He aims at achieving the maximum freedom of action and ideology once he has reached the White House and after that has become global president.

Obama wants to become the first global president - Comment on 2010 August 24

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2010 August 24
Obama is a mystery but many millions of people in the world have fallen victim to his style, his rhetoric, the calmness, which he radiates, and the romantic utopian sphere, which radiates from the complete phenomena Obama. Read more:

Two days ago my subject was “Two years Antichrist” and since then I am still thinking about this subject and felt the need to go back to information I read about at that time when these two years of Antichrist started, when the Americans were busy to send their next president to the White House.

I am not going to present here what the man who was then elected to be president had to say about himself, and also not what he has written in the books he presented to the public and also not what the media say about him, at least not all the media who more or less support him, but will select some opposing voices as they seem to be the only ones who give us some insight into what really happened in the past.

I had a look again at an article from the year 2008 when Obama was a candidate for the White House und quote one passage from it:

“John McCain, as in the past, questioned Obama’s ability to be a truly American president, complaining also that Barack Obama is best when he is talking about Barack Obama. But that is to misunderstand the phenomenon. It is the world wide appeal of the simple brand Obama, -- Obama being Obama --, which is increasingly becoming McCain’s intractable problem. In his promise to become the first global president, Barack Obama is not promising to be the champion of small town America, or postwar Berlin, or war-torn Baghdad for that matter. What this means is anybody’s guess, but it is certainly aimed at achieving the maximum freedom of action and ideology once he has reached the White House.”

So in this passage the impression of the observer is given that Obama wants “to become the first global president” and that is and was something which people, and especially politicians and political observers, have problems with to grasp, and the example just given above is John McCain, “the world wide appeal of the simple brand Obama, which is increasingly becoming McCain’s intractable problem” it says there and this “intractable problem” still exists today and even more so as most people have forgotten the things which were said during the election campaign. Intractable means something not easily controlled or dealt with, something hard to manage.

And this problem is not just a problem of John McCain or the Republicans or of the American politicians or the American people, it is a problem nearly everyone has and it is really almost intractable and therefore I can only recommend to study what this phenomenon Antichrist is all about and go to the chapter called Antichrist in that section of this website called Redemption Period.

Let me give you a short summary of Antichrist. The letters of John are the only part of the Bible that contains the word Antichrist. And in this part of the Bible a name is attached to Antichrist, it is Diotrephes. And a charcteristic is attached to this man and that is that he loves to be first. So this first Antichrist loves to be first and this last Antichrist also loves to be first, first global president, and therefore first of all people on the earth.

But in the following we will just have a look at some statements made two years ago, which give some insights into the background of this man.

So here follow these statements:

Barack Obama at Berlin’s Victory Column.

He came, he saw, he conquered. By last night at the latest, Barack Obama has signalled his intention to be a global president, with a global freedom of personal action.

At times his audience of 200,000 appeared not to have truly understood what he was saying. It formed a sea of respect, not one which interrupted his words all too often with applause of decided political approval. After all, the political spectrum in Germany which most unconditionally welcomed Obama as a phenomenon, was the same faction which outrightly rejected Obama’s only explicit and controversial policy demand, namely that Germany send more soldiers to Afghanistan.

Obama has been able to turn the party establishment upside down, leaving it more dependent on him than he on it.

This, too, is the logic of the Berlin speech: the extension of Obamas reach to places which don’t vote, but create leverage in some other way.

The faces in yesterdays audience were placid, less driven by particular issues, but satisfied to be part of a multitude for diffuse change. In their words they are part of a “tsunami” for change. They came, they saw, they went home.

USA: Barack Obama, a tough opportunist

The future US president has quite a few dark sides. But in the election campaign Barack Obama and his team succeeded to cover up all negatives.

He has the right charisma, the right rhetoric …

Everything will change Barack claims. It is good to hope, so he said, and skilfully he once and again knew to be evasive towards the question, on what one now actually should set his hope – that obviously everyone had to answer for himself.

… his appearing has the casual and at the same time superior composure of that intelligent and winning black (played by Sidney Poitier) from the Hollywood classic “Guess who comes for dinner’’, in which a young white introduces her fiancée to her parents – who is just a black.

Barack – an African Arab version of the Hebrew Baruch, “the blessed” – has led an amazingly effective election campaign. And the fascinating thing about it is that not one offence remained sticking to him. When the man whom he describes as his spiritual mentor and from whom he has borrowed the title of one of his autobiographies, the radical pastor Jeremiah Wright, turned out to be a black racist and anti-Semite, Obama was able to masterly turn the awkward situation to his advantage. He made a speech about race and racism, which however seen after the event to consist of cheap clichés but was described by many as historical.

