Time travel: It is possible for particles and, in principle, for people to move from the future to the past. Time travel effectively represents a communication channel from the future to the past.

The quantum mechanics of time travel - Comment on 2010 July 31

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2010 July 31
The spiritual kingdom has no space and time restrictions - it is always and everywhere - because in it is God, and God is always and everywhere. Only the imperfect being will always have the awareness of time, on earth as well as in the hereafter, while the perfect being is neither under time nor space law. The soul only has the idea of time in the stage of imperfection. In the state of perfection it is outside of time and space. The idea of time is therefore the yardstick of the maturity of the soul. Read more:

When we deal with prophecies then we deal with information about future things, with information that is normally not available. Today, on the 31st of July 2010, I read about scientific ideas about how to access information about the future and I want to quote some passages from it, but that will be more at the end of this webpage. Before I do that, I want to quote something from spiritual sources, because that is the right way to handle something like this: to properly understand material and scientific aspects of life it is best to come from the spiritual side, because then everything is easily understood and makes much more sense.

When we deal with scientists we often deal with religious people who have certain beliefs. Their belief system is more or less like that of a denomination of Catholics or Protestants or whatever kind. The shortest way to describe this belief system is to call it materialism. When we then deal with quantum scientists who handle quantum mechanics or quantum biology, then this belief system called materialism is often much weaker because such people have to deal with expressions like Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, indeterminacy principle, not precisely defined, probabilities, uncertainties. All these words describe somehow the transitoriness of the material world, the world of matter.

And when we then leave science and come to spiritual things then we have words like camouflage universe, maya, vanity of the world, modality of time, state of awareness, state of heightened awareness, direct knowledge, manifestations of the spirit, transitoriness. And these words are of course not used by scientists; they have their own nomenclature because if they would use the same expressions, which are used by spiritual inclined people, then they believe they would not proceed scientifically. The influence of the materialists is just too strong.

So I start by quoting from spiritual sources.

So here come some spiritual quotations which deal with space and time to prepare us for the scientific quotations which come afterwards:

The first quotations come from Jakob Lorber:


Also for the divine spirit in man there is neither a passing time nor some limited space or other, and therefore also no transitoriness, nor some far future or other, but only an eternal present! But in this world everything has its time, and no fruit on the tree gets already ripe with the blossom; but when you firmly decide to unchangingly live and act according to the will of God as from today, then you will also soon talk differently.

... that your soul, as a spiritual being, is also, together with its activity, beyond time and space

The spirit of God and all angels of course also exist in infinite space and last and last through all eternal time courses; for without such there would be no creature, there would also be no earthly space, nor an earthly time. But these pure spiritual powers and highest intelligences stand in everything endlessly far above time and space.


So that was from Jakob Lorber. And now some more spiritual information - from Bertha Dudde (B.D.):


Eternity idea. State of light. Unredeemed state.
13.3.1941 B.D. NR. 1846

The eternity idea is incomprehensible to man as long as he still dwells on earth; but with the moment of death his soul is free, and he now grasps the incomprehensible. There is no space and time law; there is no bodily restriction; everything is like an endless ocean, which encompasses past, present and future; the spirit is rid of all fetters and also lord over time and space. Where it wants to stay, there it can be; what it imagines, that is present. Nothing is preventing him to stay in regions, which are shining, bright and clear, provided the soul has reached a degree of maturity, which allows the swinging up into regions of light. It leaves everything behind what appeared desirable to it on earth, ...

For everything unclean that still clings to the soul, keeps the soul back like chains to earth; it longs for it, takes part in suffering and pain of its relatives and through this is hindered from its flight up. And whether it also longs for the light, it yet has not the maturity to be light bearer and light giver, and this is now a long walk in the hereafter, which it also feels as a long time at the time and space law is not yet completely abolished and therefore also the idea of eternity is still unimaginable to the soul. Who enters into light, he only leaves behind on earth what he has overcome, and he certainly does not long back for it. But who leaves earth in lack of soul maturity, he is still very much in earth nearness, and seeks to get into contact with his loved ones.


