But men consider themselves to be clever and wise; they believe to be able to also go into the laws of nature, which had been foreign for them so far. They carry out experiments, which they will extend all the time until they will set off powers still unknown to them, with the no longer imaginable result of a total destruction of the surface of the earth, which no created being will survive, as it is predicted through seers and prophets from the very start of this earth period.

Particle Physics and the Day of the Lord - Comment on 2010 August 20

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2010 August 20
Men have well being granted a certain degree of creation and likewise research can be undertaken in all directions. But as long as man is not yet in full possession of spiritual power, limits have also been set to knowledge as well as in the use of the powers of earth that always unfold and must be used with certain conformity with a natural law, with a certain order. When this conformity with a natural law is disregarded then these powers will be set off against the laws, then the effect is disastrous and a destruction of all matter is the inevitable consequence that cannot be brought to a halt by human will. Read more:

Today I read a report about an international conference about high energy physics which came to an end last month in Paris. Particle physicists met there and presented results of high energy physics. One subject was the experiments at the new particle accelerator of the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN, European Council for Nuclear Research – Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire – for fundamental research into the structure of matter and the interactions governing it). The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) had broken down in September 2008 due to an accident and after months of repair work it runs since March of this year with an energy of 7 teraelectron volts. By a wide margin it is the energy richest accelerator in the world. However the number of particle collisions still do not reach the values of the competing Tevatron Accelerator at the Fermilab near Chicago. It is expected that by the end of the year the Large Hadron Collider will reach a higher potential for new discoveries than the Tevatron.

So one of these testing plants is in the USA, near Chicago. The plant of CERN is located in the West of Geneva and is partly in Switzerland and partly in France. It consists among others of an underground tunnel 27 km in circumference, a ring 100 m below ground, in which elementary particles are accelerated and then smashed together.

This news caused me to think about the prophecy about the actual end of the end and about what the Bible has to say about this subject and especially also about the prophecies by Bertha Dudde.

Let us first read what 2 Peter 3:10-13 has to say about it:

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

First a comment to “in the which the heavens shall pass away” and “wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved” and “look for new heavens.” As I see it this seems to be a clear pointer that not only the surface of the earth gets renewed, but also that area of the spiritual kingdom, which is closest to earth and in which are those who at their death have not made it into the kingdom of light. The kingdom of light is that part of the spiritual kingdom into which those souls go which have reached the set goal on earth as men. Those who have not reached it land in the kingdom of darkness. There are many gradations in the kingdom of darkness. On one of the lowest levels are the earth-bound spirits, which sometimes meet people as ghosts, and on the higher levels are those souls, which strive up and will soon leave the kingdom of darkness and change over to the kingdom of light. So now this kingdom of darkness, together with the surface of the earth, is getting completely renovated and therefore emptied for the time being. And this kingdom of darkness is therefore for the time being also not necessary, because all men on the new earth are children of God and go after death directly into that part of the spiritual kingdom, which is the kingdom of light. At the emptying of the kingdom of darkness, which takes place for the time being, those who are on the upper level will probably be brought more in direction of the kingdom of light and those who could not be moved to an upward striving, will again as spiritual be brought into the matter of the newly created surface of the earth.

Yesterday I dealt with scientists who want to divert celestial bodies from their paths so that they do not hit earth. During the times of the end there are two disasters. This first one is triggered off by celestial bodies, which will just hit earth, and which men will also not be able to prevent. In yesterday’s article it can well be seen that these efforts of scientists are relatively new, and they are also founded on relatively new discoveries, but this danger still does not seem to be at all present in the awareness of the public and that will probably be one of the reasons why corresponding prophecies will be received in disbelief.

This first disaster has the purpose to shake men awake and to warn them about the real disaster, the actual end, and to cause them to still turn back. This first disaster will completely be initiated by God and men will not be able to contribute anything to it. But this is not the case with the second disaster because it will be triggered off through human experiments and there we are at the subject science and more exactly at the scientists who undertake experiments, which will trigger off this disaster.

