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Increasing the degree of love - Comment on 2010 December 17

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2010 December 17
You are to always only seek to increase the degree of love so that brightest recognition surrounds you at your entry into the other kingdom. Read more:

After I had dealt with the patriarchs of Israel I read in Genesis Chapter 32 und 33 how Jacob, after he had left Haran and, after many years, returned home, he sends messengers to Esau, his twin brother and how these messengers return with the message that Esau comes towards him and that there are 400 men with him.

Now the Bible says: “Then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed.”

And then he prays to God to deliver him and after that comes the report about Jacob wrestling with God in the night and about Jacob’s new name: Israel.

This nightly experience seems to have brought a real change in his life and seems to have been a result of his prayer.

It well was that time in Jacob’s life where he really turned towards God and started to rely on God.

“And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.”

And the sun rose and Jacob saw his brother Esau coming with 400 men.

The way Jacob acted in this meeting with Esau seems to have been very much influenced by this change in his life, which took place just the night before.

Jacob meets Esau with extreme kindness and is successful, so successful, that now also Esau acts generously towards Jacob.

Jacob gives presents to Esau and as now Esau offers to leave some men with Jacob to accompany him, Jacob explains that this is not necessary and Esau is satisfied with it.

Jacob has avoided an altercation with Esau, but achieved at the same time also that he remained independent of Esau.

Jacob had become a believer. And that also caused that he was careful to no longer enter into any association with the world.

Just before his wrestling with God, just before he started to trust God for the details of his life, he had sent messengers before him to Esau his brother, and now, after having experienced God's care and power, he acted completely differently, he no longer needed the support of the world, he relied on God and did not even accept Esau's offer to help, but was more concerned to remain unattached. He had started to no longer be earthly minded, but now began to avoid as much as possible all earthly commitments in decisive questions.

The worldly problem he solved by sending love towards it and the problem dissolved.

But the important thing however always has to remain the spiritual background of these reports when we deal with the events of the Old Testament, and also with developments and years and ages of people, and we have to make an effort to increase our degree of love, and this is nicely expressed in what I then read:


With all intimacy pursue the redemption thought Jesus.

17. July 1965. B.D. NR. 9017.

Of far greater importance for you men is that you know which great meaning earth life has for yourselves, which assignment each of you has, that you make good use of the short time you dwell on earth, because for this you once have to answer. You then take knowledge about former things less seriously because about them you will achieve knowledge the moment when your degree of love has only reached that height, which guarantees you a proper knowledge about everything. And so you are to always only seek to increase the degree of love so that brightest recognition surrounds you at your entry into the other kingdom. Then you will also be able to follow the process of creation because then no space and time law does exist for you anymore, you will be able to follow up everything whatever has taken place for the sake of the return of my creatures – but then you will also know about the purpose of all my creations, and nothing will be hidden anymore for you. Then you will also know that the most important thing for you men has been that I myself descended to earth to achieve for you the work of mercy in the form of the man Jesus, without which all your knowledge would be worthless, because you then would be lost forever and if you would just know about everything. For only the knowledge about my descent to earth, about my going to the cross and the sin offering for you is necessary to become free of the great original sin, for the sake of which I let the whole creation come into being. And when you now on earth pursue this redemption thought with all intimacy, you take your way to me in Jesus, then you are also released from that great original sin, and my work of creation will also stand before your eyes brightly and illuminatingly, and what are still mysteries for you as man that solves itself in a completely miraculous way. I only demand the close union with me to be now also again able to make you happy with my love illumination, but which then also guarantees full light about all questions so far still belonging to the past. Because nothing is without purpose in my creation, but you cannot always know about the purpose and above all when it is about creations, which are incomprehensible for you because you do not know about their actual purpose. But that every work of creation has a purpose, otherwise it would not have been created by me, should also be clear to you, you only do not know about the purpose of every individual work of creation, but once it will be clearly visible to you. That is why you are to try urgently to acquire true knowledge about the great work of mercy, which I achieved myself in the man Jesus, and seek to make yourself taking part in the treasure of favour, which I acquired for you as man Jesus. Then you will certainly be allowed to take a far deeper insight into all secrets, which my creation still holds for you, than you can achieve through sheer knowledge about all my creations. Because you only have to be free of your original sin to then also be able to recognize everything lucidly and clearly, to be able to again take yourselves back to all creations, which is well possible for you in the state of perfection, but only, to extend your knowledge about the purpose of each individual outer form. And you will look at all these creations over-happily, which served you to further your upward development, and once it will also be clear to you that every work of creation always only attests my infinite love towards the fallen, because I alone know in which outer form the soul can mature. Once also you will be able to understand it, and that is why you are to make an effort on earth, that you acquire a high degree of love for yourselves, that you desire to know less, because intellectual knowledge does not replace love in the heart. But conversely this will unlock full knowledge to you when you will have entered the kingdom of light and when there are no longer unsolved problems for you. Amen. B.D. NR. 9017.


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