In future times you will never need to worry about earthly things for God knows what you need - and that you will also receive.

God needs his servants - Comment on 2010 May 4

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2010 May 4
God will always make a point of taking away earthly worries from all his servants so that they can be unhindered active for him and his kingdom. Read more:

Today, on the 4th of May 2010, I read a prophecy by Bertha Dudde which quite impressively describes how God will care for those who take up his cause and serve him:


God needs his servants.

18. June 1963. B.D. NR. 8533.

I can give back to you everything, which you lose, because my power is great. But I also know that at times I have to take from you on which your heart is still set, when I want to be of service for you. And then you are to loyally submit to my will and know that it is necessary for the salvation of your soul. And as soon as the danger is moved out of the way I will also again amply give to you, and you will need to suffer no want. In future times you will never need to worry about earthly things for I know what you need - and that you will also receive; but I require that you do loyal work as my servants, that you permanently think of your mission, which you are to fulfil - that you pass on my word to your fellow men, which you directly receive from me. And you can believe it that I care for my servants as a good house father because I need you as I still want to help many people that they reach their goal on earth. And I will always make a point of taking away earthly worries from all my servants so that they can be unhindered active for me and my kingdom. And when therefore difficult times befall you, when you are torn from well-ordered circumstances and get into a chaos, which seems to be insurmountable for you, then you also need not to worry then, because I take over the care for you, who can do everything, also what appears to be impossible for you. For I need your help always more urgently, which consists in passing on the truth to men who are ensnared in a mess of false doctrine, who again and again are deceived by my adversary anew and need good guidance to get out of their spiritual darkness. I have to emphasize again and again that there is only one way to me - the way of truth. And this one I show myself to you by I revealing myself to you, by me feeding you with an unusual knowledge, which all men are to hear about to walk on the right way. And as long as I therefore need a servant who has taken over this assignment voluntarily for me supplying truth to his fellow men, I will also keep him and have sent again and again directives to him so that he can feel being guided by me and he also fully trusts me that I helpfully stand by him in his mission. And he also can always be sure of my help as it is still a matter of doing rescue work of greatest extent before the end, which can determine the lot of many souls. And as this rescue work can only be carried out by few men who are devoted to me in love and completely submit their will to mine, I also obviously have to have an effect on these few men. I have to look after them bodily and spiritually; I have to make them happy with my presence and to address them directly for power is to be supplied to earth out of me, which now is to fill men in the form of my word and which returns to the beginning, to the source of power - therefore brings souls to me, which were lost to me for a long time, but inevitably once return to me. The source of power from eternity seeks a vessel for himself into which he can flow. And this vessel becomes a spring of life for fellow men because there power can be accepted any time, because I myself can now also supply power current to those who are still far away from the original source, but desire my power for their weakened souls. I always only think of the state of the soul of men and this I want to improve, and this I can only achieve through supply of power out of me, which often cannot be done directly and that is why loyal servants have to serve me through which I now can let in the power current to them. Who knows about the great spiritual want in which mankind walks, he will also understand how tremendously important the duty of him is who serves me, that I can directly let power flow out of me to earth who accepts my word, pure truth, which alone helps souls to mature. And the receiver of the word himself will recognize the importance of his mission and completely hand over himself to me and always only expect my instructions and carry them out willingly. And he is to never doubt that I need him because his willingness to serve me enables him for this assignment, and as it is only about the rescue of souls out of spiritual want; all earthly things take a back seat, both the earthly living conditions and also the earthly body of him who wants to serve me. It is spiritual work which is to be carried out; it is spiritual power, which expresses itself through my servants, and it is spiritual power, which also keeps him earthly. And no doubting thought is to emerge in him because body and soul serve me, and both are supplied through my spirit with the power, as long as I need a person that he serves me and helps his fellow men to the rescue of their souls. Amen. B.D. NR. 8533.


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