A couple of months ago I read about a court decision to reject the application of a woman to prevent such experiments. This shows that some people have knowledge about these things or that they are at least unconsciously aware of the danger coming from such experiments.

I will now bring prophecies which inform us about details of this second disaster, about the Day of the Lord. I will only quote such prophecies, which contain scientific aspects. All other aspects of the Day of the Lord should be read in that part of this website which is called Redemption Period, and there specifically in Chapter 6. Last Judgement.

B.D. stands for Bertha Dudde:


Cause and Forces of the Dissolving of the Earth (Atomic Energy)

2. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3950.

All conditions for the creation of a new earth must exist before the old earth will be dissolved, i.e., a total change of its outer form can take place. The earth has to experience as it were a process of dissolving that liberates the entire spiritual that is bound in it so that this can again form itself anew into creations where a further development of the spiritual is possible. Therefore the process of the last destruction has to be of such a great measure that it can be described as a total dissolving of matter. Not just isolated stretches can be affected by it but eruptions have to take place in the interior of the earth that have an effect in all directions so that the whole face of the earth will be touched by it that therefore nothing will continue to exist that was before but will be dissolved down to the last detail. And men themselves give rise to this - they go so far into a scientific field that exceeds their mental ability. They do not know the laws of nature and their effects in order to be able to do research on such a field and therefore trigger off forces that they are not anymore able to banish themselves. But I do not hinder them because my plan of salvation from eternity is also based on this human will because then also the time has run out that was granted to the spiritual for redemption. So the event of the last destruction will possibly be triggered off through human will but also meets my will insofar as it ensures a safe upward development of the spiritual that is still bound in hard form and asks for activity otherwise I could let experiments fail to get men off their project. The tests will therefore take place locally they will however have no boundary because the released power cannot anymore be contained and therefore has an elemental effect in all directions. Because the earth has a limited space while the released power does not know limitations and everything that comes into contact with it will be destroyed by it. This process is not conceivable to you men in its effect moreover it will take place in a period of time that will take away from you all ability to think unless you belong to the small flock of those who belong to me, in front of whose eyes the last work of destruction is taking place because this is my will that they are witnesses of the end of this earth. But you can form a small impression of it in your mind by imagining that an explosion is taking place that does not leave anything in existence that was joined together so that it completely destroys everything and dissolves it into smallest atoms. But this process, which only needs short moments, is preceded by shock waves and outbreaks of fire that are completely enough to get men panic-struck because they face certain death. And this also makes it understandable that nothing can anymore remain, that no creation continues to exist, but the only thing that is left is matter dissolved into small atoms, and that matter I form anew on the strength of my will and of my power into new unimaginable creations in which the further development of the spiritual progresses. And again there will be creations in different degrees of hardness but the hardest matter holds that spiritual that lived on the old earth as man and that completely ignored its spiritual development. Because their souls cannot expect a further development in the spiritual sphere, they have to cover the course of the whole creation and so a new development epoch begins when the time is fulfilled, as human will goes so far as wanting to release powers whose control require a different mental degree of maturity than men have at the end of this redemption period and that will therefore never express themselves constructively but only destructively. Amen. B.D. NR. 3950.


Spiritual Low – Ignorance of the Laws of Nature and their Effect.

