All the theories of science which lasted were never in conflict with spiritual teachings.

The theory for everything - Comment on 2010 September 12 (2)

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2010 September 12 (2)
The weird stuff that goes on at quantum level that particles are in two places at the same time and that seem to know if a human being is watching them stands in no contrast to spiritual teachings, on the contrary, it only points to the fact that the spiritual is that which governs everything, and not matter. Read more:

During the last few days I dealt with scientific things and one subject was the final theory for everything and there it was about the newest book by Stephen Hawking and one quotation read as follows:

At its core “The Grand Design” is an examination of a relatively new candidate for the “ultimate theory of everything,” something called M-theory, itself an extension of string theory, which tries to reconcile general relativity and quantum mechanics.

To see the actual purpose of this book, one has to look at a second quote. It is the following:

Mr. Hawking and Mr. Mlodinow assert that “their creation does not require the intervention of some supernatural being or god."

The theory for everything is known for a long time, actually for eternities, and many details were added to it last century and this “theory” is that everything is spiritual, and that includes matter, which is something spiritual which grew stiff, and is on its way to lose this stiffness and to become again very lively.

This “theory for everything,” to which especially contribute the messages by Bertha Dudde, really brings a “theory for everything” which comprises everything and which does not exclude the spiritual, as the theory of Mr. Hawking does.

These messages as they come from Jakob Lorber and Bertha Dudde are therefore so convincing because they are so comprehensive, because they completely agree with everything that is contained in the Christian teaching, and because they satisfy intellectual desire for knowledge.

So all matter is spiritual in a stage of transition, in a stage of imperfection and therefore transitory, temporary.

This is now known since millennia, and in the furthest east and also in the newest west. The east talks of Maya – an illusion – and in the west we find expressions like “camouflage universe” or “manifestations of the spirit.”

All the theories of science which lasted were never in conflict with spiritual teachings. Scientists who were really interested in the truth have also not tried to leave aside these aspects of science, the spiritual.

And this aspect of scientists whether they are really interested in truth, is quite well expressed in this newest book by Stephen Hawking. Truth is not important for him, important for him is the propagation of his atheistic convictions, to take part in the war against God, to disparage God in the eyes of men and make him unnecessary.

He is not really a scientist, but a man who belongs to the religious sect of the atheists and with this he is a member of a denomination, and so as all people who belong to a denomination are sectarians, so is also he one.

And in this sect, the club of the materialists, he not only is a full member, but something like a high priest or pope, and the publication of his newest book something like a mass with sacraments and all the trimmings.

And one very important part of all the humbug is obviously the scraping together of money, but respect and prestige and influence and power are also not to be sneezed at. As all denominations also this is completely embedded in the regiment of Antichrist.

True scientists will never keep the spiritual side of life out of their considerations, on the contrary, they will become more and more convinced of its importance and their efforts are going accordingly in this direction and when one then reads up on their life in an encyclopaedia then there is talk that he has devoted the end of his life to philosophical considerations, but what has come out of this is not mentioned because it is looked down upon in the sect of the materialists, and because of this they would have preferred not to mention him at all in their encyclopaedia, but as his scientific achievements are everywhere highly recognized they cannot afford that.

A good example is the science of philosophy and the philosopher Kierkegaard. Towards the end of his life he more and more came to the cognition of the falseness of denominations, especially of his own denomination, the Lutherans. He saw the blatant differences between this religious society and a life in the spirit, a life according to the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ and all his striving aimed at fighting this so-called Christendom, to attack it. And his last work then also had the title “Attack upon Christendom.” But this his last work is not mentioned at all in some encyclopaedias although it is the only work of his that really expresses what the end result of his life is and that, in my opinion, is the only work, which one should read.

The writers of encyclopaedias would really like to not mention this man Kierkegaard at all, exactly because he is an enemy of their religion, but to omit such an important philosopher would immediately let their encyclopaedia appear of not being credible and so they get down to deal at length with the works of Kierkegaard which come from the time where he had not freed himself of the influence of exactly this sect.

And instead of highlighting Kierkegaard’s strong attack against the religionists as his only real achievement, they deal in detail with his reaction against Hegel and his philosophy.

Kierkegaard was a man who really sought truth and found it but the only aim of Hawking seems to be, to be a loyal follower of him who is against all truth.

The basic stuff of which everything consists is light or consciousness or love. Consciousness units are the most elementary particles and those particles of which physicists speak today stand in no contrast to these.

The fundamental things which exist and from which everything has come from are truth, light, love and power, and that was, and is, and remains God.

The scientist, who really seeks truth, will always move with God and never against him. But the scientists who actually carry out the eternal war against God, and aim at material things, like fame and honour and recognition and material advantages, are those who at the end of days will trigger off with their experiments a nuclear reaction, which will destroy the earth’s entire surface with all life contained in it.

A theory for everything, which comes from the extreme west of our world, says that the universe is made up of energy fields which defy description or scrutiny. These energy fields resemble filaments of ordinary light, except that light is lifeless compared to these emanations of God, emanations which exude awareness.

Hawking would like to prove that there is no God, and through this alone he already proves that he is not a true scientist because such a proof is not possible; one cannot prove that something does not exist. It is simply foolish to want to tackle something like this. Only fools do something like this. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Their deeds can do one thing: destroy the world with their experiments - that is what they can do.

The weird stuff that goes on at quantum level that particles are in two places at the same time and that seem to know if a human being is watching them stands in no contrast to spiritual teachings, on the contrary, it only points to the fact that the spiritual is that which governs everything, and not matter.

The spiritual was before matter and will also be after matter. Matter is merely condensed spiritual, condensed energy, energy grown stiff.

The true scientist has never a problem unifying spiritual teachings with knowledge of scientific things; it is the scientist who adheres to the religion of the atheists, who wants to use scientific knowledge as ammunition in his war against God.


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