Abuse Scandal Regensburg Domspatzen: Head of Boarding School Keeps Boys.

The Catholic Church Sinks Into Chaos - Comment on 2010 March 10

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2010 March 10
After the many cases of abuse at Catholic schools a new scandal shocks Germany since the weekend: The elite boarding school Odenwaldschule in Heppingen-Ober-Hambach sees itself confronted with massive accusations. Read more:

Today, on the 10th of March 2010, I read German-language websites and I noticed quite a few headlines, which all referred to the same subject.

A selection of these headings follows:

New Suspicions of Abuse

In the Past They did Gym Naked. After the many cases of abuse at Catholic schools a new scandal shocks Germany since the weekend: The elite boarding school Odenwaldschule in Heppingen-Ober-Hambach sees itself confronted with massive accusations.

The longstanding head of the Domspatzen (cathedral sparrows) and brother of Pope Benedict XVI, Georg Ratzinger, has lashed out

Pope Brother Ratzinger Distributes Smacks on the Ear at Choir Practices

Ex-Student of the Domspatzen: "A Sadistic System"

Abuse Scandal Regensburg Domspatzen: Head of Boarding School Keeps Boys

In Regensburg the Pope Brother Georg Ratzinger Now Stands in the Focus of the Public. He had Taken Up the Office of Cathedral Chorusmaster 1964.

The Regensburg Domspatzen - Germany's Oldes Boys' Choir

Sexual Abuse with the Dompspatzen

Pope Brother Georg Ratzinger Headed the Regensburg Domspatzen from 1964 until 1994

Priests and Sex

Cases of Abuse: Archbishop Marx Feels Shame

Scandal Spreads

Is Sexual Abuse Further Covered Up by the Church?

Minister: Vatican Hinders Abuse Investigations

The Catholic Church Sinks Into Chaos

How Deep is the Sex Quagmire Still?

Students as "Sexual Service Providers"

So far the present situation according to corresponding headings.

One news item reports about the accusation of the German justice minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, that the Vatican has been hindering the reappraisal of the scandals about sexual abuse. She stated a directive of the Faith Congregation of 2001, which was drawn up by cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before his appointment as pope and according to which also severy cases of abuse should first be subject to papal secrecy and not to be passed on to authorites outside of the church.

Now to the development before the 10th of March 2010.

On 28th of January 2010 I read for the first time something about this subject. I had read about similar things in the United States and in Ireland, but not in Germany.

On 28th of January 2010 I read the following:

Canisius College. Teachers Abused Berlin Students for Years. At the Berlin Canisius college, an elite high school run by the Jesuits, for years students have been sexually abused by at least two teachers. After victims made contact with the school, headmaster father Klaus Mertes turned to further former students with a letter - in total 600. Many former school-leavers of the Catholic school are active today in leading positions in economy, politics and society.

A week later, on 5th of February 2010, I read the following three news items:

Abuse Victim in the Interview: "The Priest was not aware of any wrongdoing." As a child Nobert Denef was abused for years by a Catholic minister and an organist in the Saxon Delitzsch. In contrast to most victims he had proofs. With them he could press the Catholic church to compensate him for his long ordeal - in this country probably a unique case.

Sexual Encroachments: Also Cases of Abuse in Bonn's Jesuit School

Focus Further on Order of Jesuits. New Cases of Abuse Also in Bonn

Two weeks after this, on 19th of February 2010, I read the following four news items:

At Least 115 Victims of Abuse at German Schools. Interim Report of Jesuit Authorized Person - Twelve Priests Known. The scandal about sexual abuse at Jesuit colleges and other Catholic schools in Germany assumes vaster and vaster proportions. At least 115 abuse victims made contact nationwide.

Germany: Jesuits are in the Pillory

Jesuit Schools. In Berlin Alone 50 Abuse Victims Made Contact. The abuse scandal at Jesuit schools - among them the Canisius college - assumes new proportions: According to lawyer Ursula Raue, representative of the order, nationwide 120 of those concerned have made contact. Among them are also 50 former students of the Berlin elite school.

The Most Important Question: How High is the Number of Paedophile Inclined Priests?

Now this month, again two weeks later, on 6th March 2010, I read the following two news items:

Scandal at Odenwaldschule. The Odenwaldschule (Odenwald School), educational showpiece project, is cought up with the past. The massive accusations of ex-students were played down for a long time.

