The mysterious air crash on 10th of April in the Russian Smolensk.

Demonstration against Polish government - Comment on 2010 May 10 (2)

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2010 May 10 (2)
An air crash on 10th of April 2010 in the Russian Smolensk killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski. Read more:

On the 12th of April 2010 I had written about the air crash on 10th of April 2010, so one month ago, and the reason I did it was because of a prophecy, which describes the start of the end times: "When information reaches you about the passing away of an earthly ruler then you have arrived at that point in time that you can call the beginning of the end."

After that I had short entries: 2010 April 17 (2): "Smolensk Tragedy: Did Moscow just want to harass Kaczynski?" "The life of leading polish heads, among them the acting - and one ex-president, lay last Saturday just before 9 a.m. in the hands of the only Russian air traffic controller. Whether he was drunk or sober ..." 2010 April 20: "Did Kaczynski have to die because of Polish gas?" "Secret service at death flight - Did Russians manipulate?" "Who conjured up fog in Smolensk?" "Smolensk Tragedy: Radar unit disappeared?"

Today, on the 10th of May 2010, one month after the crash, I read an article from which I now quote:

Warsaw. Thousands demonstrated on Sunday before the presidential palace in the Polish capital against the government. They demanded the immediate appointment of an international board of inquiry of leading experts from all over the world in connection with the mysterious air crash on 10th of April in the Russian Smolensk, which killed President Lech Kaczynski and other important heads of the country.

On banners and leaflets one could read that the demonstrators have great doubts about the impartiality of the experts, which at present conduct the investigations of the cause of the disaster.

The Polish government indeed acts since the day of the disaster very strangely; investigators are hindered and substituted, false information spread, medals distributed to Russian forensics and firemen because they so quickly did the "work," ministers contradict themselves one after the other and premier Donald Tusk as well as interim president Bronislaw Komorowski praise at every possible occasion the good "cooperation" of a common Russian Polish board of inquiry, which does not exist at all.

Also four weeks after the tragedy still no open question has been cleared; not even the exact time of the crash of the Tupolew seems to be certain and one already has the feeling that Tusk and Putin together lead the world up the garden path, which was also clearly expressed on one of the leaflets, which were distributed on Sunday in Warsaw.

The Poles are afraid, afraid of their politicians and authorities. Still many former communist officials or agents dominate a great part of the republic.


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