Today, on the 28th of July 2010, it is now half a year that the spectacle of the abuse scandal about the Catholic Church takes place.

A web of lies of greatest extent shakes for six months - Comment on 2010 July 28

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2010 July 28
Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. Read more:

Today, on the 28th of July 2010, it is now half a year that the spectacle takes place. The spectacle is the abuse scandal about the Catholic Church which started on 28th of January 2010 in Berlin at the Canisius College.

A quarter of a year ago, so at a time when this scandal was only a quarter old, I wrote, "So this scandal is now going on for a quarter of a year and during these three months one sometimes had the idea that it would slowly disappear from the headlines but this does not seem to be the case." And now a second quarter has passed, and the intensity of one by one following reports has remained the same. A certain trend seems to stand out: In the first quarter the ordinary priests were the ones whose offences leaked out, and in the second quarter this seems to have moved, and we read about high ranking office bearers, about bishops, archbishops and cardinals. This is certainly a sign that this criminal behaviour is in fact not limited to priests alone but reaches to the very top and is also a reason why the cover-up was so systematically carried out; the leaders of the church themselves took part in these offences and that is why all offences were covered up on principle. And this behaviour seems to continue to exist, also at the highest level, also at the highest level crimes are not getting reported to the authorities, but when the authorities prosecute crimes then the pope is outraged about that and complains in public about it as it happened in the case in Belgium. The police searched the buildings and the area of the Belgium church headquarter and the pope is against it. The corresponding report reads: "Catholic church raids deplorable, says pope." This shows the whole mentality of the church leadership. But not only that, it also shows a certain simple-mindedness of the pope that he reacts like simple-minded Mafia boss and complains about the police disturbing his business.

The comparison with the Mafia is perhaps unfair because the Mafia mainly does material damage, and such damage can possibly even lead to the victim starting to think about the worth of material goods and turning more to spiritual goods, but the damage done by this religious organization, which thinks to be spiritual, not only through abuse of children and youth, but especially through the whole falsification of the teachings of Christ, is extremely greater, because it has an effect on eternity for the victims.

But the mentality also shows that the Catholic Church still believes to be in the position of power, which it had centuries ago, when it more or less determined the policy of countries, and this again shows that, with its arrogant behaviour, it more and more compromises itself with the people, and also with their own members. There seems to be no understanding, especially at the very top, for the organisation carrying on running in the wrong direction and should stop with that and turn back. This organization considers its criminal behaviour, which continues for 2000 years, to be so normal and right that it is not at all able to recognize its own situation and this again means that the present scandal will not peter out. The report of the day before yesterday, about the moral morass in the Vatican itself, is a sign that what individual church leaders in part try to achieve, to react to scandalous reports in such a away that the caused damage is not still increased, is not at all understood in the Vatican.

This mental attitude of the Vatican points to the fact that also the rest of the prophecies will come true. The beginning of the prophecies just agrees only too well with what has happened during the last six months.

And this again would suggest that with this whole case a clear proof has been supplied that the prophecies are true - especially this one, but also all the others.

So for the beginning of this spectacle, for the first six months of the course of this drama, the proof of the truth has been produced and for the rest it is appropriate to further observe and watch the thing, "just pay attention to what you will hear because it will inform you about much."

The report from two days ago about the moral morass in the Vatican reminds me of a report of the 25th of May 2010, which reads:

"2010 May 25 (1). Bishop Küng. Homosexual networks threaten church. The Austrian Bishop Klaus Küng sees a danger of homosexual networks in seminaries and parts of the Catholic clergy. In the opinion of the Austrian Bishop Klaus Küng homosexual networks can endanger a monastery or a bishopric. Then an atmosphere is formed, which attracts certain persons, however repels others to the great harm of pastoral care, said Küng."

When a church leader already thinks about such a matter aloud in public, then this points to the fact that the real state in the church is already extreme. So what is reported there two days ago from Rome is therefore just the top of the iceberg. The plot thickens, says the Englishman.

The prophecies by Bertha Dudde, which deal with this spectacle - I have quoted them below and you reach them by clicking the following links - are the following:
B.D. NR. 4760
B.D. NR. 5004
B.D. NR. 8391
B.D. NR. 8456



Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.

