The hypnagogic state is an excellent opportunity to investigate and experience the other side, the hereafter.

The hypnagogic state - Comment on 2010 October 3

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2010 October 3
The beings we see when we drift off to sleep cannot hide their bad habits. The moment we perceive them we have a more or less complete picture of their situation, of their personality and of their intentions. It is somehow their spiritual body we see but this picture gives us an impression of what their spirit is like. Read more:

In some of the latest entries I dealt with states of consciousness and there with the state of consciousness when we are awake during the day and then also with that state of consciousness at night when we are not awake but asleep. Another state of consciousness will we have when we leave our body permanently and do not return to it, when we have died.

Then we could think of states of consciousness like being hypnotized, when a person gets hypnotized by another person. But even the person who hypnotizes, who causes the other person to change his state of consciousness, could himself, because of this undertaking, change his own state of consciousness because he now more or less takes over the consciousness of a second person.

Then we could think of states of consciousness when a person is under anaesthetic, or when a person is fainting, or when a person is unconscious for a long time and cannot be brought back to normal consciousness.

Then we have a complete additional type of consciousness’ states and that are states of consciousness a person goes through by changing from one state of consciousness to another.

We change states of consciousness every day, every day a couple of times. Normally we do it about at least two times a day. Of special interest here is that change of consciousness that takes place when we fall asleep, when we change from the state of consciousness of being awake to the state of sleeping.

Now science has a special word for that situation and that is the word hypnagogic: of, relating to, or occurring in the period of drowsiness immediately preceding sleep.

Or hypnagogic state: The transitional state of consciousness while falling asleep.

Or hypnagogic imagery: Hallucinatory type of phenomena or fantasy occurring in the drowsy state just before falling asleep.

Or hypnagogic (sleep onset) visual hallucinations of a dreamlike sort.

“As a person falls asleep, he passes through a period of “partial sleep” in which awareness of the environment drops rapidly but in which the level of cortical arousal (which falls less rapidly) remains sufficiently high to permit some appreciation of external stimulation. Thus, the so-called hypnagogic phenomena occure.”

Science of course, at least science coming from so-called scientists, assumes that everything is caused by and develops from material things, is some sort of physical-chemical reaction.

For them spiritual things do not exist and so they come up with the idea of hallucinations. For them even such things like dreams are hallucinations. “Hallucinations may be produced by chemical changes deriving from internal metabolic disturbances that are otherwise engendered inside of the body, or that originate from outside of the body.”

And there you have got the whole misery of science, especially the medical sciences, that, instead of treating people spiritually, they treat them with chemicals, and the word hallucination really applies to their way of thinking: they hallucinate that the world of matter is real and what is even worse, that this material world is the only one that exists.

They perceive and experience the physical world as a hallucination; they have hallucinations.

So let us forget about them and turn to this state of consciousness we experience before we fall asleep.

We perceive personalities in a certain way when we are in this state. They appear before us and they do not appear before us so much as when we see a person in the wakening state but they are more an impression of their spiritual situation. The picture given us is more a picture of their spiritual state and often it is a picture that leaves much to be desired and reminds us of earth-bound spirits who are in a bad shape.

When we get to know a person for the first time we mainly perceive that person’s outer appearance and only with time we collect information about the personality of that person. And this is because the personality of that person is hidden, is hidden behind a cover, the cover being the physical body.

Now in the spiritual world this is not so. There we, and the other beings there, do not have such a cover. We are naked so to say. Our whole personality is open for everyone to inspect. All our shortcomings will be quite embarrassing over there. And this applies when we die and land there on the other side. But it also applies when a man has an out of body experience and meets other beings in the spiritual realm and would like to cover his bad habits, but cannot do so.

And so it is with these beings we see when we drift off to sleep. The moment we perceive them we have a more or less complete picture of their situation, of their personality and of their intentions. It is somehow their spiritual body we see but this picture gives us an impression of what their spirit is like.

A typical impression we get from these creatures is that they try to influence us. They seem to approach us and want something from us. It seems to agree very much with what we hear about earth-bound spirits. They do not seem to realize that they are dead and try to carry on with life as if they are still alive, physically alive on earth. And one characteristic feature of theirs seems to be the wish to still take part in life on earth.

The one main difference of the beings populating the two different parts of the spiritual kingdom, the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness, is the approach towards the divine gift of free will. Light beings very much respect the free will of others and beings from the kingdom of darkness seem to always trying to infringe upon this royal right of ours.

Now when such a personality we experience in this transitional stage comes closer towards us, may wanting some help or whatever, then we might have the feeling that this approach does not stop when the body of this being comes against our body, but starts to transcend our body.

It is some sort of interpenetration that takes place. And the effect of this does not seem to be negative at all. It just happens and there are no bad feelings about it. Even when some actions seem to look like being forms of attack, we remain completely calm and do not even react because we know that nothing can harm us.

So the whole thing gets us the impression that this state of consciousness puts us more or less in the same state where earth-bound spirits are, moves us into that part of the spiritual kingdom that is closest to earth. And that makes sense because it is our first step out of the state of consciousness we have as material beings here on earth.

Now to know about this stage is the first step of understanding it and then the next step might be to pay more attention to it and consciously observe what happens in it.

This stage of falling asleep is so interesting because we have direct access to it. We can make it a habit to always observe details and compare them with previous observations.

It makes it easier for us to accept that there are many states of consciousness.

Now this experience with beings on the other side seems to be very similar to what so-called mediums experience when they try to establish contact between such beings and people who come to them wanting to get into contact with deceased relatives or friends.

Such mediums seem to just have developed a better reception for what these beings are expressing and try to communicate.

Another aspect of this hypnagogic state is that these beings we experience in it might be around us all the time and not only that, but that they are also all the time busy trying to influence us, therefore also then when we are not being busy falling asleep . And we are only aware of it all when we are in this state and then also only when we know about it and pay attention to what is going on then.

So this hypnagogic state is an excellent opportunity to investigate and experience the other side, the hereafter.

And these beings on the other side we experience in the hypnagogic state need not be limited to only such beings like earth-bound spirits, spirits of the lower parts of the spiritual kingdom; we might also experience beings from much higher levels.


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