Noah’s flood and the events at that time are good examples how it could be at the rapture.

A comparison of the Flood with the Rapture - Comment on 2010 December 28

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2010 December 28
The story of Mahal, the brother of Noah, and why he was not taken along in the Ark. Read more:

Today, on the 28th December 2010, I revised the bar chart of the lives of the 22 patriarchs.

I had made it on the 13th of December 2010 and afterwards still others as the dealing with times and time periods resulted from this. And from this again the result was that I then today improved the first of these bar charts and added some items, as for example something about Lamech. So when you want to have a look at the revised version then please go back to the 13th December 2010.

When I was thinking about Noah’s Flood and compared it with the rapture I remembered again the story of Noah’s brother as it is described by Jakob Lorber.

Noah’s brother, Mahal, had complained to God about that God had not given the right instructions to Noah. He should have instructed Noah to also make accommodation available in the Ark for him and his family.

To that I bring here an excerpt:

When Noah had praised and exalted God he then also made his way into the Ark and took a look at how the animals were celled in, and then searched for a suitable place for the commanded water pipe in the middle storey.
When he found this he also climbed to the third storey and there he found his brother Mahal, who was just going into consultation with his children because the angels had not said a word about him but had only commanded Noah, and was very especially full of annoyance that the angels had certainly given Noah exact directives for the keeping of the animals but had not said a word about his and his children’s keep (maintenance)!
And he said in the presence of Noah, but whom he however did not notice because he stood behind a cell wall: »Am I then less before the Lord than the animals?! These have their cells and their adequate food, and it was cared for their sustenance; but what have we?
So the angels also always spoke of the keep of Noah and his family; but there was no talk at all of our keep! What is that probably than that the angels gave us to understand: the Ark is not built for us, but alone only for Noah and for his family and for the animals!

God always looks after us, also then, when we apparently hear nothing from him. Here it is again true faith that matters. My faith does not depend on circumstances that happen or do not happen. It is God’s business how he rescues us, and whether we will be part of the rapture, or possibly even not, is his business. Whether he recalls us still before or possibly even only afterwards, as with Mahal, is God’s concern.

It is very helpful to have a look at the many details which can be found with Lorber about the time before, during and after the Flood and gives one an idea how it might be at the rapture.

So for example Mahal’s daughter, Agla, was “raptured” immediately after Mahal’s speech, therefore still before the gates of the Ark were closed:

“Here Agla held out her hand to the angel and vanished the next moment; and nothing but her clothes and in them a little ash remained of her.”

After the rain had already started and the Ark was already closed, God went with Mahal to the Ark and arriving there the following happened:

Here the Lord touched Mahal with his finger and at the moment the mortal body sank into dust and ashes; but the translated spirit of Mahal stood next to the Lord as an illuminating Seraph and praised and extolled the eternal love of the father with immortal lips, which still in judgment is of the same endless fullness as in the peace of the eternal order.
But as the Lord had redeemed Mahal of his body, there the Flood had already lasted seven days, and the water rose with such quickness that in the time of seven days it had namely already reached the place where Mahal stood with the Lord by the Ark; and so also this prediction of the Lord was fulfilled with Mahal after which he was to be free of his body not until the water will have reached his feet. But when the redeemed Mahal had done honour to God, then God said to him: »As you are now redeemed so now your first service as angel shall consist in you directing this little world over the floods and that you leave it not until all flood will subside again and I come and will span the bow of peace over the new earth! – Only from then on another service will be yours! My will shall forever be your power! «

And then it says:

And so Mahal faithfully directed the Ark according to the will of the Lord.

And at the end of the Flood it then says:

Only after this time the water started to flow away, and on the seventeenth day of the seventh month (17th July) the Ark found ground and sat down on the very spacious peak of Mount Ararat guided to that place by the spirit of Mahal through the power of the Lord.

I find this report very informative, as it gives us insight into the different possibilities God has, or can choose, to rescue us. Nothing is impossible for God. And God will look after everyone who has faith.

But this report also gives us an impression how our activity can be in the kingdom beyond. An awakened spirit could immediately after its arrival get an assignment and be active again.

But there is also still another side to this. When one of our brothers dies, he may get an assignment to look after us.

This story of Mahal gives us an idea how guardian-angels work and who they might be.


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