Under the very artistic mask hides a tough opportunist.

The ultimate revolutionist - Comment on 2010 August 25

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2010 August 25
So his aim is not just to become global president but to also quash all rule of law, to establish complete dictatorship and become undisputed ruler of the world. Read more:

Yesterday the subject of this website was that Obama wants to become the first global president, that he aims at achieving the maximum freedom of action and the maximum freedom of ideology and that getting into the White House was his first step and that his second step will be to become global president.

I kept on thinking about these things and the revolutionary side of this man came to the foreground and I therefore want to bring these details, which show him as a man wanting to topple democracy in his country and also everywhere else.

So here now the following details:

“The future US president has quite a few dark sides. But in the election campaign Barack Obama and his team succeeded to cover up all negatives.”

“And the fascinating thing about it is that not one offence remained sticking to him.”

“When the man whom he describes as his spiritual mentor and from whom he has borrowed the title of one of his autobiographies, the radical pastor Jeremiah Wright, turned out to be a black racist and anti-Semite, Obama was able to masterly turn the awkward situation to his advantage.”

“In Chicago no-one comes to power cleanly”

“Obama’s career as politician started in Chicago. That this remarkable past life did not become an obstacle to his triumph is perhaps the most brilliant achievement of his election campaign. Whoever wants to make politics in Chicago cannot operate in Illinois without considerations of the specific political circumstances. It is impossible as politician to reach the top in Chicago clean and unhurt.”

“In Chicago Obama not only associated with the top brass of a corrupt political system, but also moved in radical leftwing circles of the ex-terrorist William Ayers, …”

“Blagojevich, a merciless, uncouth daredevil, whom Obama supported several times in the past, was merely so stupid, to let himself being bugged. …”

“Nothing of this deepest corrupt environment got stuck on Obama. He gives the impression to be fresh and clean although in matters of power he was an apprentice to Emil Jones and in matters of social and racial injustice to William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.”

“Obama’s life story shows unsightly gaps. Those works which he has written during his studies at Harvard and Columbia University he keeps carefully under lock and key because he obviously fears they could be troublesome to his attempt to cover up his left-wing extremist years. It is also obvious that he has lied in view of his connections to the radical black pastor Jeremiah Wright, whom he however now condemns, but to whose poisonous rhetoric he listened for twenty years (Wright has married him and baptized his children). Obama intensively worked together with William Ayers who made no secret of his extremist educational opinions (children should be brought up as young revolutionaries). And Obama remains silent about his friendship to the Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi, who has become successor and heir at Columbia University of Edward Said (the Los Angeles Times is in possession of a video of a celebration in honour of Khalidi, where Obama was guest of honour – the paper refuses to publish the video, and Obama plays his cards close to his chest).”

“Is he a neo-Marxist dressed up as moderate politician as many of his friends in the academic world of Chicago, or is he a pragmatist who seems to have put together a centrist cabinet?”

“Axelrod has made a man of integrity out of Obama, a gentle and non-crease prophet – an illusion. The truth unacceptable for many is that under the very artistic mask a tough opportunist hides who has fought his way to the top under use of all means.”

Now these just listed details give the impression that we are dealing here with a man who very single-mindedly and purposefully follows a goal which he is determined to achieve and that is to abolish freedom and democracy and establish himself as dictator in his country and also in as many other places as possible.

So his aim is not just to become global president but to also quash all rule of law, to establish complete dictatorship and become undisputed ruler of the world.

And the way he has planned and laid out the path to this aim seems to be almost perfect and seems to avoid all the mistakes people made who before him tried go this path to absolute autocracy.

One could think that as president of his country he would already now be in a position to establish a dictatorship by using all means which are already now at his disposal. But there are still things like houses of parliament and the justice system and federalism. One or several or many of the member states could lose interest in the union and get out and that could cause the whole to become a shambles.

So the way the prophecies indicate, which seems to be the way that he is pursuing, seems to be the optimum method and up to now the way the prophecies describe and the way he has walked up to now seem to be identical.

In many countries in the world men of revolutionary inclination have tried to go through the institutions of democracies to then reach the top and then change everything right from the inside and force the revolution from the top down upon the people. But most of them did not succeed and circumstances and lack of drive and the comforts of a good life caught up with them and they just became relatively mediocre leaders.

And the general public is so used to see such people becoming leaders and then not really succeeding in becoming dictators, but ending up as just normal politicians that they think this will also automatically happen with this one.

So to watch this one on his way up is quite interesting, especially because quite a number of the steps he is going to take are forecast already and can therefore be expected and especially his last step – into the abyss.


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