The really important thing is to make the personal change on that level that matters, on the spiritual level.

Conspiracy theories will not be of great help - Comment on 2010 August 24 (2)

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2010 August 24 (2)
The key question is, whether one remains in opposition to God or turns around and makes his peace with God. Read more:

As I was writing todayís first entry I was thinking about those people who wrote the articles from which I quoted and how they will treat Obama in future and how they might change their attitude towards him when they suddenly find themselves in a position where they canít really fault him and have to agree with his politics because it agrees with what they think is the right thing to do. How will they then react and how will they then write and comment?

This question is quite important because it brings up the real issues of life. It shows if one really is spiritually so mature to understand what is going on. Because men are really lost without the material from the prophecies and their explanation of the world, and especially of the material world, and why it came into being and what it is used for and that the key question is, whether one remains in opposition to God or turns around and makes his peace with God.

Let us take for example the leader, the political leader, of the Jews, of the country Israel. He quite often meets the American president and he has at his disposal about this man at least the information that I earlier today wrote down, and probably a lot more of this kind of information and has a pretty good idea of the political background of this man. What is he thinking about this man?

In these quotations of this morning were expressions like becoming the first global president, Republicans, Democrats, racists, anti-Semites, racism, left-wing extremists, terrorists, radicals, revolutionaries, activists, neo-Marxists, which all could give rise to all kinds of conspiracy theories.

So when now the present American president suddenly takes strong military action against an aggressive country like perhaps Iran, after it has attacked several neighbours and tried to establish a hegemony in the region, and he does this with proper preparation and successfully, and is then highly acclaimed in the whole world, how will they then think and write and form public opinions?

In such a situation it will show if one really understands the circumstances and the intellectual and spiritual motivations of people.

If a person does not understand that the only real question is whether one keeps up opposing God or turns around and runs towards God, then all highly intellectual observing of political events and writing about them is not worth much and does not help the reader in his decision making.

And this does not just apply to political commentators. It applies also to a man like the Israeli prime minister. It especially applies to the Jews. Will they see in Jesus Christ their Messiah or will they carry on, against all intellectual and rational and emotional truth, to oppose him? It is very much likely that the military actions of the future will more or less concentrate around their country and will they make use of all these upheavals and see God working on them and calling them and trying to turn them back to him?

No-one now seems to know the intentions Obama has and this might give the impression that he actually has no intentions and therefore his support, especially the support for his party at the forthcoming election in November of this year, is dwindling and might cost his party the majority and him loss of reputation, but what will happen after he has become the saviour of the world is that then everyone will show understanding for him having kept his intention well hidden, because everyone will acknowledge that is was necessary in order to lure the animal into the trap.

And then also all the people who now keep their distance to him and who are actually hostile towards him, will change their tune. And that will be based on the simple fact that they are very much attached to this world, that they are worldly and not spiritual at all. So the really important thing is to make the personal change on that level that matters, on the spiritual level, and that will probably happen only in very few cases. So we will not be surprised when such people who now write critically about Obama will then turn around and support him as well. They actually have no choice because they lack spiritual knowledge and this fact, that their actual knowledge about the things that matter cannot give them real insight, makes them unable to really give advice to their readers and so they will fail their readers and themselves.

So the real issue is that it is not the world of matter that matters, the body and its requirements and needs and wishes and comfort, that it is not the physical life that is of highest importance, that it is not the question whether the body survives, that the body lives a long life. The body is very much a temporal thing. What really matters is the soul. The soul is what is eternal and everything is about the soul, including the body, because we are dressed with a body so that we can be tested of what kind of attitude we really consist and what we will do under various circumstances.

The real issue of the times of the end is to separate the goats from the sheep and therefore the real issue for every individual person is to realize this and to make an effort to belong to the sheep.

And this is not just the issue at the times of the end, this issue exists all the time, no matter if it is the time of the end or not and no matter if one thinks it is or is not the time of the end.

And such people who are not really children of God have no real way to asses the situation and will therefore follow Antichrist and even so-called Christians will have to do it because they have no experience of being led by the spirit and how to follow it and how to experience Godís protection. They do not have these experiences all the time and therefore do not know what it is all about, and therefore they will then also turn away from God. So the only things we can do is to show them how we do it and let this trigger off in them the desire to also have this salvation.

So our action and our spreading of the truth are required.


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