Many of the interferences the learned educator hat filmed with a video camera.

Paedophile priest has to go to jail - Comment on 2010 December 4

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2010 December 4
Seven years imprisonment for hundredfold sexual abuse of children. Read more:

Trial for child abuse: Paedohile priest has to go to jail

A minister from North Hesse has sexually abused children more than ten years – and partly filmed the crimes.

Seven years imprisonment for hundredfold sexual abuse of children – for that the regional court Kassel on Thursday has sentenced a former Catholic priest from Fritzlar. The 50 year old from the Prämonstratenser Order had confessed to have indecently assaulted six acolytes between 1992 and 2003. Moreover the investigators had found child pornographic photos on his computers.

“That will accompany the victims for life; that does not go away again,” stressed the public prosecutor. She approved of the accused that with his confession he had spared the victims a statement in court.

The defence left the sentence to the discretion of the court.

Again and again he acted according to the same pattern: Under the pretext of medical or scientific investigations about possible bodily problems he had manipulated the penis of the children.


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