The Obama government does not communicate its intentions, not even in a general sense.

Two years Antichrist - Comment on 2010 August 22 (2)

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2010 August 22 (2)
That is the spirit of antichrist that approaches men under the cloak of the saviour but is of a will that is completely turned away from God insofar as he does not acknowledge a God of love as he on the whole rejects everything that is spiritual as supernatural and therefore not provable and therefore rejects as non-existent. Read more:

When Obama’s appearance in Europe in the summer of the year 2008 is considered as the start of his worldwide campaign to reach world domination, then we have now two years that he is in the focus of the world public and the results of his politics of the first two years are therefore there and can be examined.

Six days ago I quoted the following: “The Gulf states gear up for the fight with Iran. Even so the USA and Israel still hold back: On the Gulf they prepare themselves for the conflict with Iran.”

And four days ago this was added to it:

“And still nobody in Washington seems to know how the president would decide, ...”

“Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel certainly tries again and again to dispel the impression that Obama has decided to be able to live with Iran’s bomb. Nevertheless the USA have never declared if need be to hinder Tehran by force. That would however considerably aggravate the political pressure on Tehran. But the government would with it commit America in such a way, which the president obviously does not want. No wonder that both the Israelis as also the Arab allies are uncertain about the steadfastness of Washington.”

“One of the biggest problems of the Arabs is that Washington leaves its intentions unclear. “Several Arab officials have complained towards me that the Obama government does not communicate its intentions, not even in a general sense”, writes Goldberg. He quotes a not closer named Arab foreign minister with the words: “The best way to prevent an attack on Iran is, to let the Iran believe, that the USA are about to attack Iran. We must know the intentions of the president in this matter. We are his allies.””

“Who however hopes for insights into Obama’s intensions does not get cleverer through this weeks armament deals.”

These just stated quotations give a quite good insight how successful Obama’s strategy is. This week now he has finished the trap and now it is open and the bait is in it and the trap is ready to receive the animal, which is to eat the bait. And the just stated quotations prove how well he has camouflaged the trap. These opinions quite clearly show that the trapper has done his work successfully.

The politicians and also the observers of published opinions have successfully been deceived by the trapper. And what is of course the most important thing, is that the animal, which is to be trapped, is deceived.

And in order to have the right understanding of the present situation we want, before I further discuss the details of the trap, have a look at the spiritual background of that man, who is now the focus of attention and therefore a prophecy by Bertha Dudde now follows;


Antichrist – bringer of salvation? Measures against everything spiritual.

23. and 24. April 1947. B.D. NR. 4029.

