Encourage to the turning away from the world.

The Desire For the World - Comment on 2010 February 23

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2010 February 23
As long as still the smallest desire for the world clings to man. Read more:

Today, on the 23rd of February 2010, I read a prophecy by Bertha Dudde in which the probably most difficult hindrance is described, which men have to conquer when they want to pass the end of times successfully. I therefore bring here the corresponding excerpt:


Adversary Under the Mask of an Angel of Light.

9. April 1962. B.D. NR. 8146.

After this an excerpt from 8146 follows:

But the adversary will again and again turn the thoughts of man towards the world. Often he will also appear as angel of light, but you will be able to recognize him because he does not encourage to the turning away from the world, but will again and again give the world special emphasis, so that men become slaves to him who are not totally united with me. The confusion will be great among men because as long as still the smallest desire for the world clings to man, my address will not be understandable, he will not be able to hear it himself, and when my word is brought to him then he does not recognize it as my word and rather turns to him who creates this spiritual confusion. And my word has no effect, although great power is inherent in it, which however is not allowed to meet resistance, when man is to attain a blessing for his soul. 8146.


So here we have something on which we should work - where we are to bring about changes in our life. But we also have something, which helps us to recognize the wrong people around us. The preachers, who not clearly encourage to turn away from the world, we should recognize as the emissaries of the adversary of God - and avoid.


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