Sexual Abuse Also in Hessian Private School

Two days later, on 8th of March 2010, I read the following three items:

Hesse: Also Girls Abused at Odenwaldschule. According to information of the media also girls were among the victims of the sexual abuse in the reform boarding school Odenwaldschule. In one case two teachers are supposed to have "shared" one girl as sexual playmate. In several cases teachers are said to have married their youthful lovers.

Odenwaldschule: Abuse Cases Also in Private Elite Boarding School

Abuse in Ettal and Regensburg: How the Headmaster Fetched the Boys at Night

So it looks as if it began in Berlin on 28th January 2010, and in February Bonn was added, and now in March Hesse and Bavaria.

Why we are here dealing with such a subject is of course based on the fact that this development was probably forecast in prophecies.

The prophecies give the recommendation to simply observe the development and to draw our own conclusions.

So we are to watch what is happening there - first.

And then we are to compare this development with the prophecies and see how the development agrees with the prophecies.

Last year I had dealt with these prophecies: I read them and have then reproduced them here on this website and also added comments to them. My expectation was that this development would rather take place at the beginning of the actual end times and this guess could now be confirmed.

I recommend to read my comments to these prophecies. I reproduced the first prophecy on 27th of March 2009 and the second on 13th of April 2009, and to both of them I added comments. I will once again reproduce these two prophecies by Bertha Dudde here following to make it easier to compare them with the above mentioned news. But I will not repeat the comments to them.

So now therefore the two prophecies:


Evidence of the Announcement. Reference to a Spectacle.

17. October 1949. B.D. NR. 4760.

Time will bring you the evidence that you can believe my words that announce what is coming and that you therefore also can accept as truth what I teach you through the transmission of my word. Furthermore time will confirm that the mistake is to be sought there where truth is to be represented because it will be obvious that I am giving you a sign. My work will appear so distinct that there can be no doubt what I condemn and what I bless. Very visibly will I protect those who are mine whereas I will destroy that what is opposed to me. Only a short time will remain until the world will experience a spectacle that proves me and my work, because it directs the attention of all to me, because the eyes of the world are turned to where I will be speaking to the horror of men and to the visible protection of the ones that are mine. You will experience it that a mistake is exposed, that a throne collapses that seemed to be secure. I have announced it to you but you do not want to believe it - and so it will therefore surprise you and then you are to pay attention only to what you will hear because it will inform you about much. I will speak to men that otherwise do not listen to reason; I will make my will known to them, in a sorrowful way in fact, because it will strongly shake their faith but it can be exceedingly good for their souls because they can reach the truth that way that they need for the maturity of the soul. But it will not earn them splendour and pomp, splendour and pomp will vanish because what I send to men destroys the outward appearance and only he who has the core him will nothing be able to rob the faith. He will well see all outward appearances go to ruin but in the heart he will only call me and him I will help any time so that men are to recognize how I bless the good will of those who see in me their father and therefore only fulfil my will. Amen. B.D. NR. 4760.


A Rock will be Shaken. (Spiritual shockwave).

21. November 1950. B.D. NR. 5004.

Mankind will experience a great spiritual shockwave so that an opportunity is given to it to recognize an error that it up to now represented as truth. I will obviously point out my word to men. I will shake a rock - and men themselves are to be able to determine what they want to reject - my word or a structure that has established itself on this word. They can accept only one and the opinion is up to them. Only for the sake of men themselves I let this happen so that they get away from a force that made the thinking and wanting unfree and so obstructed the decision of the will for which man lives on earth. I want to shake a rock - and when the foundation is rocked the whole structure will cave in, i.e., men will no longer feel bound but will be free to think and act, they will no longer fear any power behind which they imagine God because now only they recognize me who is stronger than that power and does not side with it. In spiritual terms it will well mean chaos and at first the error wants to assert itself but now truth will light up like a flash of lightning and cast a dazzling light on the false teachings and they will not stand up to truth because now everywhere messengers of truth stand up, light bearers people will listen to, although the followers of that power that foundered will be bitterly hostile towards them. I announce to you men that what is coming and you can expect it already soon; but everything will need its time and also these events point to the near end because through seers and prophets the end of a great city is announced. It is an earth-shattering event that however has a spiritual cause and is to have spiritual impact. It is to testify to me before the whole world who as the eternal truth can never tolerate falsehood and takes action against it when it is time. Amen. B.D. NR. 5004.


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