That is the spirit of antichrist that approaches men under the cloak of the saviour but is of a will that is completely turned away from God insofar as he does not acknowledge a God of love as he on the whole rejects everything that is spiritual as supernatural and therefore not provable and therefore rejects as non-existent. And the essence of Christ will also be so foreign to him that he will not be able to believe in his work of redemption and in his mission on earth and so he will try to make him out to be an imaginary character only and will take all measures to oust this personality from the hearts of men. His own personality falls short of the personality of Christ and it is therefore understandable that he considers him a spiritual enemy and fights him. The antichrist that is to be expected is a personality that steps out of the limits of the natural; he is an extraordinary talented man whose special strength is his worldly confidence, how he comes across men who are responsible for the welfare of the people. And that is why he will be successful and the supremacy that he is striving for will be granted to him, it will be assumed that drastic changes for the best of the general public can be expected to come through him. And they all will acknowledge him, he will make use of this preferential position for measures of all kinds. But he will take particularly action against the spirit of the supernatural, against every religious connection, also against churches or spiritual movements that have Jesus Christ and his teachings as basic idea. Because he will make charity out to be a state of weakness that has to be fought whatever happens. And who follows his endeavour is likewise considered to be antichrist, is considered opposing God and will turn out to be uncaring towards his neighbour and therefore also go along in spiritual blindness because he belongs to the empire of Satan. But as a ruler over many antichrist will instigate great turmoil through his measures which are without any humanity and are only likely to bear hate and discord among mankind, to suffocate love and to sink into greatest spiritual misery. And then the reaction of God is of greatest urgency and this explains the obvious work of God through his servants because also he must be recognizable on earth by those who belong to his camp, he must work exactly as unusually so that he can’t be rejected, but has to be acknowledged when men are willing to walk the right way and consciously or unconsciously turn towards the creator of heaven and earth whom they ask for help in spiritual want. And then the struggle of good against evil is particularly vehement because the hour of the end approaches and the separation of spirits has to take place until the last day. And this separation can only take place when men are earnestly faced with the decision to acknowledge God or to deny him. This question will force them to make a decision and so that it becomes acute the enemy of God appears openly by influencing his envoys on earth to take and to force through measures that betray hostile thinking towards God. And so the last struggle on this earth begins - the fight about faith, the struggle against Christ, which results in men’s conclusive decision for or against him. And then the judgement comes - because in free will they turn to God or away from him and they have to answer for free will. This battle is unavoidable as it clearly brings to the surface the nature of antichrist after all, how the entire mankind now can make up their mind about the thinking and acting of the one who appears under the mask of a saviour to execute his shameful plans, who openly fights against God and who in return will again be bound for a long time in the earth where he cannot liberate himself before men again help him, who by their wrong love for matter loosen the fetters of Satan. But it will never be possible to oust Jesus Christ, he will remain victor on the last day and his teaching will fill all hearts and his followers will take it with them when they get raptured and so it will also be upheld on the new earth as spiritual knowledge and will be practised and men will have highest knowledge and have a deep love for God. And it can never be driven out by the enemy of God because all power is taken from him for a long time. Amen. B.D. NR. 4029.


So the trap is ready, the combat troops of the USA have withdrawn from Iraq; the power vacuum is ready to be filled. Iran has patiently waited for this moment and can now spread his regional hegemony and fill the empty space.

When now the enemy is in the trap, one should assume that the trap will close and therefore take the animal prisoner. But this is not to be expected, because Iran is not the aim. The aim is to achieve world domination. And in contrast to predecessors who strove for this aim, military actions will certainly also be deployed, but will not be the essential means. The essential means to achieve the aim, to become head of everything, and everything here really means everything, including God, it will be to gain the support of the rulers of this world. To carry out a military strike against Iran one can easily lose the sympathies of the world. Actions against Afghanistan and against Iraq are good examples.

The great strategist will avoid these mistakes because for him it is not about ironing out any political undesirable trends, or to perhaps pursue free and democratic aims or to secure existing spheres of influence. All these things and ambitions of others he will only use to pursue his personal aims. So the long-term aim is to gain world dominance; and the now present aim is to attain an optimisation of effects which the bait is to achieve. The purpose of the bait, or of the baits, is to suffer, and to suffer so much that the public opinion is set more and more against the animal, which is busy eating the bait. Only when this rage against the animal has reached an optimum, an optimum for him, he will really let the door of the trap slam shut.

Military wise he is well prepared. To be able to intervene everywhere in the world is of great advantage. In addition the terrain of Iraq is well known to him and he is also present there now after all, even if no longer with actual combat troops. He actually has Iran encircled. In the western neighbouring country, in Iraq, he is present, but especially in the eastern neighbouring country, in Afghanistan, he is fully present military wise.

Daniel 8:5-7 says, that he, the he goat, will come from the west on the face of the whole earth, and does not touch the ground, and that he will come to the ram, to Iran, and will run into him in the fury of his power and come close unto the ram, and will be moved with choler against him and smite the ram, and break his two horns. And there will be now power in the ram to stand before him, but he will cast him down to the ground, and stamp upon him, and there is none that could deliver the ram out of his hand.

And now the outcome comes, the result of this effort, of this strategy:

We find this in the next verse, in Daniel 8:8:

Therefore the he goat waxed very great.

