We should always work on our soul and seek to give up all faults.

Attacks of the Opponent in the Times of the End - Comment on 2010 March 11

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2010 March 11
As long as the opponent of God is still able to upset us, to become impatient and angry, so long we will also be weak, and he will make use of his power. Read more:

Today, on the 11th of March 2010, I read a prophecy by Bertha Dudde, which has some very practical advice und I therefore reproduce it here.

We are now in the time of preparation for the times of the end and in this time of calm, of calm before the storm, all our energy should be spent to prepare ourselves spiritually.

Here now the prophecy:


Attacks of the Opponent in the Times of the End.

29. December 1962. B.D. NR. 8365.

You will still often have to prove yourselves because my adversary will attack you wherever it is possible. And he will sow discord; he will stir up men against one another; he will do everyhting to put you into restlessness, to cause you to fall, and you must always ask for power to resist his temptations. And that is why you should always flee to me before he can attack you; you should ask me for protection from him daily and hourly so that I then can stand at your side and beat him back. It will remain a fight against him until the end because he does not let you have me, your God and father from eternity, without a fight. But I also have a right to you, and that is why you only have to turn to me, and I will always be prepared for you, because I love you and want to push aside the enemy of your souls from you, so that you do not fall in the temptation. Wherever the opponent recognizes a spiritual striving, there he is especially fierce at work and seeks to put a stop to it. Then you have to prove yourselves and resist in all seriousness; you are not allowed to lay yourselves open to attack from him by you letting yourselves be carried away to impatience, displeasure or lack of love, because then it will always be diffcult to get away from him, although I am always ready to help. But then your thoughts no longer find so quickly the way to me. And only the close union with me protects you from his attakcs and his temptations. And as long as he is still able to upset you, to become impatient and angry, so long you will also be weak, and he will make use of his power. That is why you should always work on your soul and seek to give up all faults, and you are to always only ask me for the necessary strength for it, and certainly, your will alone already earns you also the strength, and you will be victorious. In the times of the end his activity is so obvious because he tolerates no peace, no harmony, no unity among men; he always seeks to disturb, and it is up to you whether he is successful because a call to Jesus, your rescuer and redeemer, will strengthen you, and you will be able to resist. For Jesus has conquered him through his death on the cross, and when you call on me in Jesus then he must release you. But often you forget it just in such temptations to think of the rescuer and redeemer because that is the activity of the opponent to confuse your thoughts so that you go along with his attacks and seek to assert yourselves as men where I alone can help you because you possess too little strength. So you are to prove yourselves in every temptation, i.e. go the way to me in Jesus because then he must withdraw himself because my power is certainly strongen than him and because I leave no man in trouble who seeks shelter in me. But yourselves, out of your own strength, you can do nothing, but everyhting with my power, and I again and again give it to you as soon as you just request it because then your thoughts are turned towards me, and then I can also assert my right and protect you in every trouble and danger. Do not forget this because still often he will press you; still often he will push between you, and still often you will get into the danger to succumb to his temptations. But just a call to me in spirit and in truth is enough, and I will push him aside from you; I will not leave you to him but always help you in every single spiritual trouble. Amen. B.D. NR. 8365.


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