New tones: Kaczynski pleads for Germany.

Change of mentality - Comment on 2010 June 7

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2010 June 7
The change of mentality of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the former prime minister of Poland and present contender for the presidency, marks the changed world political situation caused through the seizure of power, which took place last year in Washington. Read more:

Today on the 7th of June 2010 I read an article about the election campaign for state president in Poland and selected some details from it here and will later add some comments:

“New tones: Kaczynski pleads for Germany.“

“It took ex premier Jaroslaw Kaczynski, brother of polish President Lech Kaczynski, who got killed on the 10th of April in an air crash in Russia, even up to the River Oder bridge at Frankfurt (Frankfurt an der Oder) on Saturday within his election campaign tour through Poland, where he pointed in the direction of Germany, explaining to the citizens of the border town Slubice his new political strategy in the living together with the neighbour on the western side of the river. Those who still remember how Kaczynski still three years ago not seldom personally or via others railed against Germany and the Germans, listened with open mouths how the president contender and chairman of the Right and Justice Party (PIS) hardly caught himself up with conciliatory tones and hymns of praise about the Germans. He completely left his well known history political talk at home and instead entirely unexpectedly spoke of “reconciliation” and “valuable contacts between young people of both countries”.”

„About Poland and the EU. Kaczynski spoke about Poland’s role in the European Union. According to his opinion the “experiment” should be continued on the basis of compromise and equality. He said that Poland – like every sovereign state in the EU – should have the right to have its own opinion. “The European Union is a great school of compromises between countries or different nations and that should also remain so” – stressed Kaczynski.”

“There are Poles who also still today do not trust him and consider his change of mentality after the death of his brother to be a trick to come to power again fast.”

“Tusk now bets on the post communists. The PIS chairman has good chances to become the new president of Poland. His party now aims for a coalition with the Farmer’s Party PSL which at the moment is still one of the governing parties, as the Citizen Platform (PO) of Donald Tusk, which uninterruptedly loses supporters since the disaster at Smolensk, now shows its true face and bets on the post communist SLD. Kwasniewski, Miller and companions actually feel to have awakened to new strength after the death of Lech Kaczynski, as if they had shot down the uncomfortable president themselves. Also Moscow naturally bets on a coalition of SLD and PO.”

“ … is convinced that former communist agents shot down Lech Kaczynski’s plane in Russia on behalf of leading politicians from Poland and Russia.”

So far information from the article.

The above mentioned change of mentality is quite drastic. Few years ago, when Jaroslaw Kaczynski was prime minister of Poland, he was distinctly self-assured towards Russia and Germany. Towards Russia he pressed for American military presence in Poland and towards Germany he represented an approach towards the EU which completely deviated from the approach of the other EU member states, and gave Germany, which then was in the chair of the EU, and therefore Mrs Merkel, a hard time. He was then in Warsaw and his brother, the president at that time, was in Berlin, and their cooperation was then described as: The Twins. And these two examples are just examples.

Why now this change of mentality?

It certainly would be the change of government in Washington in 2009 which brought about this change of mentality. The change of mentality may also be determined by the election campaign and he may also be aware that his present political approach goes down better with the election campaign than the former. But that just has an effect in his favour.

That the Americans now really arrived a few days ago in Poland, and with them a whole battery of missiles, and that these are now employed directly in front of the border with Russia, does no harm as the Poles and the Russians know the background. And so also the Russian reaction to this confrontation was relatively moderate.

But Jaroslaw Kaczynski obviously no longer relies on the Americans. The new leader of the Americans seems to have completely given up the freedom of the Americans and of other peoples, and things like democracy and self determination as American political aims, and the completely opposite aim now is, to become ruler over everything. And this includes God, but also a country like Poland and its president, or future president.

And the country Poland is in this situation to lose sovereignty, but also all other countries of the world, and therefore also Russia and Germany, and with this Poland, and also the two neighbouring countries Russia and Germany, has a strong need to survive, and shares this with other states, especially with the neighbour states, and that now causes Jaroslaw Kaczynski to want to cooperate with these.

But Jaroslaw Kaczynski seems to be one of the few who have recognized the new political situation. Exactly like his now deceased brother he is one of the few politicians of the world who think independently. Another one seems to be the prime minister of Israel, and maybe Mrs Merkel also belongs to them.

In the thinking of Jaroslaw Kaczynski this seizure of power in Washington may play a relatively important role, but hardly in the thinking of his voters and that is his great advantage. In later times this will change, and contenders which are in resistance to Washington will not have it easy.

Nobody will ask him about his attitude towards Washington. Nobody will be suspicious towards his approach towards the American president, as all will simply assume that it is still very much okay.


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