So the great strategist has come very much closer to his actual aim. It was his second big step. The first was to become the leader of the strongest country of the word; that he achieved on the 20th of January 2009 and the future will show when he will achieve the second step. His aim will certainly be to do this second step before the 6th of November 2012, the day which is supposed to bring him the re-election. The election two years before that date, therefore on 5th November of this year, could cost the party who supports him now many votes, but that will touch him less; he does not depend on this party; it is rather the other way round. He depends on nobody; he is his own lord. Especially after he will let the trap slam shut his support from his party will come fully automatically, but also from the present opposition and certainly also from many leaders of other countries.

So his strategy will only partially build on military strength, but mainly on diplomacy.

On 13th of August I brought the following quote:

Mr. Obama said last week the pullout is a transition "from a military effort led by our troops to a civilian effort led by our diplomats."

And he is the chief diplomat.

This diplomacy can also be explained very well, when one is prepared to once leave out the human side. A real solution to the Iran problem can only exist in the Iran itself behaving as a rouge state in such a way that the whole world demands to eliminate it or at least get rid of its present government.

A further aim of his is to be considered to be a Christian. With this he wants to achieve to bring as many people as possible on his side, people of the western world, for whose support he strives for the time being. Just these day a report went around the world that the number of people in the USA is increasing who think Obama is a Muslim. “More and more US citizens consider Obama to be a Muslim,” one headline read. The press favouring him then brought reports what a good Christian he is after all, and reported, “Obama has repeatedly confessed his Christian faith in public,” and “As he flew aboard Air Force One to Chicago on his 49th birthday earlier this month, President Obama dialed three Christian pastors to pray with him.”

Part of his total aim to gain control over the whole world is to win the hearts of as many people as possible, if possible of all men. And that is also the real purpose of the trap. The actual purpose of the trap is not to catch Iran, but to gain the approval and support and acknowledgement and applause of men everywhere in the world. The prophecy says he wants to be the bringer of salvation; he wants to be the saviour. He wants to dethrone the actual Saviour and sit down on this throne; he wants to take all power away from Christ and replace him and that is why the name Antichrist is so suitable for him.

And when we have a look at the first two years of this man in the world public then one can see that there are no reasons which indicate that he is not Antichrist.

The above mentioned words of people from the Middle East show quite clearly that he has complete control over his politics, over his strategy, that he knows exactly what to say, and especially what has to remain unsaid.

“We must know the intentions of the president in this matter. We are his allies,” was one of the opinions expressed.

He does not have and does not need allies. He is a lord. One is either against him or one supports him, but then he is not his ally, but his subject. He will then very much reward one for it, but will not make an ally of him.

When one is of the opinion to be his ally then that is only a sign that he is deceived and he does not know with whom he is dealing. And that will be the case with virtually all men on this earth. They were of the opinion they would support him, in reality however they have not only been taken for a ride by the great deceiver, but have also been dragged with him into the abyss.

He will also optimise this thing of his requesting to be known as a Christian, and when the optimum has been reached he will turn this thing around and will prove himself as what he really is, Antichrist.

The prophecy says that one will grant him the supremacy he is striving for, and that will probably then happen when he will let the trap slam shut. Then he will receive the support of many heads of state and heads of government and the masses of men.

“You will then be able to follow the events as it is announced to you because everything will happen in the era of a man who accelerates the dissolving, so to speak, who pays tribute to the principle of destruction, who therefore does not act constructively but destructively.”

This prophecy, from B.D. NR. 3209, tells us that Antichrist will be already at the beginning of the end time on the world stage and that, when he appears, we will be able to follow the events the prophecies announce, and that he accelerates the dissolving, which has an effect that he is not active building up but destructively. We are now in the time where we can observe this man and can compare the event with the existing prophecies and the more theses tally with what happens the more they will convince us that we are witnesses of the time which is announced since mankind exists. “That he does not act constructively but destructively” is described in the Bible like this: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. That is John 10:10. And the sentence after it gives us the opposite to this behaviour: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Two days ago we had dealt with scientific things and the subject was “Particle physics and the Day of the Lord” and this Day of the Lord will bring the destructive principle to a climax and with it also the live of Antichrist; destruction will reach its climax – but also brings his end.

