About how worldwide the abuse scandal really is: The Catholic Church's reputation has been tarnished recently by revelations of sexual abuse by priests in Chile.

Roman Catholic Church: The worldwide abuse scandal - Comment on 2010 July 30

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2010 July 30
A news item about Chile mentions the recent revelations of sexual abuse by priests in Chile and this is therefore an indication how worldwide this scandal really is. Read more:

Today, on the 30th of July 2010, I read an article carrying the headline, "Chile Rejects Church Call to Pardon Officials," reporting that Sebastián Piñera, Chile’s president, abruptly rejected calls on Sunday from the Roman Catholic Church to pardon dozens of imprisoned military officials convicted of human rights violations during the era known as Chile’s dirty war.

While I was reading that article I came across the following paragraph:

"But the church's reputation has been tarnished recently by revelations of sexual abuse by priests in Chile."

Now that struck me as quite an interesting piece of news, as it indicates to me, how wordlwide the abuse scandal really is and also how little of it comes to our attention because it proably happens all over the world but language barriers prevent that it comes to our notice and only when something is reported about the Catholic Church, which has international news character, we hear about other things that are going on in that church.


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