A compilation of quite interesting and revealing details about the old Indian language - Sanskrit.

The ancient language Sanskrit and Jakob Lorber - Comment on 2010 October 4

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2010 October 4
In the work God’s Household by Jakob Lorber is also that contained what one can find in the works of Sanskrit and of Zoroastrianism, of Zarathustra, only that it is much easier to come by as it is presented in a current language. Who wants to study Sanskrit or Zarathustra has in the works of Jakob Lorber a much easier way to get access to wisdom teachings of antiquity. Read more:

I read something in a publication of the Theosophists about the “very ancient Sanskrit” and this caused me to think about the importance of the writings of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde and how this importance compares to the importance of the writings contained in the Bible and in other spiritual works and especially with the Sanskrit writings.

And this again caused that today I compiled quite interesting details about this old Indian language. They follow here later.

I now first bring here a quotation from what I read:

“Neither our present English tongue, nor the Latin of mediaeval Europe, in which the Bible was first printed, nor the Greek in which the New Testament was originally written, nor the Hebrew in which the Old Testament books have been handed down to us, possess in any degree the characters of a philosophical language. The very ancient Sanskrit from which the Theosophic scheme has descended to us, possesses on the other hand a much more extended choice of words of metaphysical import, and in that language almost alone, can, I am informed, the complete and complex Eastern scheme which explains and illustrates the finely interwoven principles of man, be adequately explained.”

It says there that “The very ancient Sanskrit … possesses on the other hand a much more extended choice of words of metaphysical import, and in that language almost alone, can … the complete and complex Eastern scheme which explains and illustrates the finely interwoven principles of man, be adequately explained.”

As I was thinking about this statement I remembered that I, just before I discovered Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde, had started to make an effort to study this “extended choice of words of metaphysical import” of “the very ancient Sanskrit.”

Now looking back and comparing what I found in the writings of Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde with the results of my study of the Sanskrit language, I come to the following conclusions:

The just quoted statement about the Sanskrit langue agrees with what I found.

However the writings of Jakob Lorber, coming from the 19th century, and those of Bertha Dudde of the last century, have the advantages, that they do not “possess in any degree the characters of a philosophical language,” that they are of a language which is still used today, in my case a language which is my mother tongue, German, and a language which has changed little since then and can therefore be understood and translated easily.

Especially when one reads about spiritual matters it is already difficult to comprehend the content and when one then also has to fight with difficult terms and with philosophical language, then it can be even more cumbersome.

The result for me was that I put Sanskrit aside and concentrated on what I found to be the best I had discovered for a long time.

On top of that there is in the works of Jakob Lorber, in God’s Household, that what one can find in the works of Sanskrit and of Zoroastrianism, of Zarathustra, only that it is much easier to come by as it is presented in a current language. More details about this will be found in what follows.

In order to get a better understanding of this ancient language Sanskrit I now want to bring some quotations from Jakob Lorber about this language, because they seem to confirm that this language “explains and illustrates the finely interwoven principles of man” adequately.

When the theosophists speak of the principles of man then they mean by this the different aspects of men like a man’s body, his soul and the spirit in the soul and many further divisions and aspects.

So now follow some quotations from Jakob Lorber, which give us revealing insights into Sanskrit, but also into the book “Wars of Jehovah”, which Sanskrit and the old Hebrew writings have in common:


And in the middle of Asia, in a high mountain area not far from the Himalaya, a small crowd leads a secluded, very austere life according to this writing, which later was engraved on stone tablets by the children of Noah by means of certain corresponding pertinent pictures, of which the later Egyptian hieroglyphs are just a distorted variation.

But the so-called Sanskrit of the Geber, Parser and Hindus is not to be regarded as one and the same writing; for also this is first much younger and like the Egyptian hieroglyphs a very shady variation, full of great misunderstandings, that is why their worship is also accordingly a ghastly paganism.


But after having had the morning meal Abedam called the known twelve to him, taught them to draw the words through corresponding characters with sharpened styluses onto stone tablets and to also then read the same straightaway, and ordered them to also teach such to all other brothers even if not the drawing but at least the reading anyway.

After that he ordered them also to therefore write down every word according to the leading of the spirit, which went out of his mouth, as also everything what there one or the other had spoken in his presence, and then everything like that is to be kept until later times with the main family owner.

But the collection should then have the name The Holy Book or the Wars of Jehovah; but the wars were to make out the later part.


But after one year Kinkar consulted with his father Dronel and said: »Father, listen to me; a good idea now went through my head!

