The monitoring of dangerous celestial bodies is a very positive thing of science.

Changes in Cosmos - Comment on 2010 October 24

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2010 October 24
Through the informing about possible impacts of celestial bodies on earth science causes men to think about the end of this earth and about their own end and perhaps even turn towards God. Read more:

For a change there is something very positive to be said about science. And that is that science has established several means of tracking changes in the courses and orbits of celestial bodies. They are very busy monitoring heavenly bodies and are now even discovering quite small asteroids before they come close to earth or hit earth. In one case they not only discovered such an asteroid but were even ably to monitor it several hours before it fell onto the surface of the earth and to establish its location and to find fragments of it. This is exactly what God wants them to do so that they do God’s bidding and alarm men and get them to think about the end of the earth and about their own end.

Only a few years ago science started to direct their attention towards dangerous celestial bodies, and in the next years even the public at large will probably become slowly aware of the fact that there could be a danger and they will start to take this matter seriously and not just consider it to be a science fiction thing. And when then these interferences from space start to demand victims then the time has come to remind men of God’s judgement and if possible to even cause them to again turn towards him.

Today I read two prophecies by Bertha Dudde about this and they now follow:


Changes in Cosmos

15. March 1964. B.D. NR. 8780.

Deeper and deeper I want to introduce you to truth so that you resist all temptations on the part of my opponent who will try everything to stop your activity for me and my kingdom. And the greater your knowledge is, the more you have gone into truth which only I can impart to you, the more you will also stand firm because you will recognize all (their) objections and counter expressions as being meaningless and unfounded; it will always be only empty words without deep sense and value. But I want that light increases in you, that in always brighter spirit you learn to recognize all connections and that is why no objection will anymore be able to shake you. And I also want that you correct error where you are approached by it. I want that you are earnest fighters for me, that you fight with the sword of the mouth where you are opposed with error because you are chosen as light bearers by me to supply truth there where there is the will to stand in the truth. And exactly the end of this earth will often be a contentious issue because very few people want to believe in this – and because exactly the event of the end destruction is such a violent event which does not appear to be plausible to men – because they find no parallel in that event as much as they might think back. And it will still take place, and all will be surprised by it except the small circle of those who have been given an inner light by their life of love and who therefore also consciously expect an end of the earth. But where still the slightest worldly sense rules, where men have still not detached themselves completely from the desire for the goods of the world, there the belief in an end of the earth will also exist only weakly or not at all, and those will cast to the winds all such announcements as false prophecies and will always try to contradict them. And there great explanations will also not be enough simply because the will to believe such prophecies is missing, because love for the world is stronger than love for the neighbour, otherwise their spirit would be awakened and they could not have the slightest doubt about what I announce myself to men through spirit effort so that they prepare themselves for the near end. But you, my light bearers, you are to be always strengthened more in your belief in everything what I myself tell you; you are to experience my love and my permanent presence; you are to lovingly and thankfully accept the great gift of favour which I give to you because you are loyal towards me and fight for me and my name out of love towards me and towards the neighbour. And that is why I want to send you an announcement which will again only the one accept who believes deeply, but about which also the doubters can convince themselves very soon because there will be no long time anymore where the first signs of a great cosmic change will become noticeable – which no scientist and no matter how sharp an intellect will be able to explain and which cause earnest anxieties. And you will have no possibility to protect yourselves against the threatening disaster; you can only wait and will be set into great excitement through this, and this cosmic phenomenon will initiate just that powerful natural event because the universe revolts against all unspiritual which stays in the area of earth and has an unusual effect on the spiritual striving upwards at the moment. A very violent fight has broken out between the light and the dark spiritual because this spiritual knows it that a change is coming, and the last time is used by every side to an unusual extent. And these spiritual fights over the soul of men on earth have an effect on the different celestial bodies in the universe, which are connected to earth in a certain spiritual way. And with my consent also those heavenly bodies with its inhabitants participate in the last fight on this earth, and they express themselves through powerful tremors, which can be followed from (on) earth and trigger off greatest unrest in men who observe the course of the celestial bodies and can follow changes in their course, which in all probability will leave their mark on earth. Only on the part of science mankind can be brought to awaken because they do not listen to spiritual presentations, but they cannot deny scientific observations; they will give attention to it in their thoughts and with a good will can also still come on to the right way after that. Because the greatest prophets can arise on earth, men do not believe them. I also cannot address men in compelling ways to let them become aware of the danger in which they are because the end is near. But I can let the unusual happen in my creation by me apparently upsetting the order and still also this again belongs to my law insofar as it is planned since eternities because of a certain purpose. And there will again be men who will also not allow themselves to be impressed by this, who will carry on leading their sinful life and steer towards the abyss without letting themselves being stopped. But some will also begin to wonder and will now have an open ear for the explanations which my messengers of light give to them. And again the faith of those will be strengthened who want to remain loyal to me for they recognize the truth of my word and therefore keep firmly to my promise that I think of all those and fetch them home on the day of judgement, who believe my words and remain loyal to the end. Amen. B.D. NR. 8780.


