched by the flood, like the African highland or Australia or most of the parts of America, then the descendants of these people would just not be descendants of Noah.

At the time of Noah Europe was, according to the reports, not yet populated by men and so one can also assume that there were other parts of the world at that time, which were not yet inhabited by men, but then the question would be whether this applies to all areas which were not affected by the flood.

With Bertha Dudde we hear that the actual end will be triggered through men, and that means through scientists which trigger some sort of nuclear chain reaction, which will then destroy the whole surface of the earth and Jakob Lorber describes how at that time the flood was also triggered by men, who dug up the surface of the earth with some kind of explosives methods to such an extent that the layers of earth stopping the inner masses of water became too thin to resist the water pressure and the water erupted.

The work of Jakob Lorber therefore gives valuable information and in the following information is found why the flood was not global but just regional.

And now here come two excerpts:


    But when Noah was therefore secured the Lord raised his almighty hand and ordered the clouds to release the rain from them in the mightiest currents onto the earth, and therefore also the mighty fountains of the earth that they drove their waters up to the surface of the earth. Then the fountains in the great depths broke up and the floodgates of the heavens opened.
    There were countless quite mighty fountains on the ground of the earth and drove their water up to the clouds, and from the clouds the rain fell like waterfalls from high snow mountains, whereby the water above the ground grew so fast that men could not flee fast enough on to the mountains; and those who still fled on to the mountains were again pulled back by floods falling mightily down over rocks and drowned.

    But the Lord spoke: »Mahal, my son, you who was lost and now has again let himself be found and seized by me, stand up! Because I, your eternal holy father, tell you: Before my eternal and infinite love no-one has fallen so far from me that I would not want to accept him when he came to me in the remorseful recognition of his sin!
    But he who does not come, he himself has written his judgement on his forehead; for I lift (keep) no-one against his free will breathed in by me and draw nobody against such will!
    But everything what I, the almighty, do, is that I call my children to come to me, as an alone eternal, true father! Happy those who do not ignore the call and when they hear it, turn accordingly!
    This way I have called, instructed and warned my children until now about two thousand years; but they never wanted to put up with such of my love warning, but only put their ear and heart to the old mouth of lies of Satan, and he has shown them the ways to ruin. And they walked so long tirelessly on this ways until after that they captured that what now has come over them and over the whole globe!
    Not I called this judgement over the earth and am not its creator, - but here these three are it! These wanted to destroy the earth, and there their work is now before their eyes!
    These have daringly out of anger against me, their creator, pricked into the earth, and Satan guided them straight away to that point of earth where the pulse lays shallowest. There they tore with their corrosive fluid and with their granules out of hell the firm skin from the vein of the earth, and the mightiest vapours and currents started to break up, forced by the heaviness of the upper skin of earth. And this all devastating and killing flood over this their globe is now the fruit of their enthusiasm for hell!«


Here we therefore have the description how men at that time prepared their own end with the technical possibilities at that time: with their corrosive fluid and with their granules out of hell.

And today men will again prepare their own end: with their scientific experiments.

In both cases it is the fruit of their enthusiasm for hell.

But here we have a further interesting detail and that is the mentioning of the forehead.

In Revelation 14:9 it says: And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand.

The mark will be received by these men on the forehead or it will be received by them on the hand. It is here about the willing, the forehead, and the acting, the hand.

Who therefore will lay hands on the believers, he acts with his hand and who opposes them in their willing, he has the mark on his forehead.

In both cases the person does not come to God but fights against him.

“But he who does not come, he himself has written his judgement on his forehead; for I lift (keep) no-one against his free will breathed in by me and draw nobody against such will!”

The judgement written on the forehead, the mark, therefore is free will. Free will is therefore what the mark signifies. We will therefore be able to recognize men by their free will. Who does not come to God, makes this decision with his free will. The willing and the acting are subject to free will. Our free will is what makes the difference.