See, God has broken faith with us, who are no fools after all - and that without any understandable reason! But we do not want to give tit for tat but we want to do exactly the opposite and that is why we therefore want to remain loyal to him as he certainly has never yet experienced such loyalty through all his eternities anywhere with or at his creatures!

For this reason I have in the course of this year arranged for the collection of God’s laws and have at all events written them together in a book!

Yes, I even sent messengers up to the top! These have found there exceedingly old people, - I tell you: people who are earnestly supposed to have personally known the mythical first man of earth! Yes, a quite ancient man is supposed to still live, who is supposed to be a contemporary of Lamech, who built here the two temples!

The messengers found with these mountain-dwellers exceedingly profound wise men and received from them a whole book full of divine wisdom, and this book is to be by a certain Enoch, who is supposed to have been exceptionally pious so that is why he was in the permanent visible presence of God as his high priest.

See, I have taken possession all right of such really holy treasures, and there in the hands of the bearers you see a book, three feet long, two feet wide and one foot high, consisting of hundred strong metal leaves; the metal is a mixture of gold, silver and copper.

See, all these leaves are fully written on with sharp stylus engraving writing, and not one word is from me, - but everything I ever heard from God in the bottom, as well as at the top, which just looked at least like any law, I have quite faithfully written into this book!

You know that I am very familiar with the wielding of the stylus; therefore it was also possible for me to fill this book in one year with writing.

This completed book therefore contains solely alone only the will of God to mankind of earth; that is why it is to remain an everlasting government book, and never is there another law to get among men than only what is written in this book!

But in God’s honour we want to lay this book with great ceremony in the temple on the now empty altar, and as the pure word of God it is to take up the place of the former holy shrine!

And I will appoint priest for it, who are to study this book all the time and then are to teach the people always accordingly!

And this book is to be called ‚The Holy Writing (Sanah scritt) and your salvation (Seant ha vesta)’.

But whoever should take away something from this book or adds something to it high-handedly, he also is to be straightaway punished with death.

But I have a second book in work, in it all acts of God and his guidance are to be written down; and that book, of which already thousand leaves from the metal worker Arbial lie ready, shall be called The Holy History of God’ (Seant hiast elli)! What do you say, father, to this my undertaking?’

When Dronel had heard such from Kinkar he was highly pleased and said:

»Indeed, you have already done for God in one year more than I in fifty! But therefore God will also certainly bless you as he did not even bless my father Ohlad; because neither he nor I had ever paid attention to the top!

Therefore all praise to God, the Lord, and to you my most beloved son and now most worthy king of such a great kingdom!

May everything happen according to your will, you my most loved son and king! Amen.«


Tell me, you shallow joker, what does the name ‘Jerusalem’ mean?! What is in it? As Levite and budding Varisar (Pharisee) you are to know it out of the books of Moses and also out of the book Enoch, which Noah brought over the Flood under the title ‘Wars of Jehovah’ (see ‘God’s household’!), and now I have the full right to demand the explanation from you because the correct understanding of this name is important! Now speak!«


This time there were probably altogether about eight hundred people on the mountain, which had a very spacious summit, above whose area a stone block towered, being only one by five cord high, but which was also easy to climb from the midday side. All ate and drank and had their fill, and extolled and praised me for this wonderful refreshment. And Kisjonah said down from the just mentioned stone block, which he mounted for this purpose:

»Listen to me, friends and brothers! We know Scripture from Moses till close to our time, and the books of the Wars of Jehovah, which Moses and many other prophets mention, we have received from Persia and read them translated, for they have been acknowledged as being genuine by many wise men; but of all the miracles, which are described in it, there is also not one, which could be compared with that what now happens under our eyes. Such has not only in Israel, but also in the whole world never been heard! Who therefore must be the one who carries out such acts, which are not possible for anybody except God?!«


It is the same case also with the Indian books, in which is first talked about the creation of pure spirits, then about the fall of a part of them under the title ‘Jehovah’s Wars’ and finally only about the creation of the world of senses and of the animals and in the end about that of men.