Changes in Cosmos

16. March 1964. B.D. NR. 8781.

It is an unusual happening which I announce to you – you will believe to be mistaken, and again and again you will experience the same – tremors of the earth which are not due to eruptions but appear always then when earth is in a certain constellation towards other celestial bodies – so that the tremors can be expected on a regular basis and do not fail to appear. They will hardly be perceptible and therefore will also worry only few men, but not until the research of scientists will give reason to fear the worst, moreover the phenomena will increase and therefore then also throw the indifferent man, as they after all recognize an endangering of the celestial body of earth through other celestial bodies because the celestial bodies which have stepped out of their course move towards earth and again and again come into a constellation, which exactly triggers those effects. In consideration of the near end men are still to be shaken awake from their peace; they are to think of their creator and deal with the thought of their own transitoriness and also with that they have no guarantee vanishing completely with the death of the body; they are to be reminded of their life’s end and also of that fate which expects them when they believe in the continued existence of the soul. The times of the end will show much unnatural as the doing of men is already unnatural after all and also has the worst consequences. Men assume to undertake research in space above their authority. They ignore the laws of nature and are yet not hindered in their acting and wanting, but the effects are again reflecting on themselves. But the end approaches more and more, and if men are still to be helped that they achieve self-contemplation and become aware of their great responsibility then also on the part of God an unusual effect has to be shown them as it is still up to their will to pay attention to it and adjust themselves to it accordingly. And mankind will experience such unusual effect in the coming time, which is not caused by men but which happens in the cosmos, in an area which is subject to only the creator himself, which now apparently gets into unlawfulness and still also this happening is planned (included) in the plan of the return of the spiritual, for it can cause a change with many people, because it is too unusual – but without forcing the faith of men because the unbelieving man does not even take the trouble to find an explanation because he exists completely irresponsibly. And the spiritual state of men in the times of the end has sunken so deep that they let themselves also not being moved to faith through unusual events of nature and that is why such means can also still be applied, which still can be of use for undecided men who need the strong impetus to think seriously and to now direct their will right. Because what still can be done to keep souls from the fate of being banished anew that will also be done on the part of God who loves men and does not want them to get lost. But every time when he expresses himself in the announced way, there will be victims, otherwise men would not let themselves be impressed and would accuse each other of self-deception. For the effects will also be different at different places, and a certain time will be needed until science has succeeded to find the right explanation, but then also these signs will constantly repeat themselves more often and supply to men the proof that something is happening in the cosmos against which they can take no measures. And so they are therefore also exposed to the results which always occur periodically until in the end that great natural event will occur, which will prove to men the might and greatness of God, who believe in him and are also protected in every trouble. But whether a near end is also again and again announced to men, whether they are again and again pointed to the preceding natural disasters – they do not believe and do not change their way of life in the least; they do nothing to prepare themselves; they live in the world and love it and see their god in the world. And that is why they will also remain attached to matter when the end has come. But everything has been fixed in the divine plan of salvation, and nothing comes which has not already been planned for eternity. And so also this event averse to nature will happen according to divine will, and also the day for this is determined and will also be kept. But you are to be informed before so that your faith gets strengthened because everything comes so as it is predicted, and because you more and more recognize the truth of that which is directly supplied to you from above. For you are to establish the connection from God with the world, with your fellow men, who walk along unbelievingly and thoughtlessly. You will in fact only then be able to speak about it when the first events have taken place because beforehand no man wants to listen to your talk – you will only then find open ears and hearts when one tremor has preceded it, which lets men ask, and only then you are to speak, and it will depend on the willingness of men which benefit he/she is reaping from those happenings. Amen. B.D. NR. 8781.


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