In Chicago no-one comes to power cleanly

Obama’s career as politician started in Chicago. That this remarkable past life did not become an obstacle to his triumph is perhaps the most brilliant achievement of his election campaign. Whoever wants to make politics in Chicago cannot operate in Illinois without considerations of the specific political circumstances. It is impossible as politician to reach the top in Chicago clean and unhurt.

Illinois is a notorious corrupt state, and the Democratic Party there is for many decades in the hands of powerful men and their families.

In Chicago Obama not only associated with the top brass of a corrupt political system, but also moved in radical leftwing circles of the ex-terrorist William Ayers, …

Rod Blagojevich, the governor of Illinois, causes quite a medial sensation at the moment but that of what he is accused, corruption, is completely natural for a politician grown up in Illinois.

Obama – a kind of immaculate virgin?

Blagojevich, a merciless, uncouth daredevil, whom Obama supported several times in the past, was merely so stupid, to let himself being bugged. …

Nothing of this deepest corrupt environment got stuck on Obama. He gives the impression to be fresh and clean although in matters of power he was an apprentice to Emil Jones and in matters of social and racial injustice to William Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

In order to understand Obama’s success one really also has to look at the role of David Axelrod. Axelrod, the most important man in the election campaign team of Obama, started his career as reporter of the Chicago Tribune. After that he became “political consultant” and looked after the election campaigns of politicians. 2006 he made Deval Patrick the first black governor of Massachusetts with his campaign, which he called “the politics of aspiration.”

“Hope” and “change” – no new catchwords.

As far as content is concerned one could however hardly speak of a program but Patrick imparted to his audience a message of “hope” and “change”, and that caught fire: Patrick won. “Hope” and “change”? These two catchwords have in the meantime become world-famous. Patrick also knew how to enthral his listeners with thought up battle cries of Axelrod like “Yes, we can!” and “Together, we can!” to storms of applause. After his victory Patrick came into difficulties because he had to govern and give content to this empty talk, but Axelrod had put them to the test und now knew that they could be exceedingly effective. Patrick had been a good nominee but the ideal nominee for Axelrod was Obama. They knew each other already for some time from the “scene” in Chicago, and Axelrod could model Obama, a clever and experienced politician from the Chicago machine, to the immaculate prophet of hope and change.

Who wants to know who Obama is, does not gain much from his two autobiographies, which many hundred pages rather still enlarge the mystery of this man. And after almost two years of election campaign even experienced American journalists like Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose still do not know who Obama, who also was their favourite, than now actually is.

Obama’s life story shows unsightly gaps. Those works which he has written during his studies at Harvard and Columbia University he keeps carefully under lock and key because he obviously fears they could be troublesome to his attempt to cover up his left-wing extremist years. It is also obvious that he has lied in view of his connections to the radical black pastor Jeremiah Wright, whom he however now condemns, but to whose poisonous rhetoric he listened for twenty years (Wright has married him and baptized his children). Obama intensively worked together with William Ayers who made no secret of his extremist educational opinions (children should be brought up as young revolutionaries). And Obama remains silent about his friendship to the Palestinian activist Rashid Khalidi, who has become successor and heir at Columbia University of Edward Said (the Los Angeles Times is in possession of a video of a celebration in honour of Khalidi, where Obama was guest of honour – the paper refuses to publish the video, and Obama plays his cards close to his chest).

Who is Obama? Has he used for his purposes all that met him in Chicago and could help him on his ambitious way? Is he a neo-Marxist dressed up as moderate politician as many of his friends in the academic world of Chicago, or is he a pragmatist who seems to have put together a centrist cabinet?

Largely the American media have talked round these questions, let alone that they had answered them. They kept Obama out off the line of fire and found the costs of the clothes of Sarah Palin far more interesting than the ones for the columns Obama let erect around the stage on the occasion of his nomination celebration in Denver (Palin’s clothes cost 150.000 dollar, the columns more than five million…). Obama is a mystery but many millions of people in the world have fallen victim to his style, his rhetoric (or rather the rhetoric of Axelrod), the calmness, which he radiates (just imagine he could once get mad and suddenly show the face of the “angry black man”!), and the romantic utopian sphere, which radiates from the complete phenomena Obama.

Thanks to Axelrod’s cosmetic Obama succeeded in behaving as progressive centre politician, and together with the powerful Chicago machine he has wrangled the control over the broad progressive coalition, which the Democratic Party basically presents, out of the Clintons. A spirited performance, which is characteristic for Obama’s ability to form alliances and to win men over.

Axelrod has made a man of integrity out of Obama, a gentle and non-crease prophet – an illusion. The truth unacceptable for many is that under the very artistic mask a tough opportunist hides who has fought his way to the top under use of all means. Fascinating is that the world needs the tough opportunist more urgently than the gentle prophet – the mask will without fail get cracks in the coming months and let the true Obama come to light. That will be interesting times.


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