But now I would like – Lord, forgive me my thirst for knowledge – also still in addition know then what kind of tongue the five souls had talked with each other! I myself am still also capable of several tongues; but regardless of this I understood not one syllable what those talked with each other. Does in this world still exist any similar tongue?«

Said I: »O yes, the Burmese priests are in possession of this tongue (i.e. Sanskrit), and this has been the original language of first men of this earth; yours, the old Egyptian, and now and then also the one of the Greeks, derive nearly completely from this one and first language of men. Do you perhaps think that you would understand father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when they would be here and would so speak as they spoke one day? O certainly not, you would not understand one word of them! You already have difficulties to understand the books of Moses, which are close to thousand years younger than Abraham, how much less the patriarchs themselves! Yes, quite a lot has changed with the Jews, therefore also the language, without a second Babylonian speech confusion. Do you now also understand this?«


The scribe among them, who was also a Cabbalist (follower of the Jewish secret teaching) and who very well held the book of the ‘Wars of Jehovah’, which subsequently got lost – but which during the time now the old Indians still yet possess under the name of Sen scrit (‘I am hidden’) -, said: One yet still has to respect the five women; for they have far more learned then often the most learned Jews, and seen from our natural state of life one can definitely not rebuke their quite peculiar sound opinions.


The seventh book contained the true creation of man, his spiritual development through the permanent influence of the spirit of God. It explains to every man’s understanding the first book of Moses and announced the books of the patriarchs Cainan, Enoch and Lamech and explained them. At the end it declared the wars of Jehovah or the faithful history of the nations of the deep of the earth, and to the very end there was again a strong and very alarming admonition towards the teachers of the nation that they are to properly teach all this to all the people, and that nobody is allowed to first marry or to receive an office before he has made the whole content of this book his own.


Said I: »That is for the time being none of your business at all; no tongue of the whole world is foreign to me! But the majority of these people speak India’s tongue, which amounts there to the original Hebrew.«


Our slave traders were then also perfectly content with this quite good instruction and ate and drank on after that and talked to the Pharisees as good as their tongues allowed it. But in time they understood each other better and better because the one Pharisee was quite well versed in the original Hebrew language, in which the northern descendants of India lent space and form to their thoughts in a still little versed way.


See, so I once read an old book with the title “Wars of Jehovah”, and in it, though in a highly mysterious language, there was talk of the fall of the originally created angels!


And now see, that are the seven spirits of God, which are not understood by you, and that created out of the seven spirits of God corresponds in each and everything with these seven spirits of God and holds them in it. And the everlasting creation and the everlasting creating in the same way is that what the original wise men of this earth called “Wars of Jehovah”.«


And see, we sons of the great India felt already for quite a long time like this, and no-one of us knows it anymore who has given to men our book of books Ja seam skrit! But the one thing of the book always remains true namely that the one great warden always remains hidden the same to all men of our kingdom and will also remain so; for when the seekers are not able to find him how will then only those find him who do not look for him!


Quite in the middle of Asia, in the high Tibet, a nation still lives, that has the ancient patriarchal constitution. Among all old religions of the so-called Parses and Geber the religion of this people is still the one most unspoilt. They still have the actual Sanskrit, in which the Zenda vesta is dealt with; for Sanskrit is the holy writ of primeval times, and the secrets named Zenda vesta contained in this writing, in your language: “the Holy Sights”, are historic transmissions of the manifold divine wonderful guidance of the human race in primeval times. It is therefore wrong when now and then some assume Sanskrit and the Zenda vesta to be as it were two books; the whole thing is just one book, and it is divided in the book of the Wars of Jehovah, and in the book of the Prophets. But just as the Prophets through their holy sights describe the acts of God, so these apparent two books are actually only one book, which is at the above mentioned inhabitants of the high Tibet still quite unadulterated, and contains about the same what I have imparted to you in what is called by you the main work (The Household of God Volume 1) from primeval times; only that there everything is still covered in the original language in nothing but mysterious pictures, which are difficult or not at all to solve for the new time*. (*Already in the previous century Swedenborg shortly reported that this ancient book, which is also mentioned in the Bible, is still extant, and his knowledge about this, which he received from spirits, was about 40 years after that confirmed through a missionary from Tibet.- But a future solving of the ancient Sanskrit language and pictures through learned, most difficult hieroglyphic will here now probably not be necessary, as the Lord himself in his most gracious love and wisdom has deigned since the year 1840 among others to announce also the original creation and the ancient history of mankind until after the flood, as it were anew, and that in admirable clearness and to most corresponding spiritual understanding in the German language!- Johannes Busch.)


»O Lama, Lama, Dalai-Lama! That is really the dwelling of the eternal Brahma! O we poor, o we poor! We have been betrayed and are lost forever! Because it is written in the Zoroasteron (Chinese Sanskrit): „Whoever will enter unclean the holiest dwelling of the eternal Brahma, him will seize the evil Ahriman and torture him most horribly forever!” O woe is us, woe is us!«


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