Now to further quotes from Jakob Lorber’s The Household of God:


    About seven days later the water already flooded the highest mountains of this globe until the very highest Himalaya Mountains, which separates there the land of the Sihinites from the whole of the other Asia.
    And these mountains alone rose fifteen cubits up out of the highest water level; but all other highest mountains were at least so deep under water. Of course some lower mountains were according to the differences in altitude also several hundred fathoms below the water.
    But how and where discharged the water of the flood? – The main part was Central Asia, where still today the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea are the remains of the most memorable kind; because where now the Caspian Sea is there stood once the over-great and proud Hanoch, and one could still find nowadays remains of this city, - but of course in a depth of more than a thousand fathoms.
    And in the place of the Aral Sea stood once that sea with its surroundings and with its water god island, which we also know very well; also the Lake Baikal or now Lake Balqash and the Tsany Sea are as well similar monuments holding in themselves the sinful remains of the time before the flood.
    From these main points the water discharged generously to Siberia, as also to Europe, but which was at that time not yet inhabited. A part broke towards the south to today’s East India and strongest over Arabia; also Northern Africa was strongly affected up to the highland, from where up this land only suffered small flooding. America was only from Siberia affected somewhat in the north; but the south therefore remained completely free, as most of the islands of the great ocean.


So Europe was not yet inhabited at that time, but was flooded. In Africa the flood reached up to the highland, but the highland itself was only affected as an exception, probably lower lying parts and America escaped, apart from northern parts. Australia also seems to have escaped.

The great city Hanoch was therefore situated in a valley which today is filled by the Caspian Sea.

And now we come to the main part of this entry, that the flood was precisely not worldwide.


    Why is it then said here the flood gushed forth here and there? Did it then not rain on the whole earth? And was not the flood everywhere of the same heaviness?
    There I say: The flood gushed forth here and there, because it had not rained over the whole earth and that is why the flood could also not be of the same heaviness, - and for that reason because it could not rain everywhere and the flood was also not necessary everywhere.
    Could it perhaps rain in the over-cold polar regions, where even the air freezes?! And for what reason would the forty day rain have been good in those regions where still no man lived and also few or no creatures at all?! Or what should the rain have achieved over the ocean? Perhaps to drown the fish? And finally when the natural flood water would have reached on the whole earth over every point an equal height of three thousand fathoms, where perhaps should it then drain and run?!
    One could perhaps say: Partially it evaporated and was partially absorbed by the earth!
    But when this was enough for the reduction of such a stretch of water in the course of one year, there the ocean would have vanished a long time ago until the last drop, as it not even comes to the ten thousandth part of that water mass when the whole earth received a water height of nearly four thousand fathoms!
    Moreover nothing gets lost through evaporation; because the evaporated water of course again accumulates in the clouds and falls again back to earth in the same quantum all the time. But it is also the same case with the absorbed water in the pores of the earth; the absorbed water collects there in certain containers and then comes out on the surface of the earth partly through mist and partly through periodic springs.
    For this reason such flood of Noah being everywhere of the same height would then still stand nowadays on the same level, as there the whole ocean still up to this hour with few local variations is the same as it was at the times of Adam.
    That is why the flood was about only there in its pernicious appearance where bad mankind was at home and covered there especially Central Asia about a height of four thousand fathoms above sea level, from where it then surely poured out very far and wide towards all sides!
    But when it then also says in the Scriptures: »Over all mountains of earth, and except what the ark carried nothing remained alive on the ground!”, - then this does not have to refer literally to natural earth itself; because under ‘mountains’ only the arrogance and domineeringness on the part of men is understood. And that no life remained on earth, except the Ark, means that Noah alone faithfully kept a spiritual life in God and out of God.
    Who pays well attention to this he will certainly recognize that Noah’s Flood was locally certainly a very great one, but because of that nevertheless no complete general one, and that because only in Central Asia men through foolhardiness were themselves the main cause, which was not the sad case in other parts of the world.


This the last expression indicates that also parts of the world were inhabited, which were not affected by the flood. The Bushman in Africa and the Indian in America and the Aborigine in Australia could therefore have definitely been alive at that time and what is especially interesting is that these men did not manage their own destruction “through foolhardiness.” This also still today seems to be a quality of these people which distinguishes them pleasantly from the rest of this world.

