Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter.

Caves on the Moon - Comment on 2010 September 29 (2)

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2010 September 29 (2)
New satellite pictures show entrances to an assumed system of caves on the Moon. Read more:

Today I read a report which reminded me of what I had read at Jakob Lorber and therefore bring this report, later, and after that something of that which I had read in Jakob Lober’s writings, but first I want to give a commentary.

The thing is so interesting because it is about the question whether other celestial bodies are inhabited or not. And more directly it is not about celestial bodies which are far away from us, of which we can assume that they could have life like ours, but about celestial bodies which are quite close to us, like the moon, the sun, the planets and perhaps other bodies which exist in our solar system, therefore are closest to us.

That one could assume of these just mentioned celestial bodies directly around us that they are inhabited, is often felt to be simply ridiculous when one first looks at it, and that happens out of the supposed knowledge that we have after all that there are no living beings as the knowledge we have gained during the last few decades has proved this quite clearly. The best example is exactly the moon after all, where man himself has been, and has seen there that it is uninhabited.

But how is it now with scientific expressions which we read in popular scientific books, and we there hear about things like universes, multiverse, quantum physics, and about such weird stuff that goes on at quantum level that particles are in two places at the same time and that seem to know if a human being is watching them?

These things seem to strongly indicate that our material world is much more complicated than mankind has assumed it to be so far. There seem to exist a lot of things of which we know very little and when we add to these different states of consciousness, like for example our every day state of consciousness sleep, where we find ourselves on a completely different level than in our awake state, and that without having left the place of the state of awake consciousness, then one could hardly rule out the possibility of the existence of still further states of consciousness.

I here just quote one point of view from Bertha Dudde: “And when also knowledge is brought to you about it, so it appears little plausible to you, and it does not fit into your world view, which is more familiar to you and on which you focus all attention. And still everything which is earthly around you is just appearance.”

But I want to bring a second quote from Bertha Dudde: “When it is said to you the soul of man enters the kingdom on the other side, then you do not properly understand what is to be understood by the latter: Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter. And all heavenly bodies hold spiritual in the most various degrees of development, where every soul can certainly continue its course of development, when it does not remain so stubbornly in its resistance that it is up to no good to its own agony in spaces lacking creation.”

It says there, “Everything outside of life on earth is the hereafter.” This surely indicates that we find ourselves here in a special state, the awake state, and that this state of being awake is one of many, and that here and especially also on other heavenly bodies there are completely other states. When we sleep then surely that, what we experience in the awake state, does not seem to be there at all. And when we wake up nothing remains in existence of the world we have experienced during the sleep state. That should let us see the possibility after all, that these two states of consciousness could just be two of very many others.

So when we then land on the moon it could very well be that we do not perceive life as it happens there, but only some kind of fundamental material world, which is home to different states of consciousness, like a building here on this earth that serves us as home, but perhaps also another spirit, a “ghost,” which stays there, but which is normally not perceived by us.

So now I bring the report I read today:

Mysterious holes on the moon
New scenarios for the research of earth’s satellite.
New satellite pictures show entrances to an assumed system of caves on the Moon. An ideal place for future manned stations could hide behind them.

So that was the report and now in conclusion comes something from Jakob Lorber’s writings about the moon:

They have there first to struggle with the great cold and darkness, but secondly then also with an unbearable heat; for there night lasts nearly 14 full earth days and the day is also again just as long. Towards the end of each night is gets so cold there as on earth at the North Pole, and around the middle and towards the end of the day it gets so hot that no living being can endure it on the surface.
The inhabitants, as well as all other organic beings, live there in the soil. They have to spend both half the day in this underground home as well as half of the night; that is why there are also no houses and towns like with you, but the flats are in the depths of the moon ground, now and then also in mountain gaps and caves.
There are no trees which bear fruit but only root plants, like for example with you the earth apples, turnips, carrots and something like that. These plants are planted at the beginning of the day and get completely ripe towards the end of the day. In the beginning of the night twilight men come out of their caves and harvest this fruit and soon bring it into their underground homes of which they then live during night time as well as throughout the whole following day.


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