I now bring once again a prophecy which describes well this destructive principle in scientific work:


Spiritual Low – Ignorance of the Laws of Nature and their Effect.

3. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3951.

To determine the laws of nature is possible for you men only to a limited extent because this is my will as long as your soul’s maturity has not reached a certain degree. But with my help you can at any time break through these limits that I have placed and then any field is within reach of you, all knowledge accessible, and every single research work possible. Because then you have myself as master teacher who certainly instructs you properly even in fields that require human mental activities to arrive at the right conclusion. And so you have to have a spiritual maturity, you have to be in contact with me in your thinking and in your acting. But as long as there is a lack of this spiritual maturity you will not be able to differentiate between truth and mistake and therefore also be unable to determine the powers, to discover their cause and their effect, and to exploit them appropriately. You can possibly make experiments any time and can increase your knowledge seemingly but you also can work with the support of that force that permanently endeavours to destroy my works over which itself has no power. And I will therefore never give my blessings to such experiments unless they are pure works of charity, experiments to help suffering mankind without being out for one’s own advantage. Then also all powers will become subject to you, then you will be able to make unrestricted use of them and greatest success will be seen because then you have reached a certain spiritual maturity that ensures proper and true thinking and you will be able to enrich your experiences and to be a blessing. But mankind has now reached a low that also the researchers are working without me that they are just mere mentally active and are just only endeavouring to use the powers of nature for the sake of worldly success. And so I have set them a limit that they can’t overstep in their wrong attitude towards me and towards matter. And so their research and calculations will not be free of mistakes even though they are convinced of their correctness and experiment on that. Only partly are the laws of nature known to you because my emission of power is enormous, it flows through the whole infinity and not arbitrary and aimless but in accordance with my basic eternal law distributed to all creations so that their existence and preservation is secured as long as a work of creation has to fulfil its spiritual assignment. Therefore the power is bound so to speak, its strength is adapted to the magnitude of a work of creation and as long as the proper relationship remains established it will have preserving and constructive effects. Therefore the measure of power cannot randomly be increased otherwise the effect will be destructive. I myself as creator from eternity have the authority to abolish the effect or to distribute it in such a way that compensation is created by the generating and enlivening of new creations, man however lacks this authority due to his imperfection and so a force triggered off by his ignorance falls back on himself, i.e., it does not only destroy the ones that are ignorant of my natural laws but destroys the whole work of creation that bears men for the purpose of maturing their souls. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will reject the intellect of the rationalizer. As long as research is done by them without me their thinking will be dull and the result wrong. And the consequence will be an effect that was not calculated, a downfall of the work of creation, whose upkeep requires the right amount of power flowing towards it. And so through the will of men, that has not me as its aim but exclusively materiality, the last work of destruction on this earth will be orchestrated without being prevented by me because the time has come and the whole of mankind, except the small flock of the ones who belong to me, is fit for ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3951.


“And so you have to have a spiritual maturity, you have to be in contact with me in your thinking and in your acting.”

And when we do this, when we are in contact with him in our thinking and acting, then we will recognize the signs of the time and know in which time we live. We will recognize the destructive principle and with it also the man who is the embodiment of the destructive principle, and will keep away from him. But those men who do not have this spiritual maturity, are exposed to the danger of not recognizing this man and of following him. The great majority will do this and the only thing we can do about this, is to spread the truth and to carry it out to the world. And the spreading of this truth, the spreading of all these many truths, which are described in the prophecies, can bring men to awake and stop to follow this man, and to join him who has and gives life, and this in abundance.


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