Practically every one of the new, aggressive steps of the US government takes place in seclusion.

Preparations to take over world dominance are in full swing - Comment on 2010 August 16

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2010 August 16
The terrorist problem gives the American president an excellent legitimation to push his worldwide dominance everywhere ahead. Read more:

Today I read articles, which quite well reflect the progress of the preparations for a takeover of world government through the American president.

The terrorist problem gives him the legitimation to push his worldwide dominance everywhere ahead.

The general wish not to be involved in Iraq allows him to withdraw his troops there – and with it to destabilize the region – and to motivate Iran to attack, to then, after Iran has caused so much damage that the whole world cries out for a saviour, play this messiah, and the other general wish, to fight the terrorists, allows him to build up a worldwide network of physical influence and become the undisputed lord of the world.

At the moment his support of the American people has reached a low and the elections in November will probably not be encouraging for him, but the decisive election for him is only two years later, and until then his strategy can have paid off and a brilliant military victory can bring him a brilliant election victory and then he can, with his worldwide system of physical superiority, act and hardly anybody will be able to question his supremacy.

Here some news items of today:

The Gulf states gear up for the fight with Iran. Even so the USA and Israel still hold back: On the Gulf they prepare themselves for the conflict with Iran.

Fight against al-Qaida: Obama bets on warriors in the twilight

Secret agreements, rented spies, mystery military campaigns: The New York Times documents how the Obama government increasingly seeks to fight terrorists in secret – and with it avoids public control.

The USA have heavily extended their military and secret service operations in the course of fighting terrorism in around a dozen states – however in most cases in such a way that this is not publicly perceived and can hardly be controlled. The result of an investigation of The New York Times.

Among other things the operations concern Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Kenya, as well as several countries in North Africa. While some anti terror measures in these countries are known, for instance the drone program of the CIA in Pakistan, others go almost completely in secret. So the White House has approved undercover operations out of Kenya, the paper reports.

In Pakistan employees of private firms would spy out hideouts of suspected terrorists on behalf of the USA. And in Yemen the Obama government in fact runs a publicly not declared military operation.

The dangers are obvious

The paper however lists some potential problematic consequences from this waging war in seclusion, among others the undermining of control mechanisms of Congress.

The paper quotes with Jack Devine also a former high ranking CIA agent, who sees the programs critically. Devine sees the danger that they dodge the control mechanisms, which the US Congress has introduced in the past as a lesson to be drawn from the mistakes in the past, for instance after the Iran contra affair, in which money out of secret weapon deals with Iran went to rightwing rebels in Nicaragua: “It is here about a new model, and I am concerned that there are no clear rules.”

Covered fight against terror

Obama extends “shadow wars”

The USA wage their anti terror fight increasingly in seclusion. Unlike than in Iraq and Afghanistan president Barack Obama does not place on the hammer with new operations, but on the scalpel, the New York Times documents.

According to news paper report Obama has clearly increased “shadow wars” against terrorists in Asia, Africa and the former Soviet republics. In numerous countries – unnoticed by the public – new secret service and military operations have been started.

“What started as covered war under the Bush government has been extended under president Obama”, the New York Times writes. Practically every one of the “new, aggressive steps” of the US government takes place in seclusion.

The White House actually has clearly strengthened drone attacks in Pakistan, authorized attacks on al-Qaida members in Somalia, gave the green light for secret operations out of Kenya. Together with European allies terror groups in North Africa have been rounded up.

The Pentagon has moreover, with the help of signed on private firms, gathered secret service information about hideouts of militant extremists in Pakistan. In Yemen a military campaign has been started, which officially has never been confirmed.

Covered war

The paper quotes government co-workers who refer to the advantages of a covered war against al-Qaida and other militant groups. The experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq are sobering for politicians and voters in respect of costs.

Instead of a “hammer” a “scalpel” is now used, says a Obama top advisor in the anti terror war, John Brennan, in May. Critiques however complain that the US Congress loses control sovereignty over the anti terror missions.

The new course of the government increasingly changes the US foreign secret service CIA into a paramilitary organization, the paper writes further. The defence ministry becomes more and more like the CIA because the Pentagon is more and more often deployed for espionage missions for instance in the Middle East.

The development holds the risk that a clear separation between secret agent and soldier gets lost, the paper writes.


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