But he refused to accept instructions from men.

The life of Jesus before his years of teaching - Comment on 2010 April 3

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2010 April 3
And above all he avoided contact with those who belonged to the temple and whose assignment it should be to lead men spiritually. Read more:

When I read the following message from Bertha Dudde today, the 3rd of April 2010, I thought about the descriptions by Jakob Lorber of Jesus when he was young, in which many details and many events are described of the time from Jesus’ birth to the beginning of his time of teaching. Here now, in the following recording by Bertha Dudde, the spiritual background of his life in the time he was young is more described, and is therefore an informative supplementation to Lorber’s account, but the most important thing about the following report is the fact, that it is a strong pointer how we should behave ourselves to get closer to our ideal, Jesus Christ:


The life of Jesus before his years of teaching.

3. May 1963. B.D. NR. 8486.

I will always teach you in all truth as soon as you just desire it. And I will also give you answers to questions which occupy you because you desire the answer also only for the sake of truth – i.e. you want to have clarity where different opinions want to assert themselves. When I give you the assignment to spread the truth, then you are to always receive enlightenment whatever it might be: The walk on earth of the man Jesus can no longer be proved; only by way of the spirit you men can be given a report how and where Jesus spent the years, which preceded his actual activity of teaching. But one thing is certain, that he led the simplest life in the middle of his family and that he always remained in extreme reserve also in the circle of the people who were regular visitors to his parent’s house. He kept away from all merrymaking, as well as greater gatherings; he always kept to himself and matured internally through his unusual helpful attitude with fellow men who were in want. For his heart was full of love, and this love had the effect that he increased in wisdom, that knowledge was revealed to him, that he clearly recognized everything – although at first this inner brightness lighted up like a flash in him, to then again step back occasionally, and he again spoke and thought like every other man, but he was far ahead in knowledge of all his contemporaries. But he refused to accept instructions from men. The one thing you men can believe that love is the best master teacher and that – who brings love in himself to the right development – reaches knowledge from out of the inside, which never can be offered to him so completely on the part of a fellow man. You have to know now that the soul of Jesus came from the kingdom of light, that it well gave away the light for the time of its walk on earth, but never love, which filled it, because as purest being of light it was radiated through by my eternal fatherly love. As man the light of love could not have an effect in all its fullness because fellow men would not have been able to bear it, but in the man Jesus it radiated forth, and it disclosed all knowledge to him, which is why he also very soon recognized the great want of mankind and his mission and consciously prepared himself for this. But now you also know that he as a boy already taught in the temple – that he gave answers to the scribes, which let these stop short. So this proves to you that already as a boy he had knowledge at his disposal, which was not taught to him by men, but had the bright flame in him as an explanation. His love became stronger and stronger, and so he also increased in wisdom – and made already in his youth a lot of enemies among the teachers and scribes because he did not let them teach him but kept away from every school. No records remained for posterity about the time between his teaching in the temple and the beginning of his actual teaching activity, and that is why the most different guesses and statements are represented, as the human intellect figured it out. And that is why no records exist because the life of Jesus took place quietly in his parent’s home, because he seemed to have lost every divine ability in this time, he stepped out of the focus of public attention and led a completely secluded life and as a son of a carpenter also carried out his occupation as such. Nothing unusual approached him because these were the years where Jesus had to mature as man because he wanted to be a living example of the walk on earth for men, which leads to maturity, to perfection. During this time everything was quiet around him; he had no unusual ability; he rather made the impression of a spiritual backward man because he withdrew from all men and was always only short in his replies and the usual worldly knowledge also seemed to be foreign to him. And above all he avoided contact with those who belonged to the temple and whose assignment it should be to lead men spiritually. And so there was also soon no man in his surroundings – also not his close relatives – who still were convinced of a divine mission of the once so unusual child. This time of the walk on earth of Jesus had been especially sorrowful because what was outwardly no longer perceptible that however lay hidden deep in the inside, only Jesus had to cope with it himself; as man he had to go into everything; as man he had to fight all inner desires and passions, which pressed the body just as all other men. He had to suffer and fight and through serving mature in love. For by virtue of his love, which radiates wisdom, he soon recognized all connections, and he knew that he first had to achieve a degree of maturity, which then enabled him to carry out of his mission. And he covered this course of development in all quietness and seclusion as a simple carpenter’s son – who did not leave his home, who just often visited seclusion for the purpose of inner maturation by withdrawing into out-of-the-way places, by him climbing mountains and often spent days in seclusion, only connected with his God and father and holding out in prayer for power and strengthening for that, which lay before him and which often stood before his eyes in all details and put him into terrible states of fear, in which he then sought my help. And I was with my son; I strengthened him, and I gave him brighter and brighter knowledge so that he always offered himself anew to finish the work, which was to bring redemption to mankind from sins and death. But the opinion is completely wrong that the man Jesus has acquired a deeper knowledge through contact with wise men and teachers in foreign countries. Who would ever be able to teach Jesus better than I myself. I was in the man Jesus myself as the effect of his over great love. It is a complete absurd thought that Jesus would have need of instructions on the part of a fellow man – to then being able to carry out his activity of teaching on earth in his home area. When you men now have the proof that I pass on the truth to earth myself, when only certain conditions are met - how much more therefore was Jesus able to be instructed by myself, who surely exceeded all you men in love and complete devotion to me. Only he who still has no idea about the effect of a life of love, he can make such assertions, that Jesus has acquired knowledge in other countries to appear to teach, that he had to look up other men to study their teachings. What I obviously let happen to a simple child of the earth: that I supply it with pure truth from above through the spirit, that you men certainly also have to grant to the man Jesus, who descended to earth to let me speak through him to you myself, who therefore certainly had no need of teachers, but accepted directly from me the deepest wisdom and became capable through these instructions as man to teach and to impart pure truth to fellow men. And you can now also receive these my words as purest truth, since I want that you do not err and that insight is given to you, where you are still ignorant yourselves. It is above all a question that you men win a clear picture who Jesus originally was and why he came to the world in smallest and poorest circumstances and grew up therein. For though he was man as every other man, so he still proved to men that everyone of them can develop the highest spiritual abilities in him and that he out of himself possessed a knowledge, which he now imparted to man – but that it was never necessary for him to let others teach him or to take note of teachings, as everything was surely known to him, otherwise he would not have reached highest perfection on earth, which led to complete unification with me, that he became one with me – in whom I have become man myself to redeem you. Amen. B.D. NR. 8486.


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