Man is the only being in creation, which possesses intelligence, the powers of reason and free will.

Development of man - Comment on 2010 September 22

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2010 September 22
Man can never be considered to be a product of natural development, because he is a creation on his own. Read more:

Three days ago I dealt with the religious war and showed that the materialists are just a religious denomination as all the other denominations and today I came across an example of these religionists. The example is a message about the real development of man and how so-called scientists hold ideas in comparison with this, which one can only compare with those, which are held by fundamentalist sectarians in man-made denominations.

The truth is known, as for example here in this message, but also in piles of texts in the history of mankind, and these simple-minded materialistically orientated people can only reel off the creed of their sect and cannot look out above this horizon created by themselves; they do not even have the ability to recognize that there are far better explanations for their field and they also do not have the talent to even take into consideration this other information.

That man has descended from apes will also still today be felt as a joke by every normal person, but so-called scientists still stick to it a typical attitude of fanatic sectarians. Just one consideration should be enough to reject such ideas: Would it be the case then the surface of the earth should be covered with beings which are the intermediate stage of apes and men and the only ones who could be a possibility would be such fanatics.

So here comes the message I read today:


Slow upward development of the beings in creation.

17. December 1963. B.D. NR. 8702.

So hear the following: When I once transformed the power emitted by me as beings to works of creation of most different kind, the slow upward development of these beings in the dissolved state started. At the beginning this was an unimaginable swaying of spiritual substances, which slowly took on form when the spiritual power was compressed through my will to matter and this matter was again so differently that this cannot be explained to you men. According to my wisdom and my love I had drawn up a plan of salvation for the spiritual, which once had fallen away from me, which exactly was to be carried out in creation. And the purpose of my creation was to cause the spiritual bound in it to serve, therefore one work of creation had to be necessary for the other so that a slow upwards development was possible. One cannot make conceivable to you men the serving functions in the beginning of creation only after the works of creation assumed an already harder existence, also an activity, even if very slow, began in these creations. And every activity attests to life; every activity brings about change so that also the forms change all the time, that they develop to greater and greater works of creation of which everyone had to fulfil an assignment which my will determined and which was also carried out according to my will because the spiritual could not oppose my will. And so creation therefore did not come into being in a moment out of my will, but the spiritual bound in it or the reshaped power covered a slow course of development so that also the resistance slowly decreased and this was expressed in service, which certainly was still subject to my mandatory law, yet still proved a decrease of resistance. And so the process of ascent development through the world of rocks, plants and animals, as far as up to man, has also been explained to you, that the outer forms released the spiritual in it all the time and this gathered to again take up residence in a greater form and to carry on serving until all particles belonging to a fallen original spirit have gathered and can now be embodied as soul in man. But as it happens in the animal world, that small and smallest beings move into a greater outer form through union with the spiritual standing in the same degree of development after their cessation, so also the process of development took place further, and new forms were created again and again through my love and wisdom, which could accommodate the destined spiritual. Now in nature you see this as development of a small living being to a greater and greater. But once I needed to create every form new, which did not yet exist. And whether these forms also increased all the time and were similar to the previous ones, it was always an act of creation for my part, which certainly could not be observed on the part of men because no man having the gift for intellect and free will populated earth. But my plan was fixed since eternity, and I knew therefore also about that creature, which was to go over earth as man for the purpose of passing the last test of will. And the spiritual still bound in the different works of creation was therefore transferred into always new creations the more the individual creature approached maturity in its spiritual substance. The works of creation became greater and greater with which not the bodily size is to be understood but the makeup of the individual living beings, their functions and their abilities are meant. But every new living creature was a work of my endless love and wisdom and omnipotence which then again multiplied, but always remained the same work as what I had put it out. Understand it, no living being will change in its nature, and were you believe to establish a change or further development it is a matter of an act of creation for my part at its emergence. And so it has also always been a matter of new creations with every manlike being, which inhabited earth before the first man was created, but which remained in their kind as they had been created as a product of my omnipotence, and as the spiritual bound in it permanently developed upwards, an outer form was created through my will, which was more and more like man, but my will was always underlying this creation, which again had an effect as the law of nature what you men now call the natural ascent development of beings. But man can never be considered to be such a product of natural development, because he is a creation on his own, coming from my omnipotence, love and wisdom and so shaped that he is to and can fulfil a high assignment on earth. And no matter how clever animals you seek to train to independent thinking and wanting to be free, you will never succeed in this because the abilities man possesses lie hidden in no animal, because man is the only being in creation, which possesses intelligence, the powers of reason and free will but which can never be achieved by slow training, which are also no characteristic features of a slow ascent development of a being but only prove that man is a work of creation on his own, called into life through my will and my power to fulfil an assignment. And the creation work of man could only then be put into the world after the once fallen original spirits had already covered the slow upward development through creation because now man was to hold such fallen original spirit as soul in him. The word development always only applies for the spiritual that is held or bound in that (every) work of creation, which has to cover this upward development, while the material creation works are always to be considered as acts of creation because my will called these outer forms into being so that they serve the spiritual as outer form, which itself was supposed to reach up through serving. That my will also simultaneously means the law of nature, which no work of creation can oppose as long as it does not hold a spiritual mature being like man in it, will also let the word development become understandable but will never warrant the claim that man himself has developed because he was a work of creation on his own, which my will and my love power called into life. Amen. B.D. NR. 8702.


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