3. January 1947. B.D. NR. 3951.

To determine the laws of nature is possible for you men only to a limited extent because this is my will as long as your soul’s maturity has not reached a certain degree. But with my help you can at any time break through these limits that I have placed and then any field is within reach of you, all knowledge accessible, and every single research work possible. Because then you have myself as master teacher who certainly instructs you properly even in fields that require human mental activities to arrive at the right conclusion. And so you have to have a spiritual maturity, you have to be in contact with me in your thinking and in your acting. But as long as there is a lack of this spiritual maturity you will not be able to differentiate between truth and mistake and therefore also be unable to determine the powers, to discover their cause and their effect, and to exploit them appropriately. You can possibly make experiments any time and can increase your knowledge seemingly but you also can work with the support of that force that permanently endeavours to destroy my works over which itself has no power. And I will therefore never give my blessings to such experiments unless they are pure works of charity, experiments to help suffering mankind without being out for one’s own advantage. Then also all powers will become subject to you, then you will be able to make unrestricted use of them and greatest success will be seen because then you have reached a certain spiritual maturity that ensures proper and true thinking and you will be able to enrich your experiences and to be a blessing. But mankind has now reached a low that also the researchers are working without me that they are just mere mentally active and are just only endeavouring to use the powers of nature for the sake of worldly success. And so I have set them a limit that they can’t overstep in their wrong attitude towards me and towards matter. And so their research and calculations will not be free of mistakes even though they are convinced of their correctness and experiment on that. Only partly are the laws of nature known to you because my emission of power is enormous, it flows through the whole infinity and not arbitrary and aimless but in accordance with my basic eternal law distributed to all creations so that their existence and preservation is secured as long as a work of creation has to fulfil its spiritual assignment. Therefore the power is bound so to speak, its strength is adapted to the magnitude of a work of creation and as long as the proper relationship remains established it will have preserving and constructive effects. Therefore the measure of power cannot randomly be increased otherwise the effect will be destructive. I myself as creator from eternity have the authority to abolish the effect or to distribute it in such a way that compensation is created by the generating and enlivening of new creations, man however lacks this authority due to his imperfection and so a force triggered off by his ignorance falls back on himself, i.e., it does not only destroy the ones that are ignorant of my natural laws but destroys the whole work of creation that bears men for the purpose of maturing their souls. I will destroy the wisdom of the wise and will reject the intellect of the rationalizer. As long as research is done by them without me their thinking will be dull and the result wrong. And the consequence will be an effect that was not calculated, a downfall of the work of creation, whose upkeep requires the right amount of power flowing towards it. And so through the will of men, that has not me as its aim but exclusively materiality, the last work of destruction on this earth will be orchestrated without being prevented by me because the time has come and the whole of mankind, except the small flock of the ones who belong to me, is fit for ruin. Amen. B.D. NR. 3951.


Complete Dissolving and Reshaping of Earth.

17. and 18. July 1947. B.D. NR. 4086.

Within a very short space of time the complete dissolving of the earth will take place because the forces that come into effect are so elemental that nothing resist them, that everything will be destroyed what exists as creations of any kind both on the face of the earth as well as in the interior of the earth. A partial dissolving is therefore out of the question but the development of forces extends over the whole earth and so the entire earth is one centre of fire that destroys everything as everything is seized by the fire. And so the fire will possibly spread slower at individual places, according to the wisdom of God, there in fact where still in the last hour the souls are given the opportunity to call on God for help, where therefore men live whose mind is still changeable before the end. But the earth will be destroyed totally, i.e. the core possibly continues to exist but the entire surface of the earth experiences a change that is so powerful that one can talk of the cessation of existence of all works of creation. A reshaping of the old earth is also only then necessary and possible when all creations of the old earth have ceased to exist and out of the remains the creations of the new earth are to be formed that again are to hold the spiritual that still is in the middle of its development. And to its great satisfaction this spiritual becomes free because it asks for an ascending development, to make use of the favour of a life on earth as man and it presses towards this last embodiment. So the new earth will not have any old creations but these will be totally destroyed and reshaped and the process lasts only a very short time. And in fact this destruction takes place in front of the eyes of men but in their state of great horror they only pay attention to themselves, i.e. in their fear of death they are only anxious to escape but that is impossible. On the other hand the believers, who God raptures before the total destruction, will be able to observe the work of the downfall of the old earth because it will happen in front of their eyes so that the power and glory of God becomes revealed. But the emergence of the new earth remains hidden from their eyes because when God leads them to the new earth then all creations are already in existence and a many-sided picture is presented to the eyes of the believers, completely unknown creations, wonderful to look at and exceeding in their functional nature all the creations of the old earth. But the duration of the emergence of these creations is not measurable by men on the new earth because during the time of their stay after the rapture all sense of time was taken away from men and in the same way the concept of time will initially be absent on the new earth as men already have a high degree of maturity and the result of this is that past, present and future is just one idea for them until men again become more material and through this again are subject to the laws of time and space. And so the new earth is in its development completely withdrawn from the eyes of men but in a spiritually way the explanation is given to them and they can take from this any time the most important of the divine teaching but on the other hand this will also be given to men themselves directly because God will dwell in the middle of men who love him since they have formed themselves to love and God himself as well as his bright angels teach men on the new earth. And so the original light stays right in the middle of those who are his and hands out light to all those who are worthy of it. B.D. NR. 4086.


