Today it is now three quarters of a year that the abuse scandal shakes the Catholic Church.

Three quarters of year of abuse scandal - Comment on 2010 October 28

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2010 October 28
But the criminal prosecution authorities do not seem to be ready yet to prosecute this church as a whole, as an organisation committing crimes, and not just individual officials. Read more:

Today, on the 28th of October 2010, it is now three quarters of a year that the abuse scandal shakes the Catholic Church. It started nine months ago when on the 28th of January 2010 reports were published about cases in the Berlin Canisius College.

The reason why we are dealing here on this website with this matter is the existence of prophecies which seem to forecast exactly this development and the fact that this scandal has not stopped to appear in the headlines in the 9 months seems to be a strong indication that it contains that what the prophecies speak of.

It is difficult for the observer to see how the Catholic Church could get out of this present situation.

Would it be interested to honestly solve the problem, to clear up everything, and to clean its house, it would have to disclose everything and make a clean sweep of it. But as virtually all their officials seem to be involved in these crimes, such a proceeding would be extremely unlikely as it would be a total declaration of bankruptcy.

It therefore remains to be expected that this church will continue, as good as possible, to ward off the situation and that will probably lead to it sinking deeper and deeper into its problems. Already alone the financial claims against it will give it a hard time.

Calculated action by individual victims will probably be the most effective way to expose the situation in individual cases and to reveal with it the whole misery of this church.

The authorities of the states whose duty it is to prosecute crimes seem to limit themselves at the moment to investigate individual cases and then also often only when a certain public pressure compels them to do it.

But the criminal prosecution authorities do not yet seem to be ready to prosecute this church as a whole, as an organisation committing crimes, and not just individual officials. The again and again recurring element in the matter is exactly that the leaders of this organisation consciously appoint their members, who have been recognized as offenders, again at different locations and want to consciously achieve with this that further crimes are committed, so that the criminal activities, which are the main aim of this church, can be continued.

And the governments of the states whose duty it is to supervise their prosecution authorities do not seem to fulfil their duties.

When one takes the case of the Federal Republic of Germany then there is a government whose strongest party is a Christian party. This Christian Party could now make use of this situation and distinguish itself as a real Christian party and criticise and denounce the completely un-Christian behaviour of the churches, in this special case especially that of the Catholic Church. But the aim of this party, as well as that of the other parties, is not so much to pursue their ideological ideas, but first of all to win elections. And with confrontational politics against a church it would rather put off voters than to win them, at least at the present stage, and therefore one can hardly expect the German government to take action against the Catholic Church, and this again means that the German prosecution authorities will hardly be urged by their government to do something about it, to take this criminal organisation to task.

But as it looks as if the prophecies will prove to come true, the matter will probably develop in such a way that the up to now continuous flow of new disclosures will not stop, but therefore carry on and that because of that the pressure on this church will not diminish and that with it the perception will grow more and more in the awareness of people, and therefore also in the perception of voters, that this church is something completely repulsive, which they will more and more disapprove of and consider it to be a disgrace in society. More and more people will withdraw from it and it will lose support and it will also be up against financial problems.

This development might not exclude that dramatic events will still accelerate the whole matter.

But it can hardly be expected at the moment that the governments of states will get involved with taking actions against such terroristic associations ; they will probably rather assume a reactionary approach than an active one, and only undertake what cannot be avoided.

In Germany it will be hoped to have for the time being tackled well the problem in the eyes of the people with the appointment of a committee, a Round Table,

The governments and the public prosecutorís offices will probably only then undertake appropriate steps when the awareness of the people allows this.

But the main problem with this attitude is of course that this church continues with their crimes and that the governments and the judicial systems will become partly responsible.

The culprits continue to be in an organisation which protects them; the victims will continue to remain silent most of the time and suffer, and the perpetrators will furthermore know that they have a good chance to remain undiscovered.

The most important action, which cries out for action since three quarters of a year, to make an end to this matter, remains undone.

The ones who really suffer are the children who now, after the whole thing came to light, continue to be abused and there is no-one to help them. And they will probably be those who, when they are old enough, will demand to account those who now remain inactive.

And the governments and their executive bodies just belong to these inactive people. But also those belong to them who carry on giving their children into the care of this religious association and those are especially the parents of these children. They will once find themselves in a situation where they will be denounced by their children, perhaps decades after they have been abused, and called on to justify themselves.


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