The present American president has an the atheistic world view.

Two years Antichrist - Comment on 2010 November 4

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2010 November 4
A man who accelerates the dissolving, so to speak, who pays tribute to the principle of destruction, who therefore does not act constructively but destructively. Read more:

On the first Tuesday of November 2008 a new president was elected in America and that was on the 4th of November 2008 and we have now arrived two years after this event and looking back these 2 years gives us a good opportunity to see whether the prophecies regarding Antichrist, and especially his appearance and his behaviour and acting point to this president being this person.

One of the main characteristics of this man, as the prophecies describe him, is that he is of a destructive nature.

We want to have a look again at prophecy number 3209 and there at the following sentence:

“You will then be able to follow the events that have been prophesied as everything will happen in the era of a man who accelerates the dissolving, so to speak, who pays tribute to the principle of destruction, who therefore does not act constructively but destructively.”

So he pays tribute to the principle of destruction.

Now the people whom he is governing now seem to be very much of this opinion and seem to be quite angry with him and voted against him two days ago and that voter decision caused his party losing the majority in parliament. The voters might not so much have seen this destructive principle at work, but they definitely seem to have been unsatisfied with his performance and were angry because the constructive side seemed to missing for them. For them he did not seem to act constructively.

And he might be quite aware of this and he might also be quite unconcerned about it and might not plan very much to be more constructive because he knows that being constructive is not his strong side and where his strength is: accelerating the dissolving.

He is waiting for his opportunity to employ his strong side: accelerating the dissolving. And he will not just be waiting for this opportunity to come along; he will actively help it to come along. The prophecies quite clearly indicate this.

His withdrawal of troops from Iraq created a vacuum there and it might be there where he plans his destructive actions but his position as the world’s most powerful politician gives him many opportunities to deceive and conspire.

He also seems to be very busy increasing the stranglehold of his worldwide machinery of observation and monitoring and controlling. Local authorities seem to be already now incapable of fending off his activities.

He obviously wants to be re-elected in two years’ time and therefore he will probably now concentrate on this and make sure that in the next two years he demonstrates to the world that he is its saviour. This will be an activity which will hardly be observable by us and which will also later hardly be provable, but this only applies in a worldly sense, in a spiritual sense it will be quite open and visible to all.

Now this line of thought, that this kind of action is to be expected within the next two years, looks quite obvious, but having now observed prophecies developing for two years, I am not too sure and I am quite aware of the fact, that what looks recognizable and clear-cut might not be so and might be a lot more complicated.

I am thinking of the date of the beginning of the actual time of the end. It could be the 10th of April 2010, but it might not be. We for example only know that on that day the death of a ruler was announced, but we do not even know if that ruler really died on that day or if he is still alive. And what about the possibility that such an event, or similar event, will still happen in future?

In two years’ time, on the 6th of November 2012 the present president of America hopes to get re-elected and we therefore speculate with this date. And just a few weeks later the sun reaches its most southern point and the Maya seem to have to say something about this event, and we now fix our eyes on these future events in the year 2012, but reality might be very different.

I still think we will have enough problems recognizing events that happen and that have happened as being events that were forecast in prophecies.

So I think we should carry on observing events and comparing them with what has been predicted and not so much trying to forecast ourselves.

And that brings us back evaluating the man who could be Antichrist.

Something which seemed to have emerged quite clearly is the atheistic view of the present American president. Trying to give the impression of being a Christian will only impress people who go by formal church affiliation, but assessing his real thinking and speaking the direction seems to be: academic arrogance, superiority, belittling, blind faith in science, and similar things.

There is one thing that is quite important evaluating this man and that is that there are no indications at all that he is not this man described in prophecies of the past century and of past millennia.

It is the general impression this man makes that lets one feel that he is the man that fits the description. He is a man who keeps hinting to the future and to change but never spells out what that really is. He does not seem to be a typical politician who knows he wants to get to the top but does not really know what to do there. He really seems to have a clear-cut aim and knows what he is after.

Now all the people, especially in the United States, who are very much against him, and have now voted against him, might quite easily change their tune, when this man suddenly appears to be very capable, very capable to land highly destructive blows, and destroy a world troublemaker and get rid of him. Then it will be shown that these people have actually been completely deceived and that all their material on which they based the assessments of the value of this man was highly superficial and just very worldly and not spiritual at all. And to this group of people will probably belong most of the many Christians in that country. Here we have a strong indication of the importance of these prophecies because only they allow a real evaluation of the situation and of the man at the centre of action. He is a highly intelligent and talented man and hardly any observer seems to have an idea, what his politics are all about. Most of the observers simply seem to assume that he is acting in the interests of his country and thereby ignore the signs which he set himself and which were widely publicised.

Having observed this man for now two years he seems to be quite directly pursuing his aim for world domination. Setbacks seem to have hardly any impact on him because he simply sees his aim still very much achievable and nothing really important seems to be an obstacle to get there where he wants to be. There seems to be no-one who could challenge him in his leadership. There seems to be even nobody who would not fall into line with his policies and all present leaders seem to be already now careful, not to be seen in opposition to him.

The whole world sees a few troublemakers, a few rogue states, and sees in the United States the country, the only country, which will really be able to do something about these, and all the actions the US takes are seen in this perspective, but that the US, through the seizure of power of this man, has become the most dangerous thing on earth, is a thing of which hardly anybody is aware of.

I can actually see no way that this man will not succeed. Everything points to a development that goes completely confirm to what the prophecies describe.

All the people who are now upset about him might soon be very impressed with his actions and start to support him, admire him and then start to worship him.

And this will start to happen after he achieves a military victory. Then he will be the hero. And then, at a time after the great natural disaster when the chaos calls for one who makes an end to this chaos, then he will become this saviour and only then will the Antichrist be really recognizable.

Here follows an excerpt from “Forerunner”, B.D. NR. 8815:

“But I say again and again that he will come at the time of the Antichrist, that his appearance will coincide with him and that you will then also recognize him. His appearance will only be of short duration, and he will then appear when men need him urgently, when they want to get consolation and power. Therefore you can only expect him then when the last phase has begun – when the natural disaster is over, when a ruler has usurped the throne, whom you can clearly recognize as Antichrist, and he lets the religious war break out.”

So Antichrist will clearly be recognizable when the natural disaster is over and when he usurps the throne and starts the religious war.


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