But let us now carry on with Lorber:


    But the word ‘flood’ already designates an overflowing of water over earth, starting from Hanoch, and definitely no general stagnant water over the whole earth.
    Hanoch itself with its spacious surroundings covered a district and a closely packed inhabited area of space of nearly eight thousand square miles, therefore a land on its own, which would have been very suitable and large enough to be an important kingdom in present times. With little exception it ruled over the whole of Asia and made trouble everywhere.
    Over this over-large space we now let come a heap of water more than three thousand fathoms high, and it will be shown how far then the flooding can reach, - and especially when one can assume as has been proved that Central Asia was the highest land of earth and for the greatest part against the South East presently still is.
    One could of course object here and say: »Okay, when Noah’s Flood was only a locally great high water, how could it then naturally reach such a horrible height without first discharging in all directions in hundred miles wide draining rivers?«
    The following correction serves this questioning objection: First the forty day rain was certainly spread over the whole of Asia, a large part of Europe, as well as North Africa and caused already by itself flooding of large valleys; but as in these foreign lands the underground waters were not added, so the flooding or the flood could not reach such a height as exactly in Asia where the outflow of the underground waters was the main decisive factor.
    But when someone can assume for certain that for the wide Asia several hundred thousand spring fountains came in addition to the strongest rain, of which the smallest delivered ten million cubic feet of water per minute to the surface of the earth, then it becomes understandable how Noah’s Flood could have reaches such a height over Asia despite the all-round and simultaneous most powerful draining away.
    Beginning from there it could then certainly discharge in all directions of the world with the most dreadful violence and manage those diluvial (ice-age) objects, which the presence still shows everywhere plentifully, but which however are not to be confused with those, which are due to the periodic sea changes.
    The main traces of Noah’s Flood are the many times occurring river boulders resting on considerable heights, the petrified bones of pre-Noachian animals, which occur here and there, as also the often occurring brown coal deposits, then also the visible rinsing off of the mountains that they now stand there completely naked. All other things either belong to the walks of the sea or to large local fire eruptions.
    So the nature of Noah’s Flood would now also have been shown physically, and so we now want to go over to the duration and to the end of the same.

    How long did the undiminished, equally high flood last on earth?
    The equally high, therefore highest flood lasted one hundred fifty full days.
    How was this then possible, as according to the first statement it had only rained forty days?
    The pouring rain had surely stopped after forty days but the all the time becoming mightier up from below lasted one hundred and fifty days and kept the constant same water height.
    Only on the hundred and fiftieth day the Lord again turned his face towards the earth, and the springs of the deep were blocked and the water tubes of the ether were completely tied up; for up to the hundred and fiftieth day it always had rained locally, like a cloudburst now falls onto earth during a storm.
    Only after this time the water started to drain away, and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month (17 July) the Ark found ground and sat down on the very spacious peak of Mount Ararat, guided to that place by the spirit of Mahal through the power of the Lord.
    But the water then visibly decreased until up to the tenth month (October), and the nature of all the mountains, even of the hardly seventy fathoms high ones, was without water from that time on, that now only still the valleys and lower hills were covered.
    About forty days later, therefore on 10 November, Noah opened for the first time the window at the roof of the Ark and let a raven fly out. But it found already its land, flew from one place to another and did not return again into the Ark.
    But as the raven did not return Noah forthwith let a dove fly, so that he learned whether the water had fallen on earth.
    But the dove, as everything was still barren and wet and powerful draining water currents still raged and it did not find a place for its foot, came again back and perched on the hand of Noah, which he stretched out of the window, and he took it again into the box.
    From there Noah still waited seven days and on the eighth day he again let a dove fly out; it only returned in the evening and brought a plucked off leave of an olive tree in its mouth; and this then was a sign for Noah that the water had fallen on earth.
    Only then was he allowed to learn this, as the Lord had so advised him secretly in his heart.
    After once again seven days Noah again let a dove fly out; but this did not return, as it already found food on the dry and newly grown over ground.
    But Noah still waited from there on to the first month of the new year, as he found himself in the 601st year of his age.
    Then the water had drained for the most part into the great seas down to the normal state on earth, and the earth was dry through a permanent blowing of the warm midday winds.
    Then on the 1st of January Noah got down to it with his sons, and knocked off the roof from the box, and then saw for the first time onto the renewed earth from the high Ararat down and no longer saw water and the earth completely dry.
    But he nevertheless waited until the 27th of February for the word of the Lord.
    Then the Lord came to Noah, and told him, as it is described in the first book of Moses, Chapter 8, to move out of the Ark.
    And forthwith Noah opened the large gate, and everything flew, walked and crept out of the box and searched for homes on the renewed earth; and the Lord took care of that everything forthwith found again its food.
    And so Noah had spent one year and ten days with his in the Ark.


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