Irresponsible Experiments Reason for Destruction of Earth.

9. August 1949. B.D. NR 4708.

The divine order of the world cannot be overruled; still human will can fight against it, but only to its own harm. Laws exist that human intellect will never be able to find out because they intervene not only in the state of nature of the earth but they also underlie the existence of other creations, they however must be accepted, i.e. are not allowed to remain ignored, if counter laws are not to have an effect that likewise have been given in divine wisdom, so have as their object the eternal order. Men have well being granted a certain degree of creation and likewise research can be undertaken in all directions. But as long as man is not yet in full possession of spiritual power, limits have also been set to knowledge as well as in the use of the powers of earth that always unfold and must be used with certain conformity with a natural law, with a certain order. When this conformity with a natural law is disregarded then these powers will be set off against the laws, then the effect is disastrous and a destruction of all matter is the inevitable consequence that cannot be brought to a halt by human will. Because now also other creations, other stars, have an effect, which are connected with those powers and so are affected. Men can no longer take note of these effects because they are without exception the victims of such destructions, except those who are already in possession of spiritual power and will be raptured from the whole endangered world through divine will. Such a process will take place and so will mean the end of this earth. The will of man will take it upon itself to want to investigate powers and will so release powers through experiments that have an enormous effect in just that destructive way. Because there are no noble motives out of which research is undertaken that have this incredible outcome. And that is why God will keep the blessing from them that rests on works that aim at the welfare of the fellow human beings. Moreover they violate the divine law of nature insofar as they undertake research by using the life of men so that they use men as test objects that have to sacrifice their life. This is a sin against the divine order, against the love of God and the neighbour and moreover a sin against the whole of mankind that is doomed because of that. Because the knowledge of those that undertake such tests is not nearly adequate and so those are premature, but on which there is also absolutely no doubt. And God cannot tolerate such irresponsible experiments and so they have a backlash effect on the experimentalists that achieve nothing more than a total destruction of all material creations on earth, a smashing of matter that however means, in a spiritual sense, a dissolving of every single form and a setting free of the spiritual that is bound in it. So men will carry out this last act of destruction on earth and the whole of mankind will perish due to men being made to risky speculators by craving for fame, exceeding craving for recognition and craving for material goods, who are however not without knowledge that they endanger the fellow human beings but still undertake their tests. The previously made experiences are enough warning and admonition to refrain from it and that is why their action is a crime that God does not leave unpunished. Amen. B.D. NR. 4708.


Experiments. Work of Destruction.

