God's opponent has great power over men because they desire that, which still belongs to him.

The Desire for Earthly Things - Comment on 2010 February 16

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2010 February 16
Antichrist has great power over men because they still turn their eyes towards the earthly world. Read more:

Today, on the 16th of February 2010, I read the following from Bertha Dudde, "But my opponent has great power over you because you desire that, which still belongs to him, because you still turn your eyes towards the earthly world and that is why you do not pay attention to spiritual currents. And the more you desire earthly things the more you prove your affiliation to to him and the less you will pay attention to my soft revelations and therefore also not be able to recognize my love, which is permanently meant for you and wants to win you." This is contained in Bertha Dudde's message dated 7th and 8th February 1962 and has the number B.D. NR. 8097.

Here we have an indication why so many Christians will fail in the times of the end and will find themselves in the camp of Antichrist.

In many churches the striving for material and worldly things is more or less directly endorsed and because of that a bad handicap is offered to the members.

Especially strong is this trap in those denominations and churches and assemblies where the striving for prosperity is directly announced and quite openly taught and the important difference between seeking spiritual prosperity and seeking wordly prosperity is not clearly highlighted. Such churches are often quite attractive to seeking believers, as they find things there, which they hardly will come upon anywhere else. For example they are told that there everything is based on the word of God, that they now would have reached a place where they really become explained how faith functions and and they are in fact really shown many details of a successful faith life and in this respect they might really progress there. But like in all denominations these churches are most of the time full of false teachings and false practices and are completely embedded in the system of orthodoxy, and therefore in the regiment of Antichrist. These churches are not led by the spirit of God but by clerics. These again give themselves titles and it is naturally for them to be paid for their work. All details of false churches. But the special thing about them is just this open turning to the striving for worldly things, for matter, for everything what belongs to the sphere of control of Lucifer.

One of the false teachings one often finds there it that sicknesses are not coming from God and one can find a number of books about this school of thought at their places. The next step is then obviously that every seemingly negative work in nature, like accidents and disasters, are not coming from God. And all this may seemingly not be of such great importance and rather be one of several possible oppinions; but the great problem arises then when the end is approaching, and God more and more starts to speak through nature and when then the first climax comes that great parts of the world get devastated, and then the alignment of these organisations towards Antichrist quite automatically arises and they will slander Christians, who describe these events as addresses of God, as evil people, and therefore quite directly take part in their persecution. And when these people then even claim that the end of the earth would be forthcoming, then those churches would have legitmate grounds to take action against them. And all their activities will then be described as something, which is completely based on the word of God. "We are word based churches. We are the real representatives of God."

Most of the time the leaders of such assemblies belong quite clearly to the regiment of Antichrist and so also most of the longstanding members. The sad thing about it is however that many, who are real seekers, are drawn to such imitation churches, and hope to find things there, which they do not find in other churches. And when they then find a church where they really can learn something, like for example how one can very practically achieve a faith goal in daily life, and they are shown things there, which really work and about which they never heard in other churches, then they are of course grateful and glad to have found such a church. And now they think to have finally found that church for which they unconsciousy searched all life. But now it will be shown how strong their desire for truth really is. Will they really carry on striving for truth and examine whether all the things they see and hear there really are so very much based on the word and will they obtain so much knowledge of the Bible that they possess the ability to immedately recognize all the falseness there. Will they have for themselves built in warning lights, which immerdiately light up when they hear false teaching or get onto false practices? The more the years become, which they spend in these churches the more the lack of their need for truth will prove to be a snare. They have that, which they have been lectured not scrutinized all the time, held the word against it in order to recognize deviations, and rather accepted that, which was announced to them because it was more comfortable, and because it also corresponded more with their worldly ambitions, and now they are really of the world and also belong to the lord of the world.

God's adversary has great power over them, because they desire that, which still belongs to him.

They still turn their earthly eyes towards the earthly world and that is why they do not pay attention to spiritual currents.

And the more they desire earthly things the more they prove their affiliation to the adversary of God.

Above we had highlighted the important difference between seeking spiritual prosperity and seeking wordly prosperity. We seek spiritual prosperity. And why do we not seek wordly prosperity? Because there is no need for it. Because when we first seek his kingdom and his righteousness then all these things will be given to us as well. When we would seek wordly prosperity then we would just prove with it that we still belong to the camp of Antichrist.

"You are to always only consider everything as a gift from me. You are to recognize that everything what I let arise serves you - you are to pay no attention to the evil men do to you, but what your God and creator from eternity created for you in order to make your life on earth pleasant. You are to gratefully accept everything out of my hand what serves you in life, i.e. to always know that it is me who provides for you and looks after you during your life on earth. And so you would have to recognize and acknowledge much love for my part that it certainly should not be difficult for you to love me again because you recognize me as your benefactor." This is also from B.D. NR. 8097.

And all what we discussed here just proves that the faith teaching of the word based churches is not really faith teaching, because all these so-called faith tearchers are no faith teachers at all, just deceivers, because if they would really believe the word of God then they would live accordingly and believe what Matthew 6:33 says and happily live by what God provides for them, but no, they are striving for worldly things and by this just causing many earnest seekers to not find God but the opponent of God.

In the next chapter of Bertha Dudde's work (9. February 1962. B.D. NR. 8098) one can find the following: "You are furthermore to know that my opponent has a tremendous power in the time before the end, granted him by men themselves, who do not earnestly strive for the last perfection - and that he will also succeed in bringing many men to fall whose walk on earth has then been in vain.

That is just the question: Do they earnestly strive for the last perfection?


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