17. October 1949 B.D. NR. 4760

Time will bring you the evidence that you can believe my words that announce what is coming and that you therefore also can accept as truth what I teach you through the transmission of my word. Furthermore time will confirm that the mistake is to be sought there where truth is to be represented because it will be obvious that I am giving you a sign. My work will appear so distinct that there can be no doubt what I condemn and what I bless. Very visibly will I protect those who are mine whereas I will destroy that what is opposed to me. Only a short time will remain until the world will experience a spectacle that proves me and my work, because it directs the attention of all to me, because the eyes of the world are turned to where I will be speaking to the horror of men and to the visible protection of the ones that are mine. You will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. I have announced it to you but you do not want to believe it - and so it will therefore surprise you and then you are to pay attention only to what you will hear because it will inform you about much. I will speak to men that otherwise do not listen to reason; I will make my will known to them, in a sorrowful way in fact, because it will strongly shake their faith but it can be exceedingly good for their souls because they can reach the truth that way that they need for the maturity of the soul. But it will not earn them splendour and pomp, splendour and pomp will vanish because what I send to men destroys the outward appearance and only he who has the core him will nothing be able to rob the faith. He will well see all outward appearances go to ruin but in the heart he will only call me and him I will help any time so that men are to recognize how I bless the good will of those who see in me their father and therefore only fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4760.



A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).

21. November 1950 B.D. NR. 5004

Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave so that an opportunity is given to it to recognize an error that it up to now represented as truth. I will obviously point out my word to men. I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word. They can accept only one and the opinion is up to them. Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. In spiritual terms it will well mean chaos and at first the error wants to assert itself but now truth will light up like a flash of lightning and cast a dazzling light on the false teachings and they will not stand up to truth because now everywhere messengers of truth stand up, light bearers people will listen to, although the followers of that power that foundered will be bitterly hostile towards them. I announce to you men that what is coming and you can expect it already soon; but everything will need its time and also these events point to the near end because through seers and prophets the end of a great city is announced. It is an earth-shattering event that however has a spiritual cause and is to have spiritual impact. It is to testify to me before the whole world who as the eternal truth can never tolerate falsehood and takes action against it when it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5004.



Again and again error is to be corrected.

23. January 1963. B.D. NR. 8391.

Every spiritual orientated thought allows me to have an effect at and in you, and I can teach you; I can increase the light in you; I can administer food and drink to you and so draw you closer and closer to my heart because you have to come close to me yourselves to be able to receive out of my hands a delicious gift. And I still have to offer much to you; there is still much error in the world, which I would like to correct when I find open hearts who are prepared to hear me. For there certainly could not be such a great spiritual low when men would move in the truth, but error confuses their thinking, and they are therefore completely ignorant and that is why they also lead a complete wrong life. So much has been offered to men as truth, and without hesitation they accepted a knowledge, which started from my opponent, whose only endeavour it is to keep men in the darkness of the spirit. The free will of men itself gave him again and again the opportunity to bring untrue spiritual goods to them and to suppress pure truth. And when you men only consider one thing, into which absurd forms my legacy has been pushed, what garment was given to my pure Gospel, which I myself founded on earth. When only you think of in what schematic functions men see and acknowledge their church, how everything has become form, what is supposed to earn men eternal happiness - and when you consider how little men do themselves to get an inner light to recognize plainly and clearly what my will is and in which my church, which was founded by me, is made up of. Already through a long time they trot along as hangers-on in organisations and never once think of whether that can earn them an eternal happiness. And this indifference towards the most important, to fulfil the purpose of their life on earth, was brought about by my adversary, but men themselves conceded this power to him, and it is difficult to kindle a light for them so that they can see a proper picture of that, why they walk over earth. From my side again and again such a light has been kindled, and I have never left men to their fate, although free will had taken shape that way. But exactly free will has also again and again rejected me, and men stuck to wrong spiritual goods; they seized no opportunity to kindle a light for themselves, because the union with me got less and less, because they were not able to recognize me properly in the many heresies and the picture, which they received of me, was not suitable, to arouse love towards me in them. But they only had to ask whether a God of love, wisdom and power would have erected such a building, which was presented to them as church, which makes them happy. Every clear intellect, which would have checked in good will what is right to do before God, would also have recognized the absurd. But men drifted; only seldom a man reflected upon himself and thought individually because he desired truth. But the majority accepted everything without thinking as truth, and no matter how clearly the activity of the counter power was recognizable. And the more time passed, the less men dared to doubt the truth of that, what actually was a web of lies of greatest extent, otherwise the effect would not have been there that almost no man anymore possesses a living faith, which comes alive through love. For love was also taught but all other teachings were emphasized as being urgent - so that the web could last. But if love would have been preached as being urgent, then this alone would have been enough that light could have been kindled in the hearts of men, but which also would have meant the decline of a work of men, which is made out to be my work, but which can never be my will and my work, which emerges out of the low of men, as it is evident at the present time - in the time before the end. Again and again I explained what one has to understand under my church founded by myself. And also everywhere people will find themselves who belong to this my church. But exactly these will not be acknowledged because they possess the clear knowledge through their love and faith - the symbol of my church - that all worldly building up works, also when they believe to lead men to spiritual life, are not wanted by me. Because they rather hold people back from spiritual life than to encourage it. For lie and error can have no spiritually encouraging influence, rather only lead away from right belief and then just also make me out to be distorted towards men, as it is the intention of the opponent. But when men could free themselves from teachings forced on them, which never went out from me - they would yet go the direct way to me myself and closely ask me that I myself introduce them into all truth, that I help them to get to walk their way on earth according to my will. I will certainly leave no such request unanswered and help everyone to the light who only earnestly desires it. For every men should also consider that he is responsible for himself, that he cannot pass the buck to those who have taught him wrongly, for I step into everyone's way and bring myself so near to him that he could recognize me. For I only want that men pray to their God and creator, that they call on him as father and now also trustingly expect the father's help. And indeed, I will reveal myself to this child, and it will be able to acknowledge me, for the light, which I now kindle in him, will shine so brightly that no darkness, no doubt oppresses it any longer, and it will go the way, which leads to me, home into the father's house. Amen. B.D. NR. 8391.



