Which is the point in time we can name the beginning of the end?

The beginning of the end is the death of an earthly ruler - Comment on 2010 July 28 (2)

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2010 July 28 (2)
When I read the first report about the death of the Polish president, who died on 10. April 2010 in a plane crash, I obviously had to think of this prophecy, and that is why I followed the development after this event in Smolensk to see whether this event indicates the beginning of the end time. Read more:

Today, on the 28th of July 2010, I already dealt, in the first contribution of today, with the scandal of the Catholic Church, which is now ongoing for six months, which started exactly half a year ago, on 28th of January 2010 in Berlin, when the abuses at the Jesuit Canisius College was reported.

In this contribution I also had quoted the prophecies once again. After that I read these prophecies again - with the intention to compare that what had happened in the past six months with the prophecies, and I also wanted to pay attention to how these events are connected with the beginning of the end times.

In the prophecy B.D. NR. 5004 the following sentence then attracted my attention:

"I announce to you men that what is coming and you can expect it already soon; but everything will need its time and also these events point to the near end because through seers and prophets the end of a great city is announced."

We read there, "and also these events point to the near end," and this seems to indicate that this spectacle will still be before the beginning of the actual end time. So also the apparent end result of this spectacle, "the end of a great city," seems to also be before the actual end time.

But the nearby end to which this spectacle points, is not the end time, but just the actual end itself, and so it cannot be excluded that the spectacle is in the end time, and so also not that the actual end time has already started.

The beginning of the actual end time is described as follows, in B.D. NR. 4493, „When you receive knowledge about the death of an earthly ruler, then you have reached the point in time, which you can name the beginning of the end. Then the world will become a source of fire, the flames will flare up, hate will rage unrestrained, and mankind will be seized with horror because it no longer sees an escape from the danger, which is inevitable. And now you will be pressed by me to speak, because when everything is in a state of turmoil, ..."

The complete content of this prophecy 4493 can be found in Chapter 1. Struggle Between Nations, in that part of this website, which is named Redemption Period.

When I read the first report about the death of the Polish president, who died on 10. April 2010 in a plane crash, I obviously had to think of this prophecy, and that is why I followed the development after this event in Smolensk to see whether this event indicates the beginning of the end time.

Prophecy 4493 says, "when everything is in a state of turmoil," and nowhere is this state of turmoil after the event reported. In fact there are reports like for example about the discontentment of the relatives of the victims and how they demand an investigation of an independent, international committee, or about a demonstration against the government related to the handling of the investigation, but one can hardly speak of a state of turmoil.

The plane was a Polish military aircraft, as the Polish president is in charge of the military of the country, and therefore it was not a scheduled aircraft, and therefore also the normal investigation methods did not take action, as we are used to in other plane crashes. One can certainly demand an investigation by independent, international committees, but hardly expect in this case. Contributing to this is the fact that the then Polish president stood in quite stark opposition to the Polish Government, which was hostile towards him, and this also holds true of the Russian government, the country in which the plane crashed. So there are grounds for both countries, Poland and Russia, that they do not want a real clearing up and there are also claims which believe that problems were caused on the part of the Russians for the landing on the airport near Smolensk. It is even talked of that the plane was actually shot down.

The Polish government can of course always explain its position that an independent, international investigation is already not possible because things to be kept secret, like information on mobile phones and laptops would then be made available to people who are excluded from such information. Nearly the whole military leadership of Poland died at this disaster, and one can assume that these bearers of official secrets had with them quite a few military secrets, and probably also Nato secrets.

These just mentioned details can of course still lead to a state of turmoil, especially then when suddenly spectacular details become available.

One can therefore not exclude that "the death of the Polish ruler" on the 10th of April 2010 marks the beginning of the end time. We therefore have to leave that open whether this death is the death of which the prophecy speaks as there is no duration given there, which lies between the death and the state of turmoil. It is therefore appropriate to keep an eye on developments there.

Basically the death of the Polish president has the potential to trigger a third world war as it is. Both first world wars began in the east of Europe. The first began with the death of a ruler, the successor to the throne of Austria, and the second began directly around Poland, at Westernplatte.

The twin brother of the Polish president who died on 10th of April 2010 is the present leader of the opposition, and should he, again, become prime minister, the picture could change.

I just looked up something, and the first thing I came across was that the 28th of July 1914 is considered to be the beginning of the First World War. And today it is its anniversary. On 28th of July 1914 war was declared.

Earthly rulers have always died. The death of a ruler is not a rarity but in past times it happened more often because kings and emperors and princes and electors reigned most of the time until they died, so they were still in office at their death. This has however changed and state presidents and prime ministers usually do not die in office but leave office when their term is over or others get elected. This of course applies more to democracies, in authoritarian ruled countries this does hardly apply, but in the last few decades these seem to have become more seldom. So today for rulers to die in office is a more seldom event and when it then happens is more noticeable and newsworthy. And the death of the Polish president was therefore an event, which is no longer very common. And when then such an unusual death happens, then it is more likely, that the circumstances are also unusual. And this was the case in Smolensk and might be the case when the event occurs of which the prophecy speaks. And this strangeness might be the thing that causes the state of turmoil.

One reason why the event of the 10th of April 2010 is not the event of which the prophecy speaks, could be the fact that the influence of the president in Poland is less than that of the prime minister, and one therefore should rather see the premier as the actual ruler in Poland.

After the death of the Polish president a new president had to be elected and the twin brother of the president who got killed on the 10th of April 2010, was one of the contenders and did not get much less votes than the winner and was probably not too much concerned about this, because now he is free to become premier and would then have more influence than as president.


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