Saddam Hussein deputy Tariq Aziz calls for US forces to stay in Iraq:

"Obama is a hypocrite. He is leaving Iraq to the wolves" - Comment on 2010 August 6 (3)

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2010 August 6 (3)
US troop pullout will destroy Iraq, says Tariq Aziz. Saddam Hussein's leading lieutenant accused the US of abandoning Iraq and leaving the country to die. Read more:

Today I read reports about Iraq, Iran and the US, and I am going to quote from them because they are of interest in connection with the question if Iran is the ram of Daniel 8:3 and the US the he goat of Daniel 8:5 and Iraq the bait and Obama the one who puts out the bait. For the beginning of this discussion go to Here now the quotes:

Tariq Aziz calls on US troops to stay in Iraq.

Tariq Aziz, who was for years the public face of Saddam Hussein's regime, has called on US troops to stay in Iraq and not leave the country "to its death".

The late dictator's foreign minister and spokesman said President Barack Obama's decision to continue with the withdrawal of combat troops despite worsening violence would endanger Iraq's future.

Earlier this week Mr Obama confirmed that the last US combat forces would leave on schedule on August 31.

Tariq Aziz, whose long tenure as Saddam's foreign minister made him the international face of the Iraqi dictator's regime, was quoted ... as saying that he was hopeful about President Barack Obama at first.

"I thought he was going to correct some of the mistakes of Bush," ... quoted Aziz as saying from his jail cell in north Baghdad. "But Obama is a hypocrite. He is leaving Iraq to the wolves."

... Aziz slammed the planned withdrawal of US forces from the country, saying that both America and the UK had an obligation to make sure Iraq was back on its feet before exiting.

Saddam Hussein deputy Tariq Aziz calls for US forces to stay in Iraq

Saddam Hussein's most loyal deputy, Tariq Aziz, has accused Barack Obama of 'leaving to the wolves' by pressing ahead with a withdrawal of combat troops in the face of festering instability and a surge in violence.

Saddam, however, preferred a policy of ambiguity, a stance that heightened US and British suspicions. After his capture, Saddam told the FBI that his main intent had been to keep Iran guessing, not to beat the drums of war.

"Partially it was about Iran," Aziz confirmed. "They had waged war on us for eight years, so we Iraqis had a right to deter them. Saddam was a proud man. He had to defend the dignity of Iraq. He had to show that he was neither wrong nor weak."

"Iran was our biggest enemy. We had to defy them whatever the cost. Now Iran is building a weapons programme. Everybody knows it and nobody is doing anything. Why?"

Pressed on whether pride over wisdom had been a main factor in his country's destruction, Aziz replied: "We are Arabs, we are Arab nationalist. We must be proud."

Aziz has a perhaps surprising request of the US commander-in-chief, whom he initially welcomed as a clean break from George W Bush. Aziz now wants the occupation to continue.

"He cannot leave us like this. He is leaving Iraq to the wolves," he said. "When you make a mistake you need to correct a mistake, not leave Iraq to its death."


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