25. May 1959. B.D. NR 7372a.

To penetrate into the interior of the earth can always only be permissible to certain limits, and when these limits are exceeded, then also the consequences will be accordingly. The effect will be a work of destruction of enormous extent, of which you men cannot even form an idea, because you will not survive such a work of destruction, but will be as it were the victims of such experiments. Human intellect does research and broods, and it also has already far comprehended the laws of nature. And also these research works could be to the benefit for fellow men, if they would be undertaken in the right attitude towards me, that it therefore would be possible to direct their thoughts (the thoughts of the researchers) according to divine order. But this right attitude towards me is mostly lacking, and the individuals are drowned out by researchers and scientists who stand apart from me and whose thinking therefore also can go astray - which, exactly with experiments of such extent, as intended, results in evil consequences: that they no longer control the laws of nature, that they draw the false conclusions, that they do experiments on false calculations and so trigger powers, which they will no longer succeed to get under control. Men only reckon with earthly numbers, but not with spiritual problems, which are impossible to solve with their attitude foreign to God. But everything rests on a spiritual basis; the existence of earth has its spiritual reasons, and men on it are only to reach the aim to overcome the earthly kingdom and to become mature for the spiritual kingdom but of which existence the researchers and want-to-be-knowers little or nothing want to know or believe. But my works of creation are to a certain degree after all exposed to the free will of men, and men will also not be prevented from a destruction of greatest extent - but to their own harm as all creatures lose their life, may it be man or animal, may it be plants or other creations, in which spiritual is bound for the purpose of upward development. And when the latter is not believed so surely consideration should be shown for fellow men and their life. But men consider themselves to be clever and wise; they believe to be able to also go into the laws of nature, which had been foreign for them so far. They carry out experiments, which they will extend all the time until they will set off powers still unknown to them, with the no longer imaginable result of a total destruction of the surface of the earth, which no created being will survive, as it is predicted through seers and prophets from the very start of this earth period. And I leave the will of men its freedom, but my plan of salvation is built up on this will because I saw from eternity that mankind will then also have arrived at a spiritual low where an establishing of my order from eternity is necessary and I therefore could build up the plan of salvation on it without making the will of men unfree. Because they are the originators of the end themselves; they themselves determine the time despite preceding warnings and admonitions, despite perpetual references to the wrong of their actions, as long as they are not in association with their God and creator from eternity, who then certainly could direct their thinking and wanting properly without applying force of will. But men do not want to believe it that they are walking towards such a work of destruction of the earth, and otherwise they cannot be warned than through my word, which is send from above to them. But when they of their own accord turn their hearts to me, then it will also become light in them, and they themselves will abandon further experiments. But there are few of them who however are not able to prevail although they recognize the great danger which threatens mankind. But there are more of the opponents, and these do not give up a plan, which will lead to the end of the earth. And they cannot be hindered due to freedom of will and will also not be hindered from my side because with it according to my wise conclusion the upward development of innumerable beings will be helped again, because I know how to direct everything, also the bad, in such a way that it still yet results in good effects and this exactly is my plan of salvation, which will also be carried out for that reason according to my love and wisdom. Amen. B.D. NR. 7372a.


Last Judgement.

3. September 1959. B.D. NR 7403.

It will be an end with horror for all who do not believe. Because they experience something which they have not thought to be possible because it is something completely extralegal - a process which they cannot even follow until the end but will be victims themselves because they lose their life in the process; they will be devoured by the earth, and for no-one there is a way out - unless he still calls out of the heart for me in the last hour that I might help him. But men who experience the end, except a small crowd of the ones who are mine - who will be raptured in front of them - have already completely become slaves to Satan, and there will only seldom be one among them who turns around not only out of fear but out of a sudden realization of a mighty God who can help him. And men will also have no longer time for reflection because suddenly and unexpectedly the last judgement befalls mankind. Suddenly and unexpectedly fire will come out of the earth; it will split and devour what is alive and moving on the earth. It will be an act of a very short duration but of an enormous effect; the earth will open like an insatiable abyss and take in everything as it is announced in word and script. And there is no escape - irrevocably it is the end for everything what lives in, on and above the earth. Because time is over which was fixed for the spiritual for its development and much of the bound spiritual has to continue its course of development in new formings on the new earth. And this spiritual is grateful for the reshaping because it goes on in its development which had already been made very difficult through the will of men on the old earth. But the spiritual which is embodied as man experiences a step back in its development because it gets again dissolved into innumerable little particles, which all again have to go the way through the creations of the new earth, which all again get banished in hard matter and again begin an exceedingly agonizing existence in the bound state so that they one day again reach the stage where they are again allowed to be embodied as soul of a man. You men are now before this great earthly and spiritual change, and the time till the end is shortened from day to day. You do not know the terror that lies ahead of you - with calmness you approach the day of dissolving, which still will cause much horror in you with following banishment when you do not belong to the ones who are mine, to the ones who believe in me and - if they are only weak in faith - will be recalled already before from earth so that they do not completely become slaves to Satan because they could not withstand the temptations through the adversary in the last time before the end. All you men who have to give away your earth life prematurely, you all who lament your passed away loved ones, be glad because these ones have been saved from the downfall, from ruin, to which men fall prey to who live godless from day to day and experience the end in this ungodliness. They cannot find mercy with me because I again and again admonish and warn men and so urgently, to prepare themselves for the end without getting a hearing, and I cannot have an effect on them by force, I have to leave them their spiritual freedom, which they misuse in a way that they strengthen the opponent's power till the end and will also be defeated by his power. Still hard fights with this opponent will precede, and the reason I speak to you men is that you place yourselves on my side in this struggle when you want to win and want to emerge in freedom from the fight. And I will speak until the last day but it is completely up to all you men how you decide. But the end with horror comes for all who do not believe and not acknowledge me. But the ones who are mine I will rescue from every trouble; I will fetch them into paradise, and they will be witnesses of the downfall because they are to recognize my power and glory and give evidence of it to their descendants on the new earth. Amen. B.D. NR. 7403.