Why could a building up work of the opponent assert itself?

2. April 1963. B.D. NR. 8456.

Still often the opponent will try to run against the wall of faith, and he will try to also shake the faith of those who have found me and which he hopes to bring round again. And again it is only about that the faith of a man has become alive because he then can convincingly speak of knowledge and he does not only need to believe something for which he has no proofs. Living faith gives a man the inner assurance, and he no longer doubts, but he is already so united with me that he has the clearest proof of my presence, that his thinking is enlightened und such a faith can longer be shaken. But there my opponent will still be able to succeed where a man seeks to determine the connections rationally, where he - i.e. the intellect - builds up on wrong spiritual goods, which he now considers to be the fundamentals and represents them also as truth. Wrong thinking is then also the result of it, and this can only then be directed rightly when a man begins to doubt the spiritual goods which he possesses. He must ask to get an answer, and he must ask this question in a sense of complete ignorance, which then lets him humbly come to me. When you men would know how far away you still are from the truth and how only few men accept the favour of my direct instruction from above - then you would also recognize with fright the great might of the prince of darkness, but which you men grant him yourselves. Because you are filled with no great desire for truth, which would push you towards me, so that I give you the truth myself. You know it that the lie and the error are the strongest weapons of the opponent, but you do not protect yourselves from it, by approaching me for support. You cannot become a slave to this error when the pure truth would earnestly matter to you. And even when the truth is brought to you, you are still not prepared to give up your wrong spiritual goods, and the truth cannot take root in you; you hinder the effect of light yourselves, because you are not prepared to leave darkness and go after the light. You cannot be enlightened against your will. When I walked on earth to bring light to men, I foresaw which web of lies was erected on the part of those who called themselves my successors. I foresaw it that men were led completely wrong and were themselves too weak to free themselves of the confusion of erroneous teachings; I knew it that exactly there my opponent had to record many successes where allegedly the foundation has been laid by myself. For he succeeded in distorting all my teachings. And so a building up work came into being, which never had and could have me as a master builder, that I could never take part in a work where obviously my opponent had pushed his way in, because everything I taught on earth was distorted. And now spiritual goods are represented which have not taken their beginning from me, but are the work of men - the results of a confused rational thinking, over which my opponent has control. But I could not prevent it because I do not act against the free will of men. But the few, who earnestly strove for truth and who recognized me as eternal truth, were always supplied with the pure truth, and every willing man could accept it and also reach spiritual maturity. But that building up work continued to remain, and it was supported by all those who acknowledge it and never earnestly deal with the spiritual goods which are presented to them, but which they would recognize as wrong with earnest will, because they would never be able to acknowledge an utmost perfect being as author, as founder of such church, when only their thinking is good and just. Endless love, unsurpassable wisdom and power must always be recognizable, and where this is not the case, it is impossible that I could have been at work myself, but there my opponent always has his hand in it, and he will certainly always increase darkness and won't have it that his followers try to free themselves from him. That is why you, my servants on earth, are not to be surprised, when my opponent again and again succeeds that error is defended by men who are still not yet able to believe livingly enough and therefore still apply too much the intellect instead of listening to the heart, which indeed would teach them something else. The structure, which has been erected by the opponent, is not that easily pulled down, because it finds strong support in all those who still do not recognize him, and that is why they also accept everything as truth without earnestly examining it. But the will of men is free. Amen. B.D. NR. 8456.


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