The Bavarian state government accuses the Catholic Church to have in the past "deliberately avoided" the duty of notification of cases of abuse.

Crime: Abuse Scandal Reaches the Pope - Comment on 2010 March 13

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2010 March 13
"Practices of the Inquisition". In their commentaries the newspapers take the Catholic Church and the pope to task. They blame the church for the abuse scandal and demand comment, reforms and genuine clearing up. Read more:


Bertha Dudde's prophecy B.D. NR. 5004 of 21st November 1950 says, "the world will experience a spectacle . . . and then you are only to pay attention to what you hear, for this will give you insight into many things."

And today on the13th of March 2010 I again got some information about this spectacle and want to report it here. See also my contribution of 10th of March 2010. Now follow headlines and extracts from news:


Abuse: Wave of Scandals Reaches the Pope. When Benedict XVI was still archbishop in Germany a severe case of child abuse is supposed to have taken place in his diocese. The pope then was archbishop of Munich and Freising. A priest with a criminal past for severe child abuse is appointed for work in the parish and for pastoral care and once again commits indecent assaults with children. It happened under the aegis of Joseph Ratzinger as archbishop in the 1980s. Later the priest was legally sentenced according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The archdiocese admits "severe mistakes" in the dealing with this order man.
A statement of the chair said that the priest was received as chaplain in the year 1980 and was supposed to make a therapy in Munich first after that. Based on file information the chair has to assume that it was known then "that he probably was supposed to make this therapy because of sexual relations with boys", according to the Süddeutsche.
Although his offences were obviously known to his superiors, the minister was nevertheless appointed for pastoral care in a Munich rectory - and reoffended. The present pope Benedict XVI was at that time in the council of the chair of the bishopric as archbishop of Munich and Freising. He did know, however, nothing about the man being at once again employed in a parish. 1986 the chaplain received a suspended sentence of 18 month for sexual abuse and a fine of 4000 Marks.

Crime: Abuse Scandal Reaches the Pope. The German pope Benedict XVI has carried his share of a momentous decision in his term in office as Munich archbishop. The «Süddeutsche Zeitung» reported that a Catholic priest with a criminal past was 1980 transferred to Bavaria and again sent to a parish. There he once more committed indecent assaults on youth; 1986 he was sentenced. Ratzinger is supposed to have agreed to the move of the man from Essen to Munich, however not to the employment in a parish.

"Practices of the Inquisition". In their commentaries the newspapers take the Catholic Church and the pope to task. They blame the church for the abuse scandal and demand comment, reforms and genuine clearing up.

That Pope Benedict XVI supports the bishops with the clearing up of abuse at Catholic institutions was to expected. Every other reaction would have been unthinkable. The loss of trust is already great enough. Too long the church has spread the cloak of silence. It is now important to really clear up, to also scrutinize structures and to change them.

On the other hand most Germans have lost trust in the Catholic church and its youth work. That was the result of an Emnid opinion poll for the news radio station N24. According to this study introduced in Berlin the great majority of the 1000 respondents - 86 per cent - accuses the church leadership of lack of willingness to clear up. Only 10 per cent believe the church is doing enough.
Also on Friday the series of accusation did not break off. In the arch bishopric in Paderborn an ex-student incriminated the then leader of the meanwhile closed boarding school at «Collegium Aloysianum». In Mainz the bishopric again unleashed a preciously convicted sex offender on the students in the 1970ties. A former educator of the convent school Amöneburg (Hesse) admitted according to the bishopric Fulda that he abused two boarding school students 1976. The bishopric Würzburg suspended a further priest. In the bishopric Essen a former cathedral capitular was sentenced for sexual abuse of a youth.

Catholic Church. Paedophile Priests in Ratzingers Diocese. In the term in office of the present pope Benedict XVI as archbishop of Munich and Freising a priest with a past of child abuse was employed in parish work. There he once again committed indecent assaults on youth and was sentenced for it.

From May 2008 the priest has been released from his duties as rectory administrator and from October has been employed in the pastoral care of cure and tourism.

Cases of Abuse: Justice Minister Renews Church Criticism.

Austria: Viennese Choirboys Admit Abuse. The leadership of the Viennese Choirboys has admitted mistakes after abuse accusations against former choirmasters and educators. Those concerned are to make contact; records - as far as they are still available - would be checked.

Austria: Abuse Among Viennese Choirboys. After Germany also in Austria there are more and more disclosures about cases of abuse which were partly decades ago. Even among the world-famous Viennese Choirboys sexual abuse is supposed to have occurred.

Dealing with Abuse. Sharp Criticism of Catholic Church. The Bavarian state government accuses the Catholic church to have in the past "deliberately avoided" the duty of notification of cases of abuse.

Abuse Disclosures. Management of Odenwaldschule Resigns. The cases of abuse are so serious that the management of the elitist Odenwaldschule takes the necessary steps and resigns. In the meantime further victims make contact.

Uta Ranke-Heinemann: „The pope squeezes a tear." The theologian Uta Ranke-Heinemann explains how the Catholic church hinders the law with the clearing up of the abuse scandal.
According to your opinion pope Benedict carries a partial responsibility for these scandals. Why this? Uta Ranke-Heinemann: "Now, he has drawn up one of the two secret writings which every bishop has lying in his safe. The first one comes from cardinal Ottaviani from 1962 and is called: „Crimen Sollicitationis“ (Seduction to Sexual Acts). The second one comes from cardinal Ratzinger from the year 2001 and is called: „De delictis gravioribus“ (Of the Severest Crimes). Both secret writings stress the "exclusive competence of the Vatican" in cases of phaedophile. At the same time all bishops are ordered as a punishable offence of excommunication to report all cases of abuse exclusively and only to the Vatican, which leads to a total hindrance of judiciary power of the state courts."
What does this mean in reality? Ranke-Heinemann: "This leads to a continuous transfer of the paedophile priests. For decades they are delegated to and fro by their bishops and can continue to wreak havoc. And exactly these secret writings the Irish bishops had also observed."

Dealing with Abuse: CSU Bawls Out Catholic Church. Sharp Dressing-Down for Catholic Church: Politicians of CSU and FDP accuse it to deliberately having avoided the duty of notification with cases of abuse and not having sufficiently cooperated with prosecution. Meanwhile numerous further cases became known in Germany and in Austria.

The priest forced his victim to oral intercourse.

Call In Prosecution Immediately. Also the Bavarian justice minister Beate Merk urged the church in the "Bayernkurier" to immediately call in the prosecution in cases of sexual abuse in church schools.


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