Systematic cover-up and destruction of records in archdiocese Munich.

Archdiocese Munich - Comment on 2010 December 4 (2)

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2010 December 4 (2)
The abuse affair in the Catholic Church causes further explosive stuff. Read more:

Today I read several reports about the archdiocese Munich and bring a few excerpts of that.

These reports impart the impression that the Catholic Church wants to give the impression how well now everything is solved and that now everything is okay, but before the lady could start her work all really important documents were destroyed and therefore the whole thing is just a further act of cover-up and misleading of this church. And this lady is party to all of this and has satisfied her client, who certainly has paid her well for this, and now the abuse of children can continue to the full extent and the German media now have done their duty to report this production. With this Munich cleric the church now has found its ideal man for handling this scandal.

And now the excerpts:

Systematic cover-up and destruction of records.

Accordingly one has to reckon with a high estimated number of undetected cases.

Through cover-up of sexual offences the church accepted with open eyes that there could be further victims according to the expert.

The abuse affair in the Catholic Church causes further explosive stuff. Systematic cover-up and destruction of records in archdiocese Munich – an expert in Munich takes stock with no holds barred. Also Pope Benedict XVI does not escape criticism.

With no holds barred the expert Marion Westpfahl puts the finger in the wound of the church. She was to investigate the abuse cases in the archdiocese Munich and Freising in the ranks of the church since 1945. And her verdict is devastating: She speaks of systematic cover-up through church colleagues, misunderstood “brotherly togetherness” and complete disregard of victims.

Westpfahl is considered as woman who is plain spoken. And so also Pope Benedict XVI got his punishment, who was 1977 to 1982 archbishop of Munich and Freising. The statements to the catastrophic care of documents in the diocese’s office are also valid for Joseph Ratzinger’s Munich period of office said the former public prosecutor and judge.

Next to the lawyer sits the Munich archbishop and Cardinal Reinhard Marx, a supporter of complete solutions. “What we do we owe to people who became victims”, he says. At the end of April his office had entrusted the lawyer with the independent report

Again and again church co-workers had destroyed documents in the past decades so that it simply does not come to a scandal, Westpfahl reports. And when priests from other dioceses changed to Munich then the reason for the change was mostly missing in the personnel files – therefore there was also no information whether the person concerned had become sexually conspicuous. Partly files were also brought into private homes. Many events therefore are no longer or hardly comprehensible the expert stressed. Accordingly one has to reckon with a high estimated number of unreported cases.

According to her investigations for the time from 1945 to 2009 in 365 files indications are found “that an abuse event in whatever form has taken place“. However only seldom it came to a criminal conviction. With it double suffering occurred for the victims: They not only suffered under the crime but also had to try to cope with it completely on their own. “Children were hardly noticed in their suffering.” The expert also found indication of bodily cruelties in several cases.

Through the cover-ups of the sexual offences the church “accepted with open eyes” that there would be further victims.

The journalists inquired: What about the case of the interference of the priest Peter H., who in spring created such a stir? The lawyer Marion Westpfahl cannot comment on him, who directly came from Essen at Ratzinger’s time and was deployed in Munich. H. does not appear in the 13,200 personnel files, which her chambers have looked through.

Therefore it has systematically been covered-up in the office of the diocese, “destruction of documents in considerable extent” has taken place said Westpfahl. According to the Süddeutsche Zeitung personnel expert Friedrich Fahr kept document stock until his death in his home; it was Fahr who at the beginning of 1980 fetched the priest H., who got himself noticed, from Essen to Munich.

Also because of that the lawyer assumed a “considerable unpublished but suspected figure”, regarding the number of cases and criminals – she can say nothing at all to the numbers of victims. 159 Priests got themselves noticed – according to file records, 26 of them sentenced, none of them still lives. With further 17 it is to be assumed that they committed punishable sexual offences; two were sentences for bodily violence, with further 16 news about violent acts are found in the files.

Moreover 15 deacons, six lay-workers, 96 teachers of religion in the service of the church got themselves noticed.


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