The god of the materialists is the god of this world.

Religious war - Comment on 2010 September 19 (2)

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2010 September 19 (2)
The materialists are just a religious denomination like all the rest of the denominations. Read more:

Right at the beginning of this website I had the task to translate the German word Glaubenskampf into English. I then chose the word Fight Against Spirituality because the word religious war did not seem right to me, as it was not a fight of one religion against another, but a general fight against everything of a religious nature that would end, after the main religions would have been eliminated, as a fight against the real believers who would then have been left.

The messages of Bertha Dudde are in German and there the word Glaubenskampf is used. A similar word would be Glaubenskrieg and dictionaries would suggest translating this word as religious war. But a religious war is more a war between competing religious systems and not a war against all religious things generally and against everything that has to do with systems of belief.

But it seems that the English word religious war would have been the better translation as it more and more transpires that the side that wages this war is not really an un-religious system which is against any form of religion and against any form of believing in something spiritual, but a system that is simply just another form of religion, is just some sort of denomination, just as all the other denominations we have.

The best word to use to designate this form of denominational movement would be the word materialism. They seem to believe in nothing; but that is actually not the case as they very much believe in matter. And they would rather deny being some sort of a denomination, denying being any kind of believers.

But also this word materialism does not really designate the true nature of this system. We come closer to the truth when we see that they, even when they do not see this at all, are really also worshipping a supernatural being. And this supernatural being which is their god is the god of this world. And the god of this world is the adversary of God. And an important aspect of this belief system is that they believe in something, in someone, whom they would not acknowledge as their god, whom they would deny to be the being that is the object of their worship.

They would even deny that the being they worship exists.

As they would also deny being any kind of worshipers at all.

And this is quite understandable because this object of their worship is the great deceiver and he is deceiving his worshipers and they follow him without knowing what they are doing and that they are doing it.


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