Before this last work of destruction takes place the ones who are mine will be raptured.

The second coming of the Lord - Comment on 2010 September 28 (2)

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2010 September 28 (2)
This act of the rapture is a process completely adverse to nature. Read more:

Today I read a message by Bertha Dudde which describes and foretells very powerfully the return of the Lord. Quite a number of details are contained in it and certain misconceptions of this event are disproved and corrected.

This message follows now:


Enlightenment about the coming of the Lord.

3. February 1964. B.D. NR. 8743.

I want to give you a great spiritual enlightenment, which is to give your soul welfare: I want to disclose an area, which you can never enter without my spirit’s effect because I want to initiate you into a world into which only the spiritually awakened man can have an insight because already a certain knowledge is the prerequisite about things, which are otherwise completely unknown to man. I have promised you to return to earth when the day of the end has come. But this promise has awakened various ideas in you men; but you did not find the true idea because just this event of my return to earth is so differently described and – as well as the event of the rapture of the ones who are mine – time wise differently assumed so that erroneous claims have arisen, which I therefore want to correct: My return to earth will not take place bodily – that my foot will touch this earth, wheras I will appear with my entourage of highest light beings and will be sighted by all those who are mine because such man will never be able to see me in all glory who has become a devotee of my opponent because darkness cannot see light because men would completely cease to exist since they could not bear the light that radiates out of me. So I will come to earth and also be still covered by the clouds for the ones who are mine, but they will be able to bear a fullness of light and so will cheer me highly thrilled, when they will see me with the great host of angels. Because for this I will open their eyes. It is therefore wrong to say all will see me when I will come to judge the living and the dead because judgement will take place in another way than that the individual has to answer before me. For I know every single soul; I know it to whom it belongs, and as the Last Judgement on this earth consist in this respect that the whole earth will be reshaped and dissolved in its individual creations, so that all spiritual gets released to new forming, this dissolving also means the death of those men who failed in their last earth life test and handed themselves over to my opponent. These therefore see death in front of their eyes and cannot flee from it; and this will trigger off a great horror among men. But before this last work of destruction takes place the ones who are mine will be raptured. I will come myself to fetch them; they will be allowed to see me how I float down from above to them; they will longingly stretch out their hands towards me in highest rejoicing and in hot love for me, and I will draw them towards me; I will fetch them away; I will lift them up and so they experience an event which completely contradicts the laws of nature. And this cheering of the ones who are mine will be heard by the other men, which they for the time being are not able to explain because they themselves see nothing and that is why they will only be seized by a certain worry, which increases to a highest fear and horror when they see the sudden disappearing of the ones who are mine, when they cannot give themselves an explanation for all those being inaccessible, which they persecute with their hate – that these are suddenly no longer among them and are untraceable. There will certainly be a radiant brightness, but it will be felt by these men as unbearable. But they will have no long time to think about it because the last end will soon follow. And the radiant brightness will give way to an almost impenetrable darkness, which exasperates men. Then eruptions take place, fire outbreaks, earth splittings, so that no man can escape and all will be devoured by earth. There is no more a long time between the rapture of the ones who are mine and this last destruction because the rapture would be a compulsion to believe for the people who remain behind, and this would be completely worthless because a free decision would then be eliminated. And men first received enough time for this and were incessantly admonished and warned, and everyone who still comes round first, will also still be received and called away before the downfall of earth, so that he can still be helped further in the hereafter. This act of the rapture is a process completely adverse to nature, but I can then repeal the laws of nature because this is for no man anymore a disadvantage for his soul. But also my coming in the clouds insofar does not force belief because those men who see me have already reached the soul maturity that they only experience that, which they firmly believe, and therefore expect me daily. One seldom can just give men the right explanation about these last events because they all have already made a picture for themselves and do not want to deviate from their ideas. It is impossible for the rapture to already take place a long time before because such unlawful processes would force men to think differently. And the end of this earth exactly means for all men still living the end of them because also the ones who are mine will experience it, only in a state, where they are spared every suffering although they can observe the process because it is my will. For as they are now fully believing, they are also to experience my power and glory, and so they will also be able to see the great host of my angels around me, and that is why they now will also have qualified to inhabit the new earth as progenitors, which certainly will also be the work of a moment for me, when I want to give to all spiritual having come free again an outer form for further maturation. But every concept of time is taken from men themselves, until they are again brought to the new earth. But they still possess their old body of flesh, which will certainly already be much spiritualized – but also this has to be mentioned to refute the erroneous opinion that the new earth is inhabited by completely spiritualized beings. For the new earth is again intended as station of upward development, and the old laws will also be effective for the hew earth. And the course of the fallen through creation up to man will take place and man as such will have to again pass the last test of will – the reason it will initially also be successful is because the temptations on the part of the opponent do not take place, who is bound for a long time - and because men are full of love, therefore establish direct contact with me and that is why they also come very fast to complete maturation. Do not allow yourselves to be tempted through erroneous presentations to neglect or postpone work on your soul because the day I will come in the clouds will be kept and with this day also the Last Judgement on this earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 8743.


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