Destruction of earth is the result of experiments.

23. September 1963. B.D. NR 8624.

You men yourselves set off the last work of destruction of this earth. And I do not hinder you because I also think of the spiritual, which is released through this work of destruction out of matter and can again continue its course of development in new shapings on the new earth. Already repeatedly this has been said to you, and still your faith in it is very little because the whole events are just unthinkable to you. But it forms the conclusion of a development period, which then starts a new period so that the work of return can then again take place in lawful order and again a success is recorded, which no longer was visible before the destruction of the old earth. My opponent carries out his last satanic work by him determining men to do that, for which he has not got the power himself: to destroy works of creation - in the belief to release the bound spiritual through it and to gain control over it. He determines men and causes them to experiments of all kind, but which fail due to ignorance of men and trigger off a disastrous effect. For men venture to do experiments without having studied their outcome - they set off powers, which they do not control and that is how they are doomed. And with them also the creation work of earth will be exposed to the most powerful destructions. The complete earth surface will change totally; all works of creation on the earth will fall prey to destruction; the effects will get as far as the interior of the earth, and therefore one can speak of a destruction of greatest extent, which men themselves however will no longer be able to observe, except for a small flock, which I before lead away from earth into an area of peace. I would never allow such a destruction myself when I would not also win new possibilities of salvation that way for the still bound spiritual, which already languishes endless long times in hardest matter. But also for that spiritual a further development would be possible when men would not overrule the legal order and always only fulfilled their serving assignment. But men no longer live in divine order, and that is how my opponent has great influence over these, and he urges them on to a beginning of which he hopes for a profit, of which he hopes for the return of the bound spiritual. And I do not check him for it is always still because of free will of man whether he carries out what my opponent wants to make him do. But whatever men do I will always know to make the right use of the effect of their action. For the world of darkness is indeed also subject to me and my power, and it must serve me and so to speak take part in my work of return, even if unconsciously. But I know since eternity about the direction of the will of men and therefore could also build up my plan of salvation on this will. I know it when the time has come that spiritual progress on earth is no longer to be expected. I also know when the time has come for the still bound spiritual to be released, and I therefore do not check the activities of men when they initiate an enormous work of destruction through their wrongly directed will, which turns towards my opponent and men is a willing tool for him. For he can destroy no work of creation himself; he can dissolve no matter at all, and all spiritual is wrested from his power. That is why he seeks to win it back again, and men are in bondage to him that they contribute to the dissolving of matter themselves - first through innumerable experiments, but which then assume proportions, to which matter no longer withstands. But I allow it that the spiritual bound in it is released even if at the expense of the whole human generation, which has arrived at a spiritual low itself, which requires a new banishment in matter. And whatever my opponent and men who are in bondage to him undertake - it will in the end serve again the upward development of the spiritual, which is to once reach completion. And that is why my plan of salvation will also be carried out as it is announced in word and script. Amen. B.D. NR. 8624.


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