Our only earth life purpose is to again form our nature to love.

We are to change our self-love to unselfish brotherly love - Comment on 2010 June 1

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2010 June 1
Only through works of love we can again take on our original nature because we were radiated as pure love from God and were perfect. Read more:

Today, on the 1st of June 2010, I came across the following core message of Bertha Dudde:


The Gospel of love has to be announced.

16. October 1963. B.D. NR. 8646.

When the Gospel of love is preached to you then you know that it is myself on whose behalf my messengers offer that, which is exceedingly important, when you want to still attain the maturity of the soul on earth. I then myself address you through the mouth of man because I want to submit to you the importance of the fulfilling of my love commandments; I want to get you that you change your self-love to unselfish brotherly love. I want to encourage you to unite yourselves with me, because I am love, and every work of love unites you with me; with every work of love you tie yourselves up to me, and that is why you can take on your original nature only through works of love because you were radiated as pure love from me and were perfect. Only love brings this change back about. And this is your only earth life purpose, to again form your nature to love. And that is why I again and again have to preach to you my divine love teaching; I have to make use of the mouth of my servants on earth to preach to you the Gospel, which demands fulfilment of my love commandments from you. Your nature is still too much filled with self-love; every man is thinking too much of himself and does not respect his fellow man who needs his help in spiritual or earthly want - and he is not aware of, that every day is lived in vain where a work of love could not help his soul to mature. And that is why again and again this has to be pointed out to him; I have to again and again send out my messengers who urge him to take unselfish care of the neighbour, to put his own I last and to only practise love, which alone helps him to perfection. But he is also to receive right, truthful enlightenment about the importance of my love commandments; he is to know about the effects of a right life of love and about the serious consequences of a live without love. The reason for him being man is to always be presented in all truth, which was the rejection of my love and the reshaping of the original being into lack of love; he is to know what love as such is - that it is my basic nature, that it is also the original substance of every created being and that without love every being is to be called highly incomplete; that perfection cannot be thought of without love - that all happiness, all light and all power depends on love and that is why man only walks over the earth to shape his nature again to love when he wants to be happy forever. So where the Gospel of love is preached to you men, there you hear myself because I stand behind everyone who teaches love, and he then only expresses what I would say myself when I would stay in your midst and would teach you. But I have to always use a man to force no man to believe because also love has to remain completely free despite the commandment because a forced love is no love and therefore also has no blessing as a consequence. The divine spark has to be lighted deeply within the heart, which I have put in you so that you are actually able to love because in free will you gave away this ability when you rejected all love radiation from me. You were totally lacking in all love, and also on earth you would never be able to reach perfection when my compassioned love would not have assigned a little spark to you, which you only have to light, which can brightly flare up in you and break out to a powerful fire. And this is the aim which you are to achieve: that you are again filled with love power and after that become again divine beings, which you were from the very start. But at the beginning of your embodiment you lack all knowledge about your original state, your falling away from me and your earth assignment. And that is why the Gospel of love is preached to you again and again, that is why you by fate are again and again encouraged to have loving effects. Your life will happen in such a way that you can always practise unselfish love, and your will is always only to be prepared to use every opportunity where you can be active in love. For your life in eternity depends of it. Only the soul, which shapes itself to love, can dwell in God nearness. Only love brings about unification with me, the eternal love, and only love gives also back to you all qualities and abilities, which belong to perfection and which you once voluntarily gave away when you refused your love towards me and that is why you hardened in your substance. You have to become love again; you have to take on your original being again, otherwise you cannot get happy in eternity. And because you do not know this at the beginning of your embodiment due to your lack of love, which is also lack of light, my love commandments are again and again made accessible to you, on which fulfilment your happiness depends. For only through love you again unite with me, and you are again perfect, as you were from the very start. Amen. B.D. NR. 8646.


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