To be free of all own responsibility.

The simple way - Comment on 2010 December 19

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2010 December 19
To completely enter into Godís will relieves us of all responsibility. Read more:

Today I read a description how one can live the simple way.

This description is very direct and easy to understand.

In simple words it is here described what has to be done to go the direct, simple way to God.

Follow this following advice:


Complete dedication and total subjection of the will.

3. and 5. August 1965. B.D. NR. 9026.

A great responsibility rests on you during your walk on earth, but which you can load onto me myself when you can decide to devote yourselves to me with your complete strength and with your whole soul. Then you can be free of all own responsibility; you know that I then take charge of you, that I direct all your steps so that they inevitably have to end with me, that you therefore subordinate your will completely free to me and you now also have passed the test of will, which is really the purpose of your earthly life. To completely enter into my will relieves you of all responsibility because you then cannot help it to also live in my will; you will act well and just; voluntarily you will fulfil the commandments to love me and your neighbours; the adversary will no longer be able to harm you, and your earth walk will be dealt with completely in my will so that there is no danger that you could cover it without success. Just give yourselves totally into my hands, and you have completely become mine through your devotion; and you then will also have no longer the need to be afraid of the world; earthly matter will let you be unaffected; you will only make use of it according to my will; you will cause it to serve and at the same time give it the opportunity to develop upwards. And all of you are to go this simple way, the way of dedication to me, who am then always prepared to undo the fetters for you, because when you devote yourselves to me in full faith and out of love towards me also the work of redemption of Jesus Christ will be understandably to you, and you take the way to him; you recognize through this myself as your God and creator, as the redeemer out of being bound. (5.8.1965) But then you do not need to be afraid to ever again come under the control of your opponent because his power over you is broken the moment of complete devotion to me, then also your decision turned out in my favour because you now turn away from him and quite consciously strive for me. I now have a right to you, which the opponent can no longer snatch you from me, and in fact your complete love is meant for me and this (and mine) now does not let go from you (me) for ever. When you take this way to me on earth, when you know that in Jesus you call upon your God and father, who sacrificed himself on the cross for you, to wipe out the former severe sin Ė and when you are now free of the opponent, then you have also made the right decision; you have again accepted the love illumination without which there is no happiness. And your fate will be far more marvellous than before where you certainly went out from me most perfect but were nevertheless my works, while you now have matured to my children, who I could not create myself for me, but have given to you only all abilities for this, to do it yourselves on your own initiative. And I would like to make it easy for you and only need your complete devotion to me that you always only need to think and act as I let you feel it in the heart, and that you are blissful because I myself guide you and direct your thoughts. Then you certainly act in complete free will but this will quite obviously puts itself under me and therefore you can nothing but wanting and acting right. And you have come out of my hand a second time but so as you wanted it yourselves, and now your free will has also helped to become what could not come out of me at the beginning. And your and my happiness will increase all the time because my kingdom will offer you splendours of which you would never have thought possible because what no manís eye hath ever seen, nor manís ear ever heard that I have prepared for them that love me. Amen. B.D. NR. 9026.


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