Religion is 'new target of bigots.'

Religion, the new racism - Comment on 2010 July 2

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2010 July 2
Report says religious minorities are being persecuted. Read more:

I now bring some excerpts from a report I read today, the 2nd of July 2010:

Religious intolerance is the new racism and one of the main causes of persecution of minorities across the world, according to the annual report of the Minority Rights Group International, published yesterday.

In an overview of government policies, global trends and personal accounts, the campaign group argues that counter-terrorism efforts, and economic marginalisation are increasingly associated with religion, not ethnicity.

"Religious intolerance is the new racism," said Mark Lattimer, director of Minority Rights Group International in the UK.

"Many communities that have faced racial discrimination for decades are now being targeted because of their religion."


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