The intervention and the great earthquake.

Earthquake - Comment on 2010 November 16

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2010 November 16
An Earthquake will come as big as the world has not yet experienced. Read more:

Five days ago I dealt with that country, which will be affected by the intervention of God, and that this country remains hidden, we therefore will not know on which country this natural disaster will have an effect.

Today I now read this sentence in B.D. NR. 8949: „For they are certain that the time of the end has come, and that is why they also think my intervention to be possible … particularly then when this is also confirmed in scripture that an earthquake will come as big as the world has not yet experienced.”

According to this the intervention will apparently have the effect that an earthquake will come as big as the world has not yet experienced.

So one country will be directly affected, will probably be destroyed to a great extent, perhaps through the impact of a huge celestial body, and the rest of the world will be shaken through this striking so strongly that the biggest earthquake in the history of men occurs.

And this great earthquake will then probably cause damages almost everywhere so that therefore nearly all men on the surface of the earth are affected by it.

This disaster will especially bring about material damages and have the purpose to wean men from the addiction to material things, only the fewest will recognize this purpose and draw the right conclusions from it and turn away from matter und towards spiritual things.

After the end of World War II there was a similar situation in Germany. Many Germans had lost their possessions in the East and now lived in the West, but instead of recognizing the worthlessness of material things, most of them only knew one aim: to again create physical valuable objects. And that referred mainly to the acquisition of land and to the erection of buildings and houses. Almost everyone was concerned about having again one’s own house and to build one and live in it.

They did not use this opportunity to turn away from matter, and the result was that most of them more or less remained spiritually dead and then also died physically in this pitiful state.

And that is how it will probably be after the intervention.


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