Thought. Parallel.
17.5.1941 B.D. NR. 1921

Before the creation of the world God was, because he is from eternity, and he will be until all eternity. This mystery will remain a mystery to men, because beings, whose existence takes place in the middle of what is material, cannot grasp that which is outside of matter, so completely independent of it. But the material creation is only a small kingdom of beingnesses, which need things having become form to be again able to join the spiritual kingdom. But the spiritual kingdom has no space and time restrictions - it is always and everywhere - because in it is God, and God is always and everywhere. The only explanation, which would to be given to you men, is to make out thought as parallel to it, the thought, which is nothing visible and nothing tangible and still constitutes the greatest in human existence. What would man be without thinking - a machine-like being, which despite outer activity would have to be called dead. Only thought is what is alive in man, and it is still something for which man can give no explanation. As it were man has only become a free being through his thought activity because neither compulsion nor influence from outside can determine the thought of man. Thought is his sole good, which can never be taken from him; because thought is something spiritual, something, with has in itself nothing to do with matter, which therefore also remains when the being has become free from all matter. So man can be in the midst of matter and still switch off everything around him and dwell in the spiritual, as soon as he lets his thoughts take their course. Even when the thought turns towards earthly things, it still remains something spiritual, because thought as such is nothing material, it is spiritual power, which is just wrongly used. As soon as man, unimpressed by his earthly material surroundings, lets his thoughts wander, it does not matter where, the beingness in man moves in the spiritual kingdom, and therefore it will now be understandable that all material, all visible, can dwindle and still the essential remains - that the thinking beingness needs no material surroundings - only that is of importance, to which aim the thinking of the being turns. B.D. NR. 1921


Idea for time and space as free or unfree being.
7.8.1942 B.D. NR. 2440

In the period of eternity it is without importance in which phase of development, i.e., in which redemption period the spiritual covers the walk on earth because time before and also afterwards is so infinitely long that the time of being bound in form can only be assessed as a moment. Still it is not unimportant for the spiritual itself because the sooner it gets liberated from the oppressive outer form, the sooner the wonderful things of the spiritual kingdom are made accessible to it; therefore while it before belonged to the negative powers, it has now become a positive power, which is why the time of liberation cannot be striven after earnestly enough. Inconceivable long time it has it has counteracted God, but eternities long it is now active for God and with God. But as long as the spiritual is bound, it feels as unfree being and suffers, and besides it has in this time another idea of time and space than afterwards in eternity as free being. And so this time of not being free appears unbearably long to it, and this feeling of time is likewise divine permission to increase in the spiritual the longing for freedom. When the beingness embodies on earth is therefore unimportant; it will always feel this time as being extremely long lasting and suffer under it; but afterwards as light being it appears to it as fleeting moment. But as imperfect being in the hereafter it still suffers under the same estimate of time - often the time of suffering even appears to it as never ending when the being is condemned to complete inactivity. For the greater is its agony, because the prospect of change of its state would decrease the agonies of the beingness. So only the imperfect being will always have the awareness of time, on earth as well as in the hereafter, while the perfect being is neither under time nor space law.

Everything is at all times present to it; so the perfect spiritual does not know past, present and future, but all this is just an idea.

The being can experience everything at the same time, what is incomprehensible to all men on earth. But the time of suffering before, it will no longer be able to look upon as time of suffering, but only as course of purification, which was essential and therefore inevitable, but which it no longer feels as excruciating, because sufferings and agonies are eliminated for the light being. In the state of freedom the being is so happy that it considers the time of testing on earth only as necessary in between station, which has earned it this unspeakable great happiness. Amen. B.D. NR. 2440


Time and space law in eternity.
5.12.1942 B.D. NR. 2575

The body passes and with it also earthly suffering. But the soul remains in existence and continues to lead its life in the hereafter according to earth life. Therefore the sufferings on earth are not to be assessed so highly, because they come to an end, whereas the suffering in the hereafter can last eternities before the soul reaches knowledge. But it can also move in the spheres of light completely timelessly, because the soul only has the idea of time in the stage of imperfection. In the sate of perfection it is outside of time and space. The idea of time is therefore the yardstick of the maturity of the soul; as long as it still has the feeling to be dependent on time and space it still has not reached its goal; it has not yet entered the spheres of light in which every idea of time and space dwindles. This is incomprehensive for the world because it is still completely subject to time and space law; but in eternity the latter is eliminated, and this is an unimaginable happy state to be able to stay everywhere and to know about everything what was, what is and still will be. This freedom of the spirit constitutes its state of happiness because the soul can move where and when it wants, without ever being restricted time wise or spatially. The immature soul however is still bound to time and space, depending on the degree of its imperfection. It is certainly no longer bound and can stay where it wants, but through its earthy desires it is still tied up to particular surroundings, therefore it puts on the chains itself because it does not know the free state and that is why it also strives for it too little. Time and space always mean a certain restriction and that is why they cannot agree with perfection. But as soon as the soul has liberated itself from it, it recognizes the happiness of it and never demands to return to the previous state. Because to have overcome time and space also means to be able to have an effect unhindered where and how the soul demands it. It is no longer bound to time and space; it has liberated itself from the laws, which God gave to imperfect beingness; it has therefore come close to the lawmaker from eternity; it has united with him who is Lord over time and space, and therefore it likewise controls the whole universe, i.e., it can stay where it wants, and this any time, because for it the law of time and space has been repealed, as soon as it has come close to God. For this is the state of freedom and of perfection that the being is completely unbound, that it feels to be subject to no other law than the law of love, but which no longer oppresses it, but which it feels to be endlessly heartening. Amen. B.D. NR. 2575


We now have arrived at the end of quotations, which come from spiritual sources, and what now follows are passages from that what I read today - reports about scientific research:


Scientists have for some years been able to 'teleport' quantum states from one place to another. ... using the same principles and a further strange quantum effect known as 'postselection', it should be possible to do the same backwards in time.

It is possible for particles (and, in principle, people) to tunnel from the future to the past.

Postselection is a vital part of the nascent science of quantum computing. In traditional computing, if a user needs to determine which set of variables in an equation leads to the answer being true, the computer must try every combination until it hits upon one that works. In quantum computing, due to the weird parallel behaviour of subatomic particles, it seems to be possible to simplify the procedure by running all possible variations simultaneously, and selecting only the combinations that make the answer true.

... by combining teleportation and postselection, it would be possible to carry out the quantum teleportation effect in reverse; that is, to decide after the teleportation what the quantum state must have been before it. This works as postselection allows you to dictate which quantum states can be teleported, limiting what state it can have been in before the teleportation. The state of the particle post-teleportation has therefore, in effect, travelled back in time.

... think of it as postselection affecting the history of the particle, sending the state back in time.

Einstein’s theory of general relativity allows the existence of closed timelike curves, paths through spacetime that, if followed, allow a time traveler – whether human being or elementary particle – to interact with her former self.

Although Einstein’s theory of general relativity implicitly allows travel to the past, it took several decades before Gödel proposed an explicit space-time geometry containing closed timelike curves.

At bottom, the behavior of matter is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics.

Quantum mechanics supports a variety of counter-intuitive phenomena which might allow time travel even in the absence of a closed timelike curve in the geometry of spacetime.

... time travel effectively represents a communication channel from the future to the past. Quantum time travel, then, should be described by a quantum communication channel to the past. A well-known quantum communication channel is given by quantum teleportation, in which shared entanglement combined with quantum measurement and classical communication allows quantum states to be transported between sender and receiver.

If nature somehow provides the nonlinear dynamics afforded by final-state projection, then it is possible for particles (and, in principle, people) to tunnel from the future to the past.


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