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The defence situation of the West - Comment on 2010 April 23 (2)

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2010 April 23 (2)
Up to 8 launching pads for ultramodern PAC 2 and PAC 3 missiles are to be set up in the tourist region Masuren. Read more:

On 23rd of April 2010 I read news of which I will now bring some excerpts:

„Not near the Polish capital Warsaw as known up to now, but in the tourist region Masuren the setting up of US missiles of the type “Patriot” is to evidently start at the beginning of April, the respectable daily „Gazeta Wyborcza“ (GW) reports with reference to information from the Polish ministry of defence.

American specialist are thus already on the spot to prepare the base in the small town Morag (German: Mohrungen) near the Masuren lake district, also for the accommodation of US soldiers and their families. Up to 8 launching pads for ultramodern PAC 2 and PAC 3 missiles are to be set up on a former barracks area. Since years Poland fights for the presence of US troops in their own country, because allegedly it does not see itself protected relevant to present times through possible threads from the East due to a very sluggish Nato structure of command.”

“The obvious certainty that already in a few weeks US missiles are to be put up practically at their front door of the Russian enclave Kaliningrad, has Moscow evidently startled.”

“In the 15000 inhabitants town Morag (district Allenstein) in Masuren up to eight Patriot missile batteries are to be built up already early in April according to the will of the Polish Government and the US army. The town is only 70 Kilometres away from the Russian border.”

This news caused me to think about Nato and about the general defence situation of the West and about changes which resulted from the change of government 2009 in Washington.

Israel for example seems to no longer attach importance to maintain the goodwill of the Americans. And this simply seems to have developed out of the perception that the American leadership no longer continues the politics so far, to defend the values of the Western world, but that it is the main thing for them, and especially for the president, to be regarded as the leader by the whole world, and that this political goal has pre-eminence before all other goals and that the destruction of a country, as for example Israel, is quite accepted when it contributes to the only goal. The withdrawal of the Americans from Iraq the Israelis, and other moderate countries of that region, see as a betrayal to support democratic endeavours there. This withdrawal seems to look for Israel like an invitation to Iran to make use of a power vacuum for their goals, and to extent Iran’s influence to the West, and when this threatens the existence of Israel then this is much more important to Israel than to carry on to maintain the goodwill of the Americans. When the Americans want to make use of Israel as a piece of booty for Iran to tempt Iran to aggression and then, when the whole world cries out and calls for a solution, which prevents that country Iran to destroy world peace, to appear as saviour of world peace, then the Israelis will treat such an ally with mistrust and stop to rely on it.

And such considerations will certainly not just be done in Israel. A country like Poland, which after a long time has finally achieved to be an ally of the USA, will ask itself what this alliance is still worth after the change of administration in 2009 in Washington, and whether one should continue to see the enemy in the East or if it may perhaps now be appropriate to seek allies somewhere else, perhaps exactly in the East.

The whole Nato situation has changed since the change of 2009 in Washington. What value does Nato still have when the leader of the leading country has aims, which practically no longer agree at all with those of Nato. A country like Germany is much more severely affected by such a situation than countries like France and Great Britain, as it very much depends on the allies for its defence, and when the leading ally suddenly is recognized as highly unreliable, then it is hard to say what to do.

In reality it might simply turn out that most of the Nato allies do not change their politics towards Washington, and continue to consider the USA as their leading ally, and are guided by the USA and with it quite automatically end up in the camp of Antichrist and will do what he suggests and dictates. All this will happen in such a natural way, and will be guided and explained by the White House, that everything will turn out just by itself. They will follow the world leader and with him move towards the abyss and will be devoured by it.

An the politicians who smell the rat and struggle against the general development will no longer be supported by the voters or will just keep their reflections for themselves and relatively helplessly observe the development.

The only reasonable conclusion for every single person can only be to not lose sight of the spiritual background of all of this and to maintain the awareness that it is about the separation of the goats from the sheep and to thus prepare himself for everything spiritually, and to make sure that he belongs to the sheep.

How the individual countries will act is certainly interesting, but it depends more on the individual person. God will also deal with every individual country and there especially with Israel and will once again clearly show this country and this people that its Messiah has already come and who it is, but leave it to the will of every individual whether he is of good will and decides on what is right.

Israel was always then invincible when it trusted God. The long history of this country holds some good examples. Only this time everything will more depend on recognizing and acknowledging God in Jesus Christ. And there Israel will probably be dealt with in such a way, which gives many in the country and also outside of it the opportunity through